Transdev NSW & Transdev John Holland Buses

Depot Address/sTransdev NSW South Pty Ltd (Region 10 and 13), Transdev NSW Pty Ltd (Region 12) and Transdev John Holland Buses (NSW) Pty Ltd (Region 9).
LiveryWhite, Transport NSW, Metrobus and other special liveries.
AccreditationTransdev NSW Pty Ltd, Acc No. 30061, Transdev NSW South Pty Ltd, Acc No. 23537 and Transdev John Holland Buses (NSW) Pty Ltd , Acc No. 43260
Service RunsSydney Metropolitan Bus Service Contracts (SMBSC): Regions 9, 10, 12 and 13.

Transdev NSW South was formed 1/7/13 by previous Veolia and Connex operations which progressively acquired Southtrans (9/99), Pioneer Coaches 15/1/02, Crossley's Bus Lines 26/11/01, a portion of Baxter's Bus Lines 1/1/05, Transit First 1/2/07, Crowther's Buslink 1/1/09 and Caringbah Bus Service 1/10/11 (all comprising Regions 10 and 13).

Transdev NSW was formed from the previous Shorelink and then TransdevTSL operation (Region 12)

Transdev John Holland Buses wad formed on 3/3/22 with the successful tendering of former State Transit's Eastern Suburbs operations (Region 9).

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