New England Coaches (Arandale) - Glen Innes

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by New England Coaches (Arandale) - Glen Innes.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
MO 1900 Hino BC144KJHDBC144KXXX10063 Austral 1685 10/91B36F
ex Ryans (Nasrella Pty Ltd), Woolgoolga MO 1900; ex Watson's Woolgoolga Coaches, Woolgoolga MO 1900 -/99; ex J Partridge (Biskara Pty Ltd), Woolgoonga MO 1900.
Sold to an Unknown Operator, QLD as 288 MUL by 10/10/02.
MO 2545 Volvo B59-501173 Ansair V920 5/10/77B43D
ex (865) IUG 865 The MET/PTC/M&MTB, Melbourne, VIC.
Sold to City Bus Toowoomba Pty Ltd (Hagan), Wilsonton, QLD as 593 EIC by 29/1/98; then to Garden City Sunbus, Toowoomba as (6012) 593 EIC 9/03; Subsequent disposal unknown.
MO 2546 Volvo B59-501171 Ansair V910 26/8/77B39D
ex (863) IUG 863 The MET/PTC/M&MTB, Melbourne, VIC.
Sold to City Bus Toowoomba Pty Ltd (Hagan), Wilsonton, QLD as 133 EIW by 29/1/98; then to Garden City Sunbus, Toowoomba as (6011) 133 EIW 9/03; Withdrawn for sale at Bus Stop Sales (dlr), Springfield, QLD by 11/07.
MO 2547 Volvo B59-501180 Ansair V929 28/1/76B43D
ex (872) IUG 872 The MET/PTC/M&MTB, Melbourne, VIC.
Sold to City Bus Toowoomba Pty Ltd (Hagan), Wilsonton, QLD as 230 EIW by 17/11/97; then to Garden City Sunbus, Toowoomba as (6010) 230 EIW 9/03; Withdrawn for sale at Bus Stop Sales (dlr), Springfield, QLD by 11/07.
MO 4138 Hino AM10042453 Hino -/83B27F
ex ?
Sold for a motorhome.
MO 4142 Nissan Civilian RYW400048 Nissan -/92B23C
Sold by 23/1/02.
MO 4163 Mercedes-Benz OC162135509965269851 Denning Majestic F176 16/2/88C49F
ex South Western Suburban Transit, Inala, QLD (34) 271 ALI.
Sold to NR & MA Towner, Gympie, QLD as 214 FRG via Cardiff Toyota (dlr) by 5/5/00; then to R Nolan t/a Becs Buses, Dagun as 214 FRG; Registration cancelled 3/11/11.
MO 4271 Hino AM10042292 Hino -/82B28F
ex J Watson & Son Pty Ltd, Woodenbong, MO 4271.
Sold to G & J Tsakissiris, Mirriwinni , QLD as 067 HMN by 24/4/96.
MO 4399 Hino AC140K40248 Hino -/86C28F
ex ?
Sold by 6/8/00.
MO 4557 Hino BC144K10023 Superior B498 2/89C37F
ex Transwest Pty Ltd (Banks), Gulargambone MO 1152 by 9/3/00; ex RK & KI Robe t/a Kingstown Charters, Kingstown MO 1152; ex Kooralbyn Valley Coaches, Kooralbyn, QLD 609 AIE.
Sold to CR & CM Neilsen, Bauple, QLD as 454 GJA by 11/1/02; Then with run to Burloch Pty Ltd, Bauple, QLD; Replaced in 2009.
MO 4564 Hino FD164L10354 MBS B324 16/8/88B39F
ex JL & LM Kane & Sons, Henty MO 1378 (traded to Newcastle Hino 2/01).
Sold to CF & BM Gay, Allora, QLD as 276 GYM by 26/2/03; Withdrawn by 10/11.
MO 5316 Mercedes-Benz LO912 Nambucca 174A 9/92B29F
ex Pleasure Tours of Australia Pty Ltd, Bass Hill m/o 8309 around 2/02; ex MO 2225 12/95; ex King's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kempsey (16) MO 2225.
MO 5563 Mercedes-Benz LO9129BM688123NB936553 Nambucca 177C 9/92B29F
ex Pleasure Tours of Australia Pty Ltd, Bass Hill m/o 8899 late-2001; ex King's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kempsey (15) MO 2226 -/95.
Sold to TM & VM Black of Calen, QLD as 954 MDI; Noted in stripped condition at Wardell, NSW 3/16.
MO 5599 Mercedes-Benz SprinterWDB90434632P985924 Mercedes-Benz - -/99B13C
ex Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd, Bathurst MO 5599; Possibly from the 2000 Sydney Olympics batch of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.
Sold to Gardner's Charters, Everton Hills, QLD as 042 JPW by 18/3/07.
