Mount Hotham Alpine Resort

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Mount Hotham Alpine Resort.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Most ex STA Mercedes were issued normal standard Victorian number plates prior to the introduction of Accredited bus plates.
520652AC Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700161018918 PMC 5289 10.1979B43D
ex (2254) m/o 2254 (NSW) Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney, NSW.
530653AC Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700161022529 PMC 5498 8.1980B43D
ex (2463) m/o 2463 (NSW) Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney, NSW.
570657AC Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700161019024 PMC 5300 10.1979B43D
ex WDW838 (NSW) Home Nightclub, Cockle Bay (Darling Harbour), NSW; ex (2265) m/o 2265 (NSW) Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney NSW.
590659AC Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700121006880 PMC 5031 10.1978B43D
ex QNL224; ex (1996) m/o 1996 Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney, NSW.
2432243AC Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700161019448 PMC 5321 11.1979B43D
ex (2286) m/o 2286 Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney, NSW.
?5323AO Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700161048423 PMC 7273 11.1986B43D
ex (3000) m/o 3000 (NSW) Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney, NSW.
?8725AO Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700161043222 PMC 7135 7.1985B43D
ex (2862) m/o 2862 (NSW) Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney, NSW.
?9826AO Mercedes Benz O305WDB30700161046845 PMC 7188 5.1986B43D
ex (2915) m/o 2915 (NSW) Sydney Buses/STA, Sydney, NSW.
Total buses in fleet = 8

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