Dineen Group - MAN 18.290/MCV "Elite S-120"

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Dineen Group.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
93009AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ4CC017133 MCV "Elite S-120" 000005 4.2013C57FPAN
263026AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ5DC018390 MCV "Elite S-120" 18 1.2014C57FPAN
403040AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ1CC017140 MCV "Elite S-120" 000007 5.2013C57FPAN
453381AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ4CC017150 MCV "Elite S-120" 000011 7.2013C57FBBL
483048AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZXCC017105 MCV "Elite S-120" 000002 5.2013C57FPAN
493049AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ0CC017159 MCV "Elite S-120" 000012 5.2013C57FPAN
543054AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ7CC017143 MCV "Elite S-120" 000009 5.2013C57FPAN
553055AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ5CC017139 MCV "Elite S-120" 000006 5.2013C57FPAN
603060AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ3CC017107 MCV "Elite S-120" 000003 7.2013C57FPAN
0270AO MAN 18.290WMAA91ZZ4CC017147 MCV "Elite S-120" 000010 7.2013C57FHEY
ex 0272AO, ex 0275AO.
Total buses in fleet = 10

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