MIA Passenger Express Pty Ltd - Griffith

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by MIA Passenger Express Pty Ltd - Griffith.

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Accreditation: MIA Passenger Express Pty Ltd, Acc No. 14740, Griffith
Depot Address/s: 13-15 Jensen Rd, Griffith
Vehicles outstationed at Ardlethan, Darlington Point, Hillston & Whitton.
Livery: White with blue stripes & black signwriting
School Runs: S444 Ardlethan Central – Kamarah (ex N0406)
S445 Ardlethan Central – Ardlethan Newell Hwy (ex N0471)
S446 Ardlethan Central – Cowabbie (ex N0361)
S447 Darlington Point PS – Darlington Point Ringwood Rd via Sturt Hwy (ex N2464)
S448 Ardlethan Central – Beckom Yithan Lane via Beckom PS (ex N0664)
S449 Beckom PS – Ardlethan via London Hill Rd (ex N1410)
S450 Lake Wyangan PS – Nericon (ex N2840)
S451 Griffith Schools – Nericon via Lake Wyangan (ex N1189)
S452 Griffith Schools – Binya Erigolia Rd via Binya Public (ex N1437)
S453 Griffith Schools – Murrumbidgee River Rd via Brogden Rd (ex N1417)
S454 Griffith School – Yoogali Irritation Way via Widgelli (ex N1439)
S455 Griffith Schools – Lake Wyangan Scott Rd via McCarthy Rd (ex N2268)
S456 Griffith Schools & Hanwood PS – Tharbogang (ex N2320)
S457 Griffith Schools – Warburn via Tharbogang (ex N2319)
S458 Griffith Schools – Bilbul Condon Rd via Yenda (ex N1438)
S459 Griffith Schools – Nericon West Rd via Mancini Dr (ex N2866)
S460 Hillston Schools – Roto Lowlands Rd (ex N0756)
S461 Hillston Schools – Wallanthery Lachlan Valley Way (ex N0755)
S462 Hillston Schools – Hillston Mallee Downs Rd (ex N0580)
S463 Hillston Schools – Hillston Mossgiel Rd (ex N1387)
S464 Whitton Murrami PS – Murrami (ex N1113)
Website: www.miacoaches.com.au

Owen Brown purchased MIA Coaches in 1984, when it operated a twice weekly coach service from Griffith to Melbourne. This service was sold to JW & JM Morphett with TV 1136 Volvo B58-61 / Howard Porter (81-5038 -/81) C42FT. School runs were later purchased over time.

Acquired the Griffith - Yenda - Binya, Griffith - Widgelli and Griffith - Wumbulgal - Yenda runs from E Conner Pty Ltd, Griffith 10/88.
Acquired the Griffith - Lake Wyangan, Griffith - Lake Wyangan - Nericon & Lake Wyangan Public School - Nericon runs from M & J Watts, Tharbogang.
Acquired the Griffith - Bringagee run from KJ McIntyre, Griffith.
Acquired the Griffith - Tharbogang - Balingal & Griffith - Warrawidgee runs from F & JA Gulielmini, Griffith 1/05.
Acquired the Darlington Point - Gum Hill run from from Fiddler, Darlington Point.
The Griffith - Kubank Estate - Mancini Drive run was a new contract awarded to MIA roughly around the 2006 mark.

Acquired the Ardlethan - Averhill run from KS & AC Trevaskis, Ardlethan in 2000 after transport closed Trevaskis - this was MIA's first run in Ardlethan.
Acquired the Ardlethan - Beckom - South Beckom run from Dowell, Ardlethan in 2000.
Acquired the Ardlethan - Cowabbie North run from AJ Auld, Ardlethan 1/08.
Acquired the Ardlethan - Kamarah run from GM & CM Stout, Ardlethan 6/08.
Acquired the Ardlethan - Mt Crystal run from BK & JE Brill, Ardlethan in 2008.

Acquired Lines of Route N0580 Hillston - Bunda - Monia Gap & N1387 Hillston - Mossgiel Rd from GW Harris, Hillston around 2014.
Acquired Lines of Route N0755 Hillston - Hunthawang & N0756 Hillston - Roto from HA Cashmere, Hillston around 2014.
Acquired N1113 Murrami - Apostles Yard Bridge from CR & AJ Johnson, Murrami 9/15.

School services renumbered effective 2/11/21.

Acquired N1241 Leeton - Murrami, N1242 Leeton - Narrandera Route 1 & N2720 Leeton - Narrandera Route 2 from PJ & JM Lyons, Leeton 1/3/24 with 3368 MO, 8373 MO & 8850 MO.

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