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This website provides information of the types of buses and coaches currently and previously utilised by operators from various locations around Australia. This information is provided for bus enthusiasts and for the bus industry, and we are no way affiliated to any of the operators listed across the site.

These lists could not be what they are today without the help of numerous hard-working moderators and more importantly Lourie Smit, for all his work programming and scripting all the pages.

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Please Note:

  • This website and the pages to all fleet lists are changed constantly when updates are received.

  • Prior to 1/3/2004 buses which were either sold or withdrawn were generally deleted from the fleet lists. As from 1/3/2004 disposal information is now being maintained on all fleet lists.

  • If you have a fleet list for a company not shown - be it government or private, large or small, or if you have an update or further information on an existing fleet list, please email us or click the email link in the relevant list.