MIA Passenger Express Pty Ltd - Griffith

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by MIA Passenger Express Pty Ltd - Griffith.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
BCI JXK6840BCI Proma11313 MO
BCI PK6127ATBCI29285 MO, 9450 MO
Bonluck 13.2mBonluck President 219319 MO
Bonluck JXK6840Bonluck11312 MO
Bonluck JXK6960Bonluck15394 MO
Bonluck JXK6960Bonluck Cooper DX18963 MO
Bonluck JXK6960CRBonluck15383 MO
Bonluck JXR6840Bonluck President 221323 MO, 4880 MO
Higer MunroHiger51308 MO, 1311 MO, 5374 MO, 7072 MO, 7089 MO
Hino RB8UBC-Chiron14882 MO
Hino RG230P&D19684 MO
Hino RK260P&D14886 MO
Hino RN8JCustom Coaches SB40013368 MO
Hino RN8JExpress18850 MO
Iveco DeltaCustom SB5018373 MO
MAN 18.280King Long 6126AU15380 MO
MAN 19.360Irizar i619685 MO
Renault MasterRenault1CK02BZ
Scania K310IBCoach Concepts18575 MO
Scania K310IBExpress19368 MO
Toyota CoasterToyota75384 MO, 5385 MO, 5388 MO, 5389 MO, 5390 MO, 5391 MO,
9175 MO
Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota19284 MO
Toyota Coaster XZB50RToyota31317 MO, 1318 MO, 9176 MO
Toyota Coaster XZB70RToyota68443 MO, 8917 MO, 9114 MO, 9116 MO, 9687 MO, 9688 MO
Toyota Hi-Ace CommuterToyota8CD89GL, CE02TK, CH62JP, CM63YI, 1303 MO, 5392 MO, 8918 MO,
9117 MO
Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter H300Toyota4DC27EX, DC30EX, DC42EX, 9783 MO
Toyota TarargoToyota1CD90GL
Yutong ZK6772DYutong22939 MO, 9686 MO

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