Fantastic Aussie Tours / Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, Katoomba

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Fantastic Aussie Tours / Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, Katoomba.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
Previously operated vehicles
51BA27ZE Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter8714 Toyota - -/05B13C
ex LTD Rentals.
Sold to adventure company in Katoomba by 9/18.
100BT51DV Fuso Rosa0041 Fuso - -/10C25C
ex LTD Rentals.
Sold by 9/18.
120TV 8245 Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A512XA004771 Custom Coaches 550 98-371 5/99B46FWWhite
Reg 18/10/17 ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (799) 3196 AO via auction 9/17; ex Midland Tours (VIC) Pty Ltd, Reservoir (5) 3196 AO 1/11/12; ex B43DW; ex East West Bus Company (Vic) Pty Ltd, Reservoir (493) 3196 AO; ex (1); ex PLQ 060.
Sold to S Hawkins t/a Party Bus Central Coast, Narara as TV 8245 by 11/19.
170TV 4540 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/2PMC 7201173 DD206 2/73
Ex SPB 006, ex WZH 353, ex Coffs Harbour Explorer TV.1792, ex Kirklands Lismore (190) MO 5451, ex Stephenson, Chinerah MO 5451, ex UTA 1206. Was on loan to Sydney Party Bus from Fantastic Aussie Tours but has now returned.
Dereg 8/11/08 and sold to the Parker Family (enthusiasts) approx 7/09.
176TV 1762 MCA - Cummins L106F9301C09MB004182 MCA Marathon High Deck B127 9/91C53F
"Kapunda". ex Forster Bus Service Pty Ltd, Forster TV 1762; ex Curabolla Pty Ltd t/a Staf Watson's Woolgoolga Coaches, Woolgoolga TV 1762; First reg 28/9/91.
Sold for non-PSV in WA by 27/8/08. For sale on Facebook 7/20 still in FAT livery with TV 1762 plates intact.
181TV 4542 Setra S228DT139000010037027 Kassbohrer ? 1985HC44/12DT
Ex AUS 28, ex Brisbane Bus Lines AUS 28 Leased from AusTrail/Ultimate Explorer.-ex (158) m/o 139(nt) Deluxe Coachlines, Australia.-ex Demonstrator. For Sale.
182ZFZ 997 Setra S228DTIWKK13900001037011 Kassbohrer - ?CH47/14DTB
ex Premier Motor Services (182) MO 0698 ex Kirklands (182). Sold May 2005 to Perth WA for motorhome conversion.

Similar units 179 and 180 were sold. 179 to Billabong Surf people in Brisbane and then as a camper or similar and 180 to a family in Brighton North, north of Brisbane for use as a promotional vehicle promoting their dog food business - it was regd TV 644 and then XSS 672 before being sold.
185LTD 185 BCI PK61275229 BCI - -/08C53FWhite
Previously signwritten for LTD Rentals.
Dereg and sold to a Christian school, Kurrajong by 5/19.
187TV 644 Scania K112TRYS4KC4X2B01813609 PMCSA Apollo 4742 11/88C48DT
"Kata d juta". ex Tigerline, Hobart, TAS (36) CM 1714 (traded to Scania); ex Hobart Coaches, Hobart (37) CM 1714.
Sold for non-PSV in Newcastle as CE02EV.
188TV 645 Scania K112TR1810890 PMCSA Apollo 4653 5/88C53DT
"Kanimbla". ex Challenge Coachlines Pty Ltd, Moorebank TV 1588 by 11/02; ex Sunliner Express, Manly, QLD (212) 199 AER.
Sold for a motorhome in Perth, WA 3/07.
264TV 646 Volvo OlympianYV3YNA410VC027865 Alexander 9627/14 6/97H51/30DBMEB
Reg 15/11/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (264) P264PSX.
Dereg by 9/21.
273TV 654 Volvo Olympian 27932 Alexander 9627/23 7/97H51/30DBMEB
Reg 29/11/11 ex Lothian Buses, Edinburgh, UK (273) P273PSX.
Dereg by 9/21.
454TV 454 Austral HD1 GM 8v928003 Austral 1535 6/89C48FT
"Kununurra" - Reportedly refitted with a Setra front end by Fantastic Aussie Tours.
ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle (1) TV 454; ex Blue Ribbon Holdings Pty Ltd, Maitland (?) TV 454 - Featured at the Bus & Coach Show, Warwick Farm when new.
646TV 646 MCA 4x2 - Cummins L108-87-79 Austral Starliner 1391 11/87C49F
"Kedumba". ex Forster Bus Service Pty Ltd, Forster TV 574.
Sold to Salts Hastings Macleay Coaches Pty Ltd, Port Macquarie as TV 5073 by 4/09, involved in an incident where the engine caught fire on the F3 near Doyalson 28/9/09, which ultimately led to the demise of this unaccredited operator by 11/09.
