Skybus, Melbourne Airport

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Skybus, Melbourne Airport.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
37953AO King LongLA6R1DSC39B202812 King Long "6900AU" KLAB09-037 7.2010C35F
ex (81) 7953AO.
47959AO King LongLA6R1DSC99B202247 King Long "6900AU" KLAB09-041 7.2010C35F
ex (82) 7959AO.
59459AO King LongLA6R1DSC3CB103351 King Long "6900AU" HVAB12-0?? 2.2013C35F
ex (44) 9459AO Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
69472AO King LongLA6R1DSC0CB103355 King Long "6900AU" HVAB12-0?? 6.2013C35F
ex (46) 9472AO Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
79473AO King LongLA6R1DSC7CB103353 King Long "6900AU" HVAB12-0?? 6.2013C35F
ex (48) 9473AO Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
8BS00AU King LongLA6R1DSC3DB102007 King Long "6900AU" HVAB13-0?? 12.2013C35F
ex (50) BS00AU Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
9BS00AV King LongLA6R1FSE8DB101299 King Long "6102AU" HVAB12-0?? 4.2013C43F
ex (52) BS00AV Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
102896AO Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108004925 Arakawa - 10.1999B21C
ex (20) 2896AO Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
112891AO Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFG528709500130 Arakawa - 11.2003B20C
ex (24) 2891AO Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
125043AO Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFG528009500129 Arakawa - 11.2003B20C
ex (26) 5043AO Frankston & Peninsula Airport Service, Frankston, Victoria.
305181AO Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFSS22P200009640 Arakawa - 9.2005C11C
ex UFW581.
315179AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00713 Mitsubishi - 10.2004C17DL
325180AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00708 Mitsubishi - 10.2004C17DL
339435AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00728 Mitsubishi - 10.2004C17DL
ex ???
349436AO Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00756 Mitsubishi - 5.2005C17DL
ex ???
357099AO Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AF0ES290870 Optare ? 12.2014B28FW
367109AO Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AF0ES290872 Optare ? 12.2014B28FW
377107AO Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AF0ES290873 Optare ? 12.2014B28FW
38BS01DE Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AE0ES291005 Optare ? 3.2015B28FW
39BS01DF Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AE0ES291006 Optare ? 3.2015B28FW
40BS01DG Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AE0ES291007 Optare ? 3.2015B28FW
41BS01PK Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AE0ES291009 Optare ? 9.2015B28FW
ex (105).
42BS01DH Optare Solo M995SRSABTW4AE0ES291008 Optare ? 4.2015B28FW
ex (100).
506848AO MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ68C010837 King Long "6126AU" KLAB08-008 4.2008C57F
ex (1) 6848AO, ex (72) 6848AO.
518048AO MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ6AC014702 King Long "6126AU" KLAB09-051 6.2010C57F
ex (2) 8048AO, ex (83) 8048AO.
526975AO Volvo B9RYV3S5P7229A134480 Coach Concepts 109 9.2009C61FL
ex (281) 6975AO, ex (281) SB85CV (SA) Sita Coaches, West Footscray, Victoria.
53BS01JF Volvo B9RYV3S5P7249A134481 Coach Concepts 111 10.2009C61F
ex (280) BS01JF, ex (280) 2703AO, ex (280) SB51CX (SA) Sita Coaches, West Footscray, Victoria.
542737AO Volvo B9RYV3S5P7269A134482 Coach Concepts 112 10.2009C61F
ex (282) 2737AO, ex (282) SB57CY (SA) Sita Coaches, West Footscray, Victoria.
601199AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001843813 Volgren "CR227L" VG1756 7.2003B4?DW
ex B45FW.
611298AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001843816 Volgren "CR227L" VG1755 7.2003B4?DW
ex B45FW.
620236AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001843275 Volgren "CR227L" VG1694 1.2003B4?DW
ex B45FW.
630239AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001843269 Volgren "CR227L" VG1689 1.2003B4?DW
ex B45FW.
640238AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001843272 Volgren "CR227L" VG1690 1.2003B4?DW
ex B45FW.
655177AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001843278 Volgren "CR227L" VG1695 1.2003B4?DW
ex B45FW, ex 3766AO, ex 0290AO.
685468AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001843819 Volgren "CR227L" VG1865 7.2004B4?DW
ex B45FW.
695502AO Scania L94UB 14.5mYS2L6X20001848440 Volgren "CR227L" VG1907 10.2004B4?DW
ex (59) 5502AO, ex B45FW.
