Eggtranz Pty Ltd - Mudgee

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Eggtranz Pty Ltd - Mudgee.

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Accreditation: Eggtranz Pty Ltd, Acc No. 23707, Mudgee
Depot Address/s: 2730 Cooks Gap Rd, Ulan
Livery: Silver and black

Eggtranz Pty Ltd is owned by Susan Symons and Grayson Tuck-Lee and commenced in 1997 with the take over of CS (Clive) & MP Brandís Mudgee schools to Ulan contract with no bus. Subsequent acquisitions:
- Mudgee to Cooks Gap around 2004 (overflow service for Mudgee to Ulan contract)
- Gulgong schools to Turill in August 2010 (won on tender after having been temporarily operated by Ogden's after Gulgong Bus Service (Honeysett) lost their accreditation in 2008.
- Ulan Public School to Wyaldra Park as of Term 1, January 2013 (purchased from JW Goninan, Ulan with no bus)
- Cooks Gap area feeder for Mudgee schools as of Term 1, January 2013 (new feeder service connecting with the two Mudgee contracts at Cooks Gap Bush Fire Brigade interchange. Operated by Ulan Public School bus)

Sold Lines of Route N0057 Mudgee - Ulan, N0349 Ulan - Wyaldra Park (and Cooks Gap area feeder to Mudgee services), N2825 Mudgee - Cooks Gap & N3027 Gulgong - Turrill to Ogdens Coaches Pty Ltd, Mudgee 1/9/17 with 2285 MO, 6793 MO & 7284 MO.

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