Firefly Express, Maidstone

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Firefly Express, Maidstone.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
115511AO Scania K440EB 14.5mYS2K6X20001885636 Coach Concepts 204 10.2013C58FTLV/Line
"Frank's Favourite" ex SB46HI (SA).
125512AO Scania K124EBYS2K6X20001857094 Coach Concepts 055 6.2007C50FTL
"Princess Melbourne", ex VV94GA.
145514AO Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001892659 Coach Concepts 241 5.2015C50FTL
"Midnight Runner" ex SB14KK (SA).
245524AO Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001892747 Coach Concepts 242 5.2015C50FTL
"Ollie's Pride" ex SB24KK (SA).
25SB25MY (SA) Scania K440EBYS2K6X20001902128 Coach Concepts 31? 7.2017C50FTL
"Bread N Butter"
32BS02OS Scania K440EB 14.5mYS2K6X20001894749 Coach Concepts 256 10.2015C58FTLPTV/V/Line
"Simply Irresistable" ex SB32KY (SA).
348234AO Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001896586 Coach Concepts 284 7.2016C50FTLPTV/V/Line
"Stopping All Stations" ex SB34LR (SA).
355535AO Scania K440EB 14.5mYS2K6X20001890241 Coach Concepts 234 1.2015C58FTLPTV/V/Line
"Born to Express" ex SB50JZ (SA).
36SB36MM (SA) Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001890639 Coach Concepts 30? 2017C50FTL
"Firefly's Flame"
37SB37MM (SA) Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001890313 Coach Concepts 30? 2017C50FTL
"Fearless Fly"
405540AO Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001896918 Coach Concepts 27? 4.2016C50FTL
"Dawn to Dusk" ex SB40LJ (SA).
455545AO Scania K440EB 14.5mYS2K6X20001887672 Coach Concepts 223 8.2014C58FTLPTV/V/Line
"Railway Ronnie" ex SB45JL (SA).
50BS02XJ Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001896912 Coach Concepts 27? 4.2016C50FTL
"Awesome" ex SB50LL (SA).
555555AO Scania K420EBYS2K6X20001859029 Coach Concepts 074 4.2008C50FTL
ex V/Line livery, "Miss Adventure" ex VV00HV.
Total buses in fleet = 14

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