654TV 654 Toyota Coaster Deluxe? Toyota - ?C16C
"Kanangra". Ex Newman YV 126. Sold as motorhome in NSW
657TV 657 Toyota Tarago
Rereg LTD 737 by 7/08 and absorbed into a new venture with LTD Rentals, Gold Coast, QLD, based out of Katoomba.
702TV 4541 Volvo B58H15722 PMCSA 5823 4/81AB71D
ex (1373) WJP 461 Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA.; ex (2307) WJP 461 Southlink, Adelaide, S.A.
Sold to Bankstown Coaches (Collins Coachways Pty Ltd), Bass Hill 5/11.
800TV 6165 Leyland Atlantean7300909 East Lancshire EL 7214 7/1973H43/30F
ex BD01HB; ex TV 4537; ex YNA 626; Reg 14/4/03 ex Sid Fogg & Sons Pty Ltd, Newcastle (100) OAV 216 4/03; ex Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd, Mascot (100) OAV 216 3/01; ex AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd, Botany (62) OAV 216 4/85; ex South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, Sheffield UK, as (312) UWA312L (DB73D).
Withdrawn around 11/11 & re-exported back to the UK for preservation 1/12; Displayed at Showbus 2012, Duxford, UK 16/9/12 with original rego UWA312L.
801TV 2594 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 610528 MCW 10/61O43/31F
ex FM Vella t/a Vella's Getaway Tours, Bexley North TV 2594; ex Sundecker, Sydney; ex H44/33F; ex Kirkland's Brothers Omnibus Services Pty Ltd, Lismore (101) MO 8190; Import ex Plymouth Corporation, Plymouth, UK (140) VDR 940.
Similar unit ex Kirlands (100) MO 8189 ex Plymouth (144) VDR 944 was also owned rego "XPLORE" and sold to Jonathan Gregory in Hobart who still operates it as DZ 4499.
Sold to Brisbane, QLD and converted to a mobile cafe seating 25, reg (QLD) DD CAFE - For sale on Gumtree 3/13.
802TV 646 MCW Metrobus Mk1 DR101/12MB5874 MCW - 11/80H43/28D
ex TV 4060; ex TV 3345; ex Twilight Bus (Roberts), Woy Woy TV 3345; ex Leaside Travel, London, UK (M450) GYE450W c6/01; ex London Transport (M450) GYE450W.
Plate transferred to an Olympian 11/11. Reported sold for a motorhome early-2013.
806TV 4538 Bristol VRT/SL6GVRT/SL2/450 Eastern Coachwork 20090 5/1973H43/31F
ex AB75ER, ex XWW 880, ex HHL 737, ex VLR 641, ex-David Churn, Perth TC 556, new to West Riding UK as (806)HHL 737L
808TV 4539 Bristol VRT/SL6GVRT/SL2/452 Eastern Coach Works Ltd 20092 5/73H43/31F
ex HHL 739; ex VBB 632; ex London Transport Double Deck Excursions (David Churn), Beechboro, Perth TC 550; ex West Riding Automobile Co, Yorkshire, UK (808) HHL739L; ex (739).
Withdrawn by 4/07 & Sold to Wagga Wagga Winery, Wagga Wagga for a courtesy bus (reg BV29LP 29/8/13).
855XPLORE Range Rover
1903PARTS Bristol VRT/SL6GVRT/SL/215 Eastern Coachwork 17778 5/1969H39/31F
ex JFE 539,ex David Churn, Perth TC 414, new to Lincolnshire UK as 1903 (JFE 539G) - Not in Service
D28TV 8247 Flxible Clipper - Perkins V8AFC36 Ansair - 3/54C18FClipper
"Scarlet Rose".
Restored by Fantastic Aussie Tours purchased 2014 in derelict condition previously parked in a paddock at Darlington Point; ex DJ & PD Feary t/ Freedom Getaways, Morphettville, SA; ex Griffith area; ex Ansett Airlines; ex Pioneer Tourist Industries Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC (D28).
Dereg and sold to C Crowe, Lennox Head for preservation -/20.
TV 645 MCA - Cummins L1012.86.53 Austral 1321 4/87RC49F
ex Manly Bus Service Pty Ltd, Brookvale TV 390 3/94.
Sold for a motorhome as XSS 707 in 2003 - still in use as a motorhome on those plates in 2016.
TV 645 Scania K112TRYS4KT6X2B01813442 PMCSA Apollo 4682 9/88C46FT
"Kunama" ex TV 2031; ex Murray’s Australia Pty Ltd, Alexandria (260) TV 2031; ex (QLD) 363 BZM; ex TV 278.
Sold for a motorhome conversion and reg as CD57HG 16/5/15.
TV 646 Denning Landseer DDDBLB0021211288 Denning B021 12/88HC58/14DT
Gray Line livery ex TV 6166; ex (QLD) 783 DGP; ex Stonestreet's Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD 783 DGP; ex Polleys Coaches Pty Ltd, Gympie 783 DGP; ex Chris's Coaches Pty Ltd, Campbellfield, VIC 783 DGP (QLD); ex Deluxe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Wangaratta, VIC (199) m/o.557 (NT).