705930AO Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001851876 Custom Coaches "CB60" 05-091A 11.2005B41FW
715931AO Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001851888 Custom Coaches "CB60" 05-092A 12.2005B41FW
727193AO MAN 18.310WMAA69ZZ8AC014613 King Long "6122AU" KLAB09-061 6.2010B46DW
ex (88) 7193AO; ex (67) 7193AO, ex (67) 3067AO Dineen Group - Panorama Coaches, Diamond Creek, Victoria.
736997AO MAN 18.310WMAA69ZZ38C012410 King Long "6122AU" KLAB08-057 1.2009B49FW
747194AO MAN 18.310WMAA69ZZ1AC014615 King Long "6122AU" KLAB09-062 6.2010B46DW
ex (89) 7194AO; ex (68) 7194AO, ex (68) 3068AO Dineen Group - Panorama Coaches, Diamond Creek, Victoria.
800237AO Scania L94UAYS4L6X20001842524 Volgren "CR227L" VG1667 10.2002AB51DW
ex (66) 0237AO.
813659AO Scania L94UAYS4L6X20001842436 Volgren "CR227L" VG1660 11.2002AB51DW
ex (67) 3659AO.
82BS00OG MAN 28.360WMAA24ZZ7D7002030 Volgren "CR228L" VG3742 6.2014AB51DW
ex (94) BS00OG.
83BS00OE MAN 28.360WMAA24ZZ7D7002027 Volgren "CR228L" VG3740 4.2014AB51DW
ex (92) BS00OE.
849025AO MAN 28.360WMAA24ZZXB7001113 King Long "6180AU" KLAB11-002 4.2012AB53DW
859026AO MAN 28.360WMAA24ZZ3B7001115 King Long "6180AU" KLAB11-003 5.2012AB53DW
86BS00OF MAN 28.360WMAA24ZZ0D7002029 Volgren "CR228L" VG3741 5.2014AB51DW
ex (93) BS00OF.
879028AO MAN 28.360WMAA24ZZ0B7001119 King Long "6180AU" KLAB11-005 5.2012AB53DW
88BS00OH MAN 28.360WMAA24ZZ9D7002031 Volgren "CR228L" VG3743 6.2014AB51DW
ex (95) BS00OH.
909596AO MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ4BC015923 Custom Coaches "CB80" 11-039A 7.2011B53FW
ex MAN stock.
919597AO MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ5BC015929 Custom Coaches "CB80" 10-093 7.2011B45DW
ex MAN stock.
95BS02IY MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ0EC019360 MCV "Elite C-130" ? 5.2016B45DW
ex (130) BS02IY; ex MAN stock.
966645AO MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ3BC015525 MCV "Elite C-130" ? 8.2013B45DW
ex 899TJK (QLD) MAN stock.
976646AO MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ6BC016491 MCV "Elite C-130" ? 10.2013B45DW
ex 898TJK (QLD) MAN stock.
987093AO MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ6BC016412 MCV "Elite C-130" 3 9.2013B45DW
ex 768THA (QLD) MAN stock.
997100AO MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ5BC016692 MCV "Elite C-130" ? 11.2014B45DW
ex MAN stock.
101BS01LS Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT20FB039010 Bustech "CDi" 15/036 7.2015H53/10DW
102BS01LT Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT20FB039011 Bustech "CDi" 15/037 7.2015H53/10DW
103BS01LU Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT20FB039013 Bustech "CDi" 15/039 8.2015H53/10DW
104BS01LV Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT20FB039012 Bustech "CDi" 15/038 9.2015H53/10DW
105BS01WX Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23FB039022 Bustech "CDi" 15/040 12.2015H53/10DW
ex (106).
106BS01WY Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23FB039023 Bustech "CDi" 15/041 1.2016H53/10DW
107BS02IS Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23GB039009 Bustech "CDi" 15/042 6.2016H53/10DW
108BS02IT Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23GB039010 Bustech "CDi" 15/043 7.2016H53/10DW
109BS02IW Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23GB039011 Bustech "CDi" 16/005 7.2016H53/10DW
110BS02KH Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23GB039012 Bustech "CDi" 16/006 8.2016H53/10DW
111BS02KI Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23GB039013 Bustech "CDi" 16/027 8.2016H53/10DW
112BS02KJ Bustech - Cummins ISL6K9CLGT23GB039014 Bustech "CDi" 16/028 8.2016H53/10DW
2003768AO Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108005014 Arakawa - 11.1999B21C
ex (2) 3768AO.
Total buses in fleet = 70

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