Haire - Boggabri

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Haire - Boggabri.

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Accreditation: GJ Haire, Acc No. 33028, Boggabri
Depot Address/s: "Warragrah", Boggabri
Livery: As acquired
School Runs: N0492 Boggabri - Warragrah
N0553 Gunnedah - Boggabri No 1
N1799 Boggabri - Mallee

Operator commenced in 2005 or 2006.

Acquired Line of Route N0492 Boggabri - Warragrah Boggabri - Warragrah run from GA & DP Golding, Boggabri with MO 6223 Mercedes-Benz LO812.
Acquired Line of Route N0553 Gunnedah - Boggabri No 1 from AR & JN Mckenzie, Boggabri with MO 2321 Mercedes-Benz OH1418.
Acquired Line of Route N1799 Boggabri - Mallee from CD & CA Baldwin, Boggabri by 4/16 with 4179 MO Toyota Coaster.

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