McHarry's Buslines, Geelong - Scania K280IB/Express

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by McHarry's Buslines, Geelong.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
51505AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001890551 Express 898 11.2014C57F
181518AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001886736 Express 846 2.2014C53F
501550AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001892076 Express 918 7.2015C57F
821582AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001887565 Express 876 8.2014C57F
871587AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001886869 Express 848 3.2014C57F
901590AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001892089 Express 915 7.2015C57F
921592AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001886841 Express 872 7.2014C57F
951595AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001886865 Express 850 3.2014C57F
1161616AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001886877 Express 854 3.2014C57F
1191619AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001880196 Express 806 6.2013C53F
1211621AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001880199 Express 814 8.2013C53F
1281628AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001892086 Express 914 7.2015C57F
1809680AO Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001886706 Express 844 2.2014C53F
186BS01NI Scania K280IBYS2K4X20001892073 Express 934 7.2015C57F
Total buses in fleet = 14

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