Lake Brothers - Barham

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Lake Brothers - Barham.

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Accreditation: Lake Brothers Pty Ltd (formerly RW & BE Lake), NSW Acc 9434 Vic AC000179, Barham
Depot Address/s: 33 Lawson Rd
Livery: Dark green & dark yellow, with faded orange signwriting.
School Runs: Barham - Burraboi / Tullakool
Barham - Lower Thule
Barham - Rangemore
Barham - Milverton Barham - Moulamein
Barham - Noorong
Barham - Swan Hill Rd
Barham - Wakool
Kerang - Koondrook
Kerang - Mincha

Acquired the Lower Thule & Swan Hill Rd school contracts from PJ & MB Laughlin with MO 5741 & MO 9412 around 2004.
Acquired the Kerang - Mincha (Victorian) school contract (3128-001) from DF & J Roberts, Koondrook, VIC with 0538 AC early-2007.
Acquired the Milverton school contract from PJ Herbert with 5479 MO 7/09 .
Acquired the Kerang - Koondrook (Victorian) school contract from KP & JP Trewin (Melnathayden Pty Ltd), Barham with 0750 SO by 9/11.

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