Apple Transport Services Pty Ltd - Tumbarumba

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Apple Transport Services Pty Ltd - Tumbarumba.

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Accreditation: Apple Transport Services Pty Ltd, Acc No. 7791 (coach) & 9243 (bus), Tumbarumba
Depot Address/s: 196 Bogong St, Tumbarumba
Livery: Original livery: White bus with blue mid band
From MO 3406 onwards, white
School Runs: N0672 Tumbarumba - Mannus - The Glen
N0674 Tumbarumba - Rosewood
N0687 Tumbarumba - Glenroy
N0689 Tumbarumba - Willigobung
N0690 Tumbarumba - Ournie
N2492 Humula - Rosewood feeder

Formerly a PMG employee, Ian Chaffey commenced operation in January 1981, purchasing Line of Route N0672 Tumbarumba - Mannus / The Glen from KS Bloomfield, Tumbarumba with MO 5885 Bedford VAM3.

Four more school contracts were purchased over the next six years to create a network of five school contracts:-
- Line of Route N0674 Tumbarumba schools - Rosewood / Coppabella from WG Burgess, Tumbarumba in March 1983, as Ian Chaffey Family Settlement.
- Line of Route N0689 Tumbarumba schools - Willigobung from WG Burgess, Tumbarumba probably in March 1983. Bedfords MO 749 & MO 8648 acquired from Burgess.
- Line of Route N0687 Tumbarumba schools - Glenroy from John Minns Motors, Tumbarumba in February or March 1984, as Ian Chaffey.
- Line of Route N0690 Tumbarumba schools - Ournie from P & L Clothier, Tumbarumba in November 1986 with MO 593 Austin and MO 9066 Mazda Parkway, as Ian Chaffey Family Settlement.

At an unknown date, a shelf company originally registered as Mihuke Pty Ltd on 15/12/80 was purchased. This was subsequently renamed Lucock, Wood and O’Carroll Pty Ltd. Under Ian Chaffey ownership, this was again renamed Apple Transport Services Pty Ltd to reflect the bus business being operated.

An apple orchard business was operated in conjunction with the bus business for many years.

Line of Route N2492 Rosewood Public School - Humula was acquired from from M Matto of Rosewood in November 2006 with MO 4455 Mercedes-Benz LO814. The services comprises of two parts:-
Part A: Rosewood Public School (connecting with bus from Tumbarumba schools) - Humula - Kyeamba Gap
Part B: Kyeamba Gap (connects Wagga Wagga - Kyeamba Gap bus) - Rosewood - Tumbarumba

The six contracts have been maintained, but with minibuses operating five of the six contracts since the mid-2000’s. A full size bus and mini bus are normally retained for spare and charter use.

A very community minded person, Ian Chaffey has served on the Tumbarumba Shire Council from 1977 to 2004, then again from September 2008. He has served as shire President from 1979 until 1993, then Mayor in 1993 and from September 2014.

Management of the business is shared between Ian and daughter Susan.

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