Dineen Group - Scania K310UB/Express

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Dineen Group.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
260026AO Scania K310UB9BSK4X20003879211 Express 975 1.2016C52FWMAR
529452AO Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001879303 Express 787 2.2013C52FWMAR
538053AO Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001908324 Express 11?? 10.2018C52FWPTVMAR
607178AO Scania K310UB9BSK4X20003879220 Express 982 3.2016C52FWBBL
2010AO Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001895806 Express 974 2.2016C52FWPTVWAG
ex Warragul Bus Lines livery.
2015AO Scania K310UB9BSK4X20003879227 Express 981 3.2016C52FWPTVWAG
ex Warragul Bus Lines livery.
2096AO Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001904046 Express 1083 1.2018C52FWPTVWAG
2097AO Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001904061 Express 1089 1.2018C52FWPTVWAG
2098AO Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001901128 Express 1039 3.2017C52FWPTVWAG
2099AO Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001904681 Express 109? 2.2018C52FWPTVWAG
Total buses in fleet = 10

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