MO 5925 Leader - Cat001 Domino D0015 8/8/74C45F
ex Hutchinson, Glen Innes MO 5925 with run.
MO 6116 Mercedes-Benz 814DWDB6703132N032081 Alan B. Denning Vario 82018 21/6/95C24F
ex MO 4348; ex Westbus Pty Ltd, Arncliffe TV 968; ex TV 1096 -/95; ex (QLD) 378 CVZ -/95.
Sold to CF & N Ardey t/a Proston Country Bus Service, Proston, QLD as 116 LPT by 3/6/05; Dereg 6/16 & Sold to Urban Legends Tour Company Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW as LEGNDS; Rego cancelled by 11/18.
MO 6336 Mercedes-Benz 814D9BM688176TB103642 PMCA 4107 6/97B31F
ex Murton Staff Pty Ltd, Broken Hill (M01) MO 3865.
Sold to Toowoomba, QLD -/07, then to Baldwin's Buses (Faxford Pty Ltd), Tocumwal as (13) MO 6484 (reg 12/10/07).
MO 6337 Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177PB977119 Custom Coaches 93-301 3/94B29F
ex National Bus Company Pty Ltd, Capalaba, QLD 734 EHG (returned to MB off lease 12/02); ex National Bus Company Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC (405) FVT 065.
Sold to J & AE Rozema, Young as MO 6337, renumbered 4471 MO; then to Collinsvale School, TAS 6/12.
MO 6338 Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177NB965103 Custom Coaches 93-258 2/94B29F
ex National, Brisbane, QLD 731 EHG; ex National, Melbourne, VIC FVT 067.
Sold to Shoal Bus (Raymask Pty Ltd), Bomaderry as MO 6338 by 11/07.
MO 6486 Leyland FB45.60SBLAE45CE0L145576 P&D 069 6/98C??F
ex SD & DL Goodwin t/a West Warwick Coaches, West Warwick, QLD as (6) 866 DON; ex Centre Silver Scenic Tours, Alice Springs, NT via Dick White (dealer) 25/4/02.
Sold to SG & PA Knight, Emerald as 779 LMB by 12/5/09, rereg 407 MWH.
MO 6487 Hino RK176KJHDRK176KXXX40474 Newnham 91-192 7/92B49F
ex Latrobe Valley Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Morwell, VIC (23) 3823 AO; ex ETH 465.
Sold to R Powell t/a Wyoming Distrobutors Pty Ltd, Gin Gin, QLD 22/10/07.
MO 6958 Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688123RB028496 Custom Coaches 95-7 5/95B29F
ex Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd, Thornton (138) MO 2992 late-2007; ex Blue Ribbon Bus Co Pty Ltd, Thornton (138) MO 2992; ex Blue Ribbon Holdings Pty Ltd, Singleton (138) MO 2992 2/00; ex (4).
Sold to R & S Gerke, Scottsdale, TAS as A 38 QI by 10/11/08.
MO 9592 Leyland Super Viking111943C PMCSA 4352 6/83B43D
ex Moorabbin Transit (Grenda), Cheltenham, VIC (47) BTG 047 (B41D); ex Southland Bus Service, Moorabbin, VIC (47) BTG 047.
Sold to PB Finch, Beenleigh, QLD as 772 FEH by 27/11/98; then to Logan Coaches (Cavbus), Logan Village, QLD as (26) 772 FEH 5/07; Resold for a motorhome in 2011.
MO 9636 Hino BX341E40130 Custom Coaches 82-485 7/4/83RB57F
ex Busways Central Coast Pty Ltd (92) MO 9636 29/1/93; ex Seargents Transit Co Pty Ltd, Wyong (98) MO 9636 2/90.
Sold to FG & JL Ellis, Drake as MO 9636; Onsold by 13/12/98.
MO 9751 Bedford YMT3YMT3DZ456949
Centurion 41 1/80C49F
ex Royal Australian Army.
Sold to D & B Wagner t/a Wagner's Bus Service, Bundaberg, QLD as 377 DAG by 29/4/95; then to RJ Hayes t/a South Bundy Buses, Bundaberg as 377 DAG 1/98; then to McGruddy's Bus Lines, Gin Gin as 377 DAG, then to R Powell t/a Wyoming Distributors Pty Ltd, Gin Gin as 377 DAG -/06.
MO 9752 Volvo B58-6113526 PMCSA 4248 10/81RC45FT
ex Baxway Boomerang Tours, Brisbane, QLD 432 BJJ; ex South Burnett Coaches, Kingaroy 660 OHL.
Sold to Brisbane Adventist College (ACA), Mt Gravatt, QLD as 675 DFV by 31/10/95.
MO 9881 Leyland Terrier556630 Alnor 002 8/4/84B43F
ex J Owens, Gilgandra MO 9881; ex ME & UA Gaff, Gilgandra MO 9881.
