Gosel's Bus Service Pty Ltd - Murwillumbah

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Gosel's Bus Service Pty Ltd - Murwillumbah.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
13074 MO Isuzu FSR550 + AllisonJALFSR12NM3000002 P&D 059 25/3/96B43F
ex MO 3345; ex JF & SM Parsons and A & CC Barry t/a Parsons & Barry (1) MO 3345.
Sold for non-PSV 4/21.
13096 MO Hino Ranger FB125JHDFB4JGLXXX10443 P&D 215 9/01B30F
ex CF & LJ Webster, Uki 3096 MO 1/6/21; ex MO 5793; ex Stock.
Dereg by 2/23.
23071 MO Hino BG300PBG30040122 Custom Coaches Mk 85 87-308 21/3/88RC53F
ex (9); ex MO 6991; ex Omnibus Sales & Service (dlr), Glendenning late-2007; ex Green's Northern Coaches (Vagone Pty Ltd), Thirroul m/o 6203 6/07; ex m/o 6385 5/02.
Sold to Glenorie Coaches Pty Ltd, Dural as 3071 MO 12/2/13, reseated to RB61F, renumbered TV 8452 30/7/15; Resold to P Hanslow, Mangrove Mountain for a motorhome 10/2/17.
23072 MO Isuzu FSRJALFSR12LK3600399 MBS B348 9/89B43F
ex MO 2923; ex DJ Gallagher, Murwillumbah MO 2923 -/04; ex AV Verdun Pty Ltd, Murwillimbah MO 2923; ex Great Lakes Coaches (Bulahdelah Bus Co Pty Ltd), Heatherbrae MO 2923; ex Australian Iron and Steel, Port Kembla.
Sold for a motorhome at Gympie as 604 MUD 2/10.
25286 MO Nissan JP2516T9G16WA1X1CAZ023 BCI MSSB045 7/99B51F
ex JP & JA Murrells, Uki 5286 MO 1/16; ex MO 4806; ex PN & NE Beard, Uki MO 4806 c2000.
Sold for a motorhome reg CI31PF by 4/17.
27971 MO Iveco EuromidiZCFA1AF1202450395 Custom Coaches SB30 06-036A 8/06B43F
Reg 20/4/16 ex Department of Defence (C35F) via East Coast Trucks Sales (dealer), Acacia Ridge, QLD.
Traded to BCI and offered for sale through Slattery Auctions, Stafford, QLD in auction ending 25/1/22. Sold to Bus Stop Sales, Archerfield, QLD for resale.
32974 MO Mercedes-Benz LO8149BM688176VB112308 Alan B. Denning Vario 82166 13/6/97B31F
ex Graeme A Waller Pty Ltd, Nimbin 2974 MO 7/09; ex MO 9422; ex RH & CL Marsh (Bretdart Pty Ltd), Nimbin MO 9422 -/03.
Rego expired 19/6/20 & Sold for a motorhome in Brisbane.
43077 MO Nissan CivilianJN10RGW40A0100249 Nissan - 5/95B19C
ex MO 8008; ex Pender's Bus Service (LJ & MA Pender), Condong MO 8008; ex Cobar Bus Service MO 0251.
Listed for sale 5/8/10 & Sold for a motorhome at Port Macquarie as CEO95N in 2012.
43078 MO Mercedes-Benz LO8149BM688176TB107530 Alan B. Denning Vario 82203 12/2/98B31F
ex MO 4266; ex Dun's Bus Service (Rosconvale Pty Ltd), Murwillumbah MO 4266 -/03; ex Welch's Bus Service (B Welsh), Murwillumbah MO 4266 -/00.
Sold to Cardwell Bus & Coach, Tully, QLD as 863 LMH by 25/8/09.
63073 MO Isuzu NPRJAANPR59PN7101261 MBS B405 7/93B28F
ex MO 2588; ex GL & J Benard, Murwillumbah MO 2588 with run -/06; ex Rangestar Pty Ltd (Royce Schirmer), Murwillumbah MO 2588 -/02; ex Keith Johnston, Urliup MO 2588 -/00.
Replaced 2/17 & Sold for a motorhome on the Gold Coast, QLD by 5/18.
83070 MO Mercedes-Benz LO8149BM688176SB082592 Alan B. Denning Vario 82102 5/8/96C29F
ex MO 6821; ex CYC Tours Pty Ltd, Punchbowl TV 2107.
Destroyed by fire 27/4/12.
113098 MO Kia CosmosKN2GAD4C42D300977 Custom Coaches CB30 03-017 6/03B41F
ex North Tumbulgum Bus Service (Wamanda Pty Ltd), Murwillumbah 3098 MO with run late 2010 / early 2011; ex MO 6090; ex Stock.
Sold to HK, MF & AK Dascombe t/a Purser's Coaches, Murgon, QLD as 972 TPG via Ken Chauvier (dealer) 2/14.
116058 MO BCI FBC6840CRZ26KT1AA116EX000702 BCI - 15/1/15C33F
ex Ben Tregear Bus Service, Cootamundra 6058 MO by 7/18; Delivered 11/15.
Sold to Adams Coaches, Perth, WA 2/19.
124247 MO Metrotec Delta 16.2506F2BACR00XDF00599 P&D 152 1/00B61F
ex Linq Buslines Pty Ltd, East Gresford (24) 4247 MO 7/11; ex MO 9062 2/10/08; ex Miller's Coaches (Mamparn Pty Ltd), Gresford MO 9062 1/7/08.
Sold to Farnham Roadlines, Mawson Lakes, SA as SB69MM 19/1/17; then to Kanga Coachlines Pty Ltd, Mawson Lakes as SB69MM 1/4/19; then to EJ & JE Heintze t/a Greenock Creek Charter, Greenock as SB69MM c4/21.
157268 MO Hyundai Cosmos Aero - CumminsKMJNN19AP5C900402 Autobus - 10/05B37FL
Reg 14/10/13 ex Knox Community Transport, Bayswater, VIC - Removable seats to carry 32 seated pax + wheelchairs.
Traded to BCI and offered for sale through Slattery Auctions, Stafford, QLD in auction ending 25/1/22.
165233 MO Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00294 Fuso - 5/08B24CL
Reg 16/6/14.
Sold to Heritage College, Officer, VIC and reg BS07VH 21/10/22.
208655 MO Scania K310IBYS2K4X20001898207 Higer A30 16ETA0008 9/17C57F
First reg 29/3/18.
Traded on (20) 8960 MO Scania K310IB 10/19 & Sold to Glasshouse Christian College, Beerwah, QLD as XQ52FE.
?MO 2336 Scania P82M1078372 PMC 84-1371 4/84B38F
ex Dun's Bus Service (Rosconvale Pty Ltd), Murwillumbah MO 2336 -/03; ex Welch's Bus Service (B Welsh), Murwillumbah MO 2336 -/00; ex Ellen Lea Pty Ltd (Gary Watt), Murwillumbah MO 2336; ex Tasmanian Hydro Authority, TAS.
Sold for a motorhome by 28/7/06.
?MO 9978 Hino AC140K40137 Hino 11/84B28C
ex DJ Gallagher, Murwillumbah MO 9978 -/04; ex AV Verdun Pty Ltd, Murwillimbah MO 9978 -/03; ex Stratton Bros Pty Ltd, Murwillumbah MO 9978; ex Newcombe Coach Lines Pty Ltd, Gloucester.
Sold to Used Bus Sales (Ken Chauvier), Queensland.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 19

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