Dineen Group - McKenzie's Tourist Services, Healesville

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Dineen Group.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
1161814AO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461072614 PMCA "XL" 2717 4.1997*C57F
ex OEU266.
1171813AO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461064477 Custom Coaches 96-91 11.1996*C57F
ex OEU282.
1221810AO Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058VB120230 Austral Pacific "Starliner" 8728282 5.1998*C57F
ex OVB912.
1231809AO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461136994 Austral Pacific "Starliner" 8728312 6.1998*C57F
ex OVB922.
1251808AO Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058WB152022 Austral Pacific "Starliner" 8728012 8.1998*C53F
ex PCI047.
1261807AO Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058WB152030 Volgren "SC221" VG1056 10.1998*C57F
ex PCI053.
1281805AO Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058WB184135 Custom Coaches 99-69 9.1999*C57F
ex PRL571.
1291804AO Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058WB160870 Volgren New Zealand VNZ010 9.1999*C57F
ex PRL573.
1301803AO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB382004WB160328 Volgren New Zealand VNZ011 10.1999*C57F
ex PRL575.
1311802AO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB382004WB165302 ABM "Starliner" 89032 8.1999*C57F
ex PZZ918.
1321801AO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB382004WB168134 ABM "Starliner" 80112 6.2000*C57F
ex QGG053.
0163AO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461051830 PMCA "XL" 2664 8.1996C53F
ex 0163AO, ex OHC429 Tresize, Powelltown, Victoria.
0164AO Hino RG230KJHDRG1JSKXXX10477 Austral Pacific "Starliner" 2760 1.1998C57F
ex 0164AO, ex OOZ275 Tresize, Powelltown, Victoria.
0165AO Hino RG230KJHDRG1JSKXXX10658 Custom Coaches 98-86 9.1998B57F
ex (99) 0165AO Dineen Group - Panorama Coaches, Diamond Creek, Victoria; ex 0165AO Dineen Group - McKenzie's Tourist Services, Healesville, Victoria; ex 0165AO, ex PCI094 Tresize, Powelltown, Victoria.
1274AO Mercedes Benz O814DWDB6703742N072638 ABD "Vario 2" 82240 16.2.1999C35F
Possibly ex Doki Doki animal tours, Cairns, ex MB stock.
1815AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63420021000004 Express 416 4.2006C57F
ex 5812AO Dineen Group - Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, Victoria; ex 0100AO Maskell, Korumburra, Victoria.
1823AO Higer MunroLKLS1CS8XDA630558 Higer 13LDL0050 1.2014C28F
ex Tasmanian operator.
1824AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ4CC016788 Irizar "Century 3500" 262361 12.2011C57F
1827AO Higer MunroLKLS1CS82BA558199 Higer ? 6.2011C28F
ex TV7038 (NSW) Dayes Coach Lines, Bankstown, NSW.
1828AO Higer MunroLKLS1CS80DA625756 Higer ? 1.2014C28F
1829AO Iveco Eurorider 6X2 13.5mZGA7BAT000E001982 Irizar "Century 3900" 231610 4.2012C53FTLV/Line
1830AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000104 Custom Coaches "CB60" 05-086 1.2006B43FW
ex Mercedes Benz stock.
1831AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000342 Irizar "i6 3700" 252494 3.2015C57F
1832AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000534 Volgren "Optimus" VG3920 1.2015B49FW
1833AO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000540 Volgren "Optimus" VG3921 1.2015B49FW
1834AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000327 Irizar "i6 3700" 252487 9.2014C57F
1835AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000326 Irizar "i6 3700" 252507 2.2015C57F
1836AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000325 Irizar "i6 3700" 252506 9.2014C57F
1837AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000324 Irizar "i6 3700" 252484 9.2014C57F
1838AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000343 Irizar "i6 3700" 252848 3.2015C57F
1839AO Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000341 Irizar "i6 3700" 252??? 3.2015C57F
1840AO Scania K124IBYS4K6X20001835978 Autobus 222 1.2000C54FT
ex (38) TV1729 (NSW) Dineen Group - Cann's Bus Management, Corowa, NSW; ex (38) TV1729 (NSW) Cann's, Corowa, NSW; ex (191) 191JFH (QLD) Stonestreets Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD; ex 191JFH (QLD) Geeford Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD; ex (16) MO1 (ACT), ex (16) WLD577 (SA), ex (16) AV01LI Transborder Express, Mitchell, ACT.
1842AO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821766B481028 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0379 10.2006C57F
1850AO Volvo B7RYV3R6R625AA142697 Irizar "Century 3500" 261928 9.2010C57F
1890AO Metrotec Delta 16.2106F2BACR00VDD00993 ABM "Starliner" 88106 2.1999B57F
ex 0476SO, ex PLZ137 Heath, Millgrove, Victoria.
1894AO Golden Dragon GliderLL3BCADD2AA001822 Golden Dragon - 12.2010C2?C
2150AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ1BC015953 King Long "6126AU" HVAB10-027 6.2011C57F
ex 8386AO.
2154AO Irisbus Delta6F2BACR001DH00562 Express 206 3.2002C57F
ex 2154AO Tresize, Powelltown, Victoria.
2697AO Mercedes Benz OH17259BM3821863B332284 Express 284 8.2003*C57FL
3646AO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821766B482880 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0380 10.2006C57F
3877AO Mercedes Benz OH16219BM3820691B270269 Express 223 7.2002*C57FL
5089AO Mercedes Benz O404-3WEB61823821085337 Austral Denning "Majestic" M023030 9.1997C48FT
ex 2003AO Dineen Group - Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, Victoria; ex (20) TV2305 Sid Foggs Coachlines/APT, Fullarton Cove, NSW.
5363AO Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821753B357197 Express 311 4.2004*C57F
5463AO Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821753B362006 Express 322 6.2004*C57F
6060AO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821766B438876 Express 417 5.2006*C57FL
6080AO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821766B439350 Express 424 6.2006C57F
ex C53F.
6264AO Volvo B7RYV3R6C411YA001949 Autobus 250 1.2001C50FT
ex (42) FM9678 (TAS) O'Driscoll's Coaches, Hobart, Tasmania; ex (26) 0678AO, ex (26) QLS326 Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
6356AO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821766B491996 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBWBL0445 2.2007C57F
6413AO MAN 18.280WMAA69ZZZ3H002933 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-053A 8.2007B49FW
ex MAN stock.
6477AO Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BC00281 Mitsubishi - 10.2002C24C
ex ???
7188AO Mercedes Benz O500RF-3WEB63420121000043 Mills-Tui "Majestic" PCDOD269 2.2005C50FT
ex A05384 Australian Defence Force.
7350AO MAN 18.310WMAA69ZZ08C012414 King Long "6122AU" KLAB08-056 2.2009B49FW
8009AO Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFSX22P906017118 Arakawa - 4.2007B1?C
ex (9) 8009AO Dineen Group - Martyrs Bus Lines, Warburton, Victoria; ex ???
BS01ZE Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000367 Irizar "i6 3700" 253030 6.2015C57F
BS01ZF Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000366 Irizar "i6 3700" 253029 6.2015C57F
BS01ZG Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000368 Irizar "i6 3700" 253031 6.2015C57F
BS01ZH Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000572 Volgren "Optimus" VG4068 1.2016B49FW
BS02UB Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000407 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 1.2017C57F
BS02UC Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000404 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 1.2017C57F
BS02UD Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000405 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 1.2017C57F
BS02UE Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000406 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 1.2017C57F
BS02UF Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440021000408 BCI "FBC6127CRZ7" - 1.2017C57F
Total buses in fleet = 62

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