Cooks Buses Orange Pty Ltd - Orange

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Cooks Buses Orange Pty Ltd - Orange.

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Accreditation: Cooks Buses Orange Pty Ltd, Acc No. 42715, Orange (from 6/17)
Previously WW & JM Cook, Acc No. 8649, Orange
Depot Address/s: 7 Gosling Rd, Spring Creek
Livery: White with three green stripes & dark green sign writing.
School Runs: S483 Orange Schools to Spring Hill via Forest Reefs
S484 Orange Schools to Spring Terrace via Forest Reefs

As WW & JM Cook, Bill and Judith Cook acquired the Orange - Springside - Spring Hill - Spring Terrace school contract from D Cook, Blayney with MO 5868 Bedford VAM3 5/77. D Cook was not a relative.

The run split in two during the early 1990's; N1429 Orange - Forest Reefs No 1 & N2681 Orange - Forest Reefs No 2, resulting in the purchase of MO 8369 Bedford BLP2.

Hire drive has been conducted with a Toyota Coaster for some time.

Following the passing of Bill Cook, the business passed down a generation to Bill and Judith Cook's son Graeme in 2017 through Cooks Buses Orange Pty Ltd (accreditation 42715 gained 7/6/17).

School routes N1429 & N2681 were renumbered S483 & S484, respectively, on 23 September 2022, as part of a Transport for New South Wales route name & number standardisation program.

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