Sold to JA & SO Cook, Atherton, QLD as 359 DII, then to TJ & LJ Piper, Atherton as 359 DII, then to JMA & SE Tallon, Atherton as 359 DII, then to Emerson's Bus Company, Malanda as (16) 359 DII.
TV 1485 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40067 Hino -/89C19C
ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Pioneer Motor Service , South Nowra TV 1485; ex MO 9280.
Sold to an Unknown Operator, QLD as 190 EMX by 5/9/97; Registration cancelled 29/7/03.
TV 2579 Mercedes-Benz O303-330031561052124 Denning F210 11/6/91C48FT
Reinstated 2013 ex 1273 MO 28/4/11; ex Fatigue Management Coaches, Emerald, QLD 619 EHU; ex Tropic Wings, Cairns (83) 619 EHU; ex Australian Pacific Coaches, Sandringham, VIC (17) TV 039.
Dereg 28/6/18.
TV 6883 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R519963 Mills-Tui Dash PBWCL0154 23/3/04C25F
ex 6742 MO; ex Wangaratta Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC (25) 5350 AO 10/10.
Sold to a private buyer, Tamworth as CV59WO (reg 31/10/19).
TV 6884 Austral Denning GM 6v92tta6F9RIBH30RD001005 Austral Denning Highlander C100690 8/94C48FTL
ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty. Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (103) 4264 AO by 11/11; ex FOM 392.
Dereg/sold by 3/19.
TV 6885 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40182 Hino K39580 6/93C19C
ex Murrays Australia Ltd, Alexandria (627) TV 265 by 9/12.
Rego cancelled by 28/9/14.
TV 6995 Austral Denning GM 6v92tta6F9R1BH30RD001004 Austral Denning Highlander C100650 6/94C56F
Reg 7/12/11 ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty. Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (102) 4263 AO (C48FT) by 11/11; ex FOM 364.
Rego cancelled by 6/12/18 & Sold for a motorhome by 3/19.
TV 7585 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R500531 Alan B. Denning Sprinter 61039 6/11/03C25F
ex GW Ellis t/a Sydney Wilderness Tours Pty Ltd, Alexandria TV 6151 by 2/15; ex Murrays Australia Pty Ltd, Alexandria (709) TV 6151 by 9/13; ex 700 HLD; ex TP Oceania, Ernest, Gold Coast, QLD (MB-22) 700 HLD.
Rego expired 22/11/18.
TV 9476 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter5906 Mercedes-Benz - -/01C14CV
Reg between 23/2/19 & 2/21 ex TV 3553; Acquired by 9/13.
Sold 5/21.
TV 9742 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R392504 Alan B. Denning Sprinter 61005 12/11/02C25F
ex TV 7840 22/6/18; Reg 25/7/14 ex Murrays Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD (707) 308 GWX; ex (1??); ex TP Oceania, Ernest QLD (MB20) 308 GWX.
Rego expired 21/12/18.
AR13ST Hino BC144MJHDBC144KXXX10085 PMCA 4952 4/93B41F
ex Dineen Group, Sandringham, VIC (unused); ex J Cross t/a Yellow Cross Equipment Pty Ltd, Walcha MO 3450 by 7/07; ex John A Gilbert Pty Ltd t/a Shorelink, Mt Kuring-gai (98) m/o 8602; ex St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd, Pymble (24) m/o 8602 6/7/98.
Sold to AA & HE Unverzagt, Kingaroy, QLD as 719 KUH by 18/1/08; then to Kuhle Pty Ltd t/a Coast & Country Buses, Kingaroy as (37) 719 KUH 1/7/11.
AW30CV Ford Transit6581 Ford - -/03C10CL
Dereg 25/9/13; Possibly sold before that date.
BF78WI Mitsubishi Rosa0128 Mitsubishi - -/00C24C
ex MO 6488; Acquired second hand.
Sold to Di Leva t/a Paramount Tours, Lewisham as TV 6599 -/11; Sold by 11/16.
u/r Hino BC144K + AllisonJHDBC144KXXX10146 Nambucca 199 7/94B31F
ex North Sydney Bus Charters Pty Ltd, North Ryde AE68EY for resale; ex Murphy's Commercials (dlr), Newcastle AE68EY; ex The Entrance Red Bus Service Pty Ltd, Gosford (3) MO 2899.
Sold to Gilbert's Coaches, Sorrell, TAS as B 31 XI -/11.
u/r Denning Landseer GM 6v92ttaDL1146-830-86 Denning 1146 5/86RC46FT
ex Red & White Coaches, Sandgate, QLD (14) 754 FAF 7/08 (RC46FT); ex Greyhound Pioneer Australia Ltd, Brisbane (372) UJB 346 -/04; ex Bus Australia, Adelaide, SA (372) UJB 346; ex Briscoes Coaches, Adelaide, SA (372) UJB 346.
