Ballarat Bus & Coach/Alpine Tours Victoria, Ballarat

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Ballarat Bus & Coach/Alpine Tours Victoria, Ballarat.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
1885AO Mercedes Benz O303-3045594 Denning "Majestic" F0128 8.1986C57F
ex C48FT; ex 1885AO Ford's Bus Service, Shepparton, Victoria; ex 0263AO Hamilton, St.Arnaud, Victoria; ex (28) 1428AO, ex (28) CYF259 Kastoria Bus Lines, Airport West, Victoria.
3676AO Mercedes Benz O303-3WDB60041561057978 Denning "Majestic" F199 3.1990C57F
ex 0579AO, ex EBJ061 Quinces Scenicruisers, Oakleigh, Victoria.
7605AO Mercedes Benz O303-3WDB60041561060398 MCA B167 3.1992C48FT
ex BUS017; ex (10) BUS017 Trotter / Coaches R Us, Ballarat, Victoria; ex BUS017 Ocean Grove Coaches, Victoria; ex TV878 (NSW) Fraser, Dubbo, NSW; ex The Australian Army.
8750AO Mercedes Benz O303-3WDB60041561058006 Denning "Majestic" F205 6.1990C48FT
ex 0578AO, ex EBJ095 Quinces Scenicruisers, Oakleigh, Victoria.
Total buses in fleet = 4

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