Sold to Langley's Coaches, Dubbo as TV 5580 by 6/10.
TV 654 Leyland Atlantean7301387 East Lancs 7221 6/73H43/30F
ex Bus Spotters, Forster YPH 453 9/07; ex Tangalooma Resort, Moreton Island, QLD 060 DDJ -/03; ex 244 AFC -/95; ex AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd OWJ 624 by 1988; ex South Yorkshire PTE, Sheffield, UK (316) UMA316L.
Withdrawn 11/11 & sold to Byron Bay Magic Bus, Byron Bay as TV 6314 12/11
TV 1191 Denning Mono 8v71D177-74 Denning 489 7/74RC45FT
ex State Rail Authority (C1.8002) MO 4703 by 8/91.
Sold to Precious Tours, Armidale as TV 1191 by 2/93, then Keith's Coaches, Mudgerreaba, QLD as 219 BZZ, then Coachtrans, Coomera, QLD as 187 CTA, then Sita Coaches, Footscray, VIC for parts.
TV 4059 Volvo B10M14697 Volgren VG180 8/87C32F
Ex TV 2166, Ex Outback Track Tours, Sydney. Sold as motorhome in Vic.
TV 4061 Volvo B58H15576 PMCSA 5815 3/81AB71D
Reg 22/12/06 ex (1365) WJP 539 Torrens Transit, Adelaide, S.A; ex (1365) WJP 539 Transitplus/Hills Transit, Adelaide, S.A; ex (1365) WJP 539 Torrens Transit, Adelaide, S.A.
Rego cancelled by 21/12/10 & used for parts; Remains sold to Collins Coachways Pty Ltd t/a Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill for parts 11/14.
TV 7720 Fuso Rosa0387 Fuso - -/14C24C
Reg 2/10/14 - Sign written for LTD Rentals.
Sold or rereg by 5/16.
TV 7721 Fuso Rosa0145 Fuso - -/13C24C
Reg 25/5/14 - Sign written for LTD Rentals.
Sold or rereg by 5/16.
TV 7722 Fuso Rosa0035 Fuso - -/15C24C
Reg 22/4/15.
Owned by LTD Rentals, returned by 9/18.
TV 7736 Fuso Rosa0114 Fuso - -/16C24C
Reg 11/4/16.
Owned by LTD Rentals, returned by 9/18.
-AUS 08 Setra S228DT139000010037008 Kassbohrer ? 4.1986HC44/12DT
Ex Brisbane Bus LInes AUS 08, Leased from AusTrail/Ultimate Explorer.-ex (103) TC 724(wa) Deluxe Coachlines, Australia. Transferred to NSW plates and since sold to Perth WA as motorhome
-AUS 18 Setra S228DT139000010037007 Kassbohrer ? 4.1986HC44/12DT
Ex Brisbane Bus Lines AUS 18, Leased from AusTrail/Ultimate Explorer.-ex (104) TC 725(wa) Deluxe Coachlines, Australia. Sold to Partybus operator Gold Coast
de-reg AEC Regent III? Clyde ? 1952H33/26D
ex XDQ 851, ex Brian Blacklock, Newcastle, ex The Lake Macquarie Omnibus Club, ex Hunter Transport Museum Newcastle, ex Jamieson Tarro, ex UTA 2589. Reported with Parker Brothers for preservation 4/06.
LTD 554 BCI PK6127 BCI -/08C53F
Signwritten for LTD Tours.
PARTS Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17003808 PMC DD095 7/1971H-/-D
Ex TV 2403. ex Sydney Executive Coachlines, Mascot; ex Vellas; ex Toronto (18) MO 3139, ex UTA 1095. Traded to Valley Luxury Coaches, Singleton.
u/r Leyland Atlantean7301518 East Lancashire
ex Valley Bus & Coach, Singleton; ex Richmond McDonalds (permanent childrens playpen); ex Sheffield, UK (319).
u/r Flxible Clipper C-F
ex Freedom Getaways, Adelaide, ex Ansett AF36 To be repowered by 540 V8 Perkins (ex AF11) - Not in Service
XPLORE Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1610536 MCW - 10/61H43/35F
ex Kirkland Brothers Omnibus Services Pty Ltd, Lismore (100) MO 8189; ex Plymouth Corporation, UK (144) VDR 944.
Sold to Jonathan Gregory t/a Red Decker Bus Co, Glenorchy, TAS as (301) DZ 4499 -/97.
? Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17003586 PMC DD091 7/1971H39/27D
ex Port Macquarie Bus Services 16 (MO 8544), ex UTA 1091
? Leyland Titan OPD2Clyde 1953H33/26D
ex Brian Blacklock, Newcastle, ex Hunter Transport Museum Newcastle, ex UTA 2730. Reported with Parker Brothers for preservation 6/05.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 46

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