Sold to Jeffrey Holmes, Baan Baa as TV 6688 (reg 5/11).
u/r Hino BC144MJHDBC144KXXX10086 Custom Coaches 93-148 12/93B37FR
ex WB Hogden, Dunedoo 5856 MO late-2011; ex 1188 MO mid-2011; ex MO 2881; ex Cosgrove, Dunedoo MO 2881; ex Duffy Hotel Management Pty Ltd, Dunedoo MO 2881; ex Eggins Holdings Pty Ltd, Taree MO 2881.
Assumed sold.
YEU 788 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132P353260 Alan B. Denning 61001 5/8/02C25C
ex Carbridge Pty Ltd, Mascot (24) YEU 788.
Sold to HG Durham, Temora as MO 6714, renumbered 3301 MO.
YJE 352 Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177PB976255 Custom Coaches 93-289 4/94B26F
ex National Bus Company Pty Ltd, Capabala, QLD 729 EHG -/03; ex National Bus Company Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC (403) FVT 063.
Sold to TM & VM Black, Calen, QLD as 913 HSP by 16/5/04.
YJE 372 Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177PB977128 Custom Coaches 93-302 3/94B26F
ex National Bus Company Pty Ltd, Capabala, QLD 733 EHG -/03; ex National Bus Company Pty Ltd, North Fitzroy, VIC (402) FVT 062.
Sold to LW & CJ Wheeler, Woodstock (near Townsville), QLD as 097 HSB by 6/5/04.
ZAV 146 Mercedes-Benz 815DWDB6703742N072879 Alan B. Denning Vario 82251 31/3/99B35F
Sold to I Johnstone, Calen, QLD as 501 EYL; then to Westside Christian College, Goodna as (6) 405 IKP.
1264 MO Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132P353260 Alan B. Denning Sprinter 61002 27/9/02C25C
ex AY20PJ; ex Rover Motors Pty Ltd, Cessnock (M1) TV 600 -/08; ex AE04LM; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd, Mascot CT 025 12/5/05.
Sold to R Nolan, Glen Innes as 1264 MO 1/7/11; then to MJH Services Pty Ltd t/a Concord Coaches, Homebush as TV 7434 (reg 16/11/13).
1266 MO Hino BD186RJHDFD3HLLXXX10278 MBS Citiliner B439 4/95B43F
ex Redlion Bus & Coach Services, Albany, WA (M38) 9BX784; ex Sharpe, Esperance 9BX 784.
Sold to KW Baldwin, Bowraville as 1266 MO c6/09; then to Seaisle Bus Service t/a Natureland Bus Service (S & S Walker), Bellingen as 1266 MO 10/12; Dereg 18/11/15.
1271 MO Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313CDI949960 Mercedes-Benz - -/99B14C
ex MO 6485.
Sold for a motorhome in NSW by 7/11.
3443 MO Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40278 MCA B222 4/93B57F
ex B & E Blanch Pty Ltd, Ballina (7) 3443 MO 9/09; ex MO 6091 9/08; ex Nasrella Pty Ltd t/a Ryans Bus Service, Coffs Harbour (30) MO 2516; ex Curabolla Pty Ltd t/a Staf Watson's Woolgoolga Coaches (S & D Watson), Woolgoolga MO 2516 -/99.
Sold to RW & TL Wallace, Ulverstone, TAS as B72JE; then to Smiths Tasmania No 2 Pty Ltd, t/a Buses R Us, South Riana; then to RL Kerger t/a Kerger's Coaches, Penguin for parts; Offered for sale through Manheim Auctions, Burnie 16/1/14.
6740 MO MAN 11.1506AB7520136MX00417 Express 004 4/96B37F
ex 1265 MO -/10; ex RJ & PJ Beaumont Pty Ltd, Coffs Harbour MO 3441 (via K & J Trucks); ex Earle F Green, Glenreagh MO 3441.
Sold to CG & DM Lester, Derby, TAS as B 41 UT by 3/11.
6741 MO Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177RB011281 Custom Coaches 94-133 9/94B29F
Reg by 3/11 ex Hunter Valley Buses, Thornton (18) MO 3048 -/08.
Withdrawn mid-2011 & sold for a motorhome.
6955 MO Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDIWDB9056132R426045 Alan B. Denning 61014 23/1/03C25C
ex 1270 MO 9/8/11; ex TV 3564; ex Rover Motors Pty Ltd, Cessnock (M2) TV 3564 -/08; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd, Mascot 13/2/04.
Sold to R Nolan, Glen Innes as 6955 MO 1/7/11; then to Carew Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Flint's Bus Service, Glen Innes as 6956 MO by 12/14.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 53

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