Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
BC1586AC VolvoB10M13524 PMCSA 4247 01/10/1981?ODDTCL
ex 1157AC, NZV 139
ex NZV 139 Union Express Restaurant, Campbellfield, Vic (reseated with tables from RC45FT), ex VX54DB Sita Coaches, Footscray, Vic,
BarneyPTH840 Toyota HiAceJT743UHC501001010 Toyota - 1995B12CDDT
Betty2212AC Mazda T3500 (badged T4000)WVLSF501016 Mazda - 1984B22CDDT
Espy2180AC Leyland Atlantean804327PD21 PRV ? 1972H32/48DDDT
ex London Bus Company, Queenscliff SIU 674, ex ADCARR; ex Ballarat Explorer; ex Osborn, Muswellbrook, ex Plymouth JJY634S
Lodekka1284AC Bristol LD6G120095 ECW 8496 ?H33/27RRed
ex 1284AO
ex 1284AO, ex LHO 888 London Transport Bus Tours, Melbourne, Vic (ceased 11/94),(After being withdrawn from service by 2002, was stored at LTBT depot, where it was vandalize.It was then moved to a yard in Oakleigh, near Quinces Scenicruisers depot, where it was stored for number of years before being sold to Dee Decker Tours); ex Crosville Motor Services Ltd. MG879. Renumbered DLG879, ??/??
Natty0012AC MAN SL200388.0014 Ansair "Mk1" MAN1216 12/03/1980B40DDDT
ex (115) 0822 AO, FKX 115 National Bus Co, Melbourne, Vic.-ex (115) MYD115 TheMet/PTC, Melbourne, Vic.
Noddy0011AC Leyland AtlanteanE06801133957511 PMC DD67 10/03/1971H64FDDT
ex Yallourn Power Plant, Vic, ex Dinner on the Decker, Sydney, N.S.W & Melbourne, Vic.-ex (146) MO 9396 Kirklands, Lismore, N.S.W.-ex (1067) m/o 1067 UTA, Sydney, N.S.W.
Red Baron1295AC MAN SL2005880106 Ansair "Mk1" MAN1308 23/12/1980B40DDDT
ex (207) 1127AO, National Bus Company-(Ventura Bus Lines), Melbourne, Vic; ex (207) 1127AO, FKX207 National Bus Company-(National Express Group), Melbourne, Vic; ex (207) MYE207 PTC/MET, Melbourne, Vic.
Scotty????AC Leyland Atlantean7302200 Alexander AL24/2171/18 09/1973L63FPDDTW
ex 2200AC, NNI899
ex Unknown Owner/s-(North of Newcastle, N.S.W.).-ex (42) MO9834 Brisbane Water Coaches, Gosford, N.S.W.-ex OVK151M Tyneside PTE, Newcastle, United Kingdom.
The White Knight1157AC Bedford BLP2BLP2DZ 616771 / BLP2DFJ678412 PMCSA 4149 01/1980C33FRed
ex C31FT
ex TIR449, 1157AC, TIR449; ARU681 C & L Silverii, Piangil, Vic; M.V.Jesic/Union Hotel, Brunswick, Vic; ARU 681 Murray Valley Engineering and Transport Pty.Ltd,
0695AC Denning DenairDA74542879 Denning DA745 08/1979RC45FODDTCL
ex 0695AC Hi Pro Charter, Mooroolbark, Vic.
1296AC MAN SL2005880138 Ansair "Mk1" MAN1539 29/6/1982B40DDDT
ex (238) 1139AO, National Bus Company-(Ventura Bus Lines), Melbourne, Vic; ex (238) 1139AO, FKM362 National Bus Company-(National Express Group), Melbourne, Vic; ex (238) MYE238 PTC/MET, Melbourne, Vic.
1385AC Leyland Leopard7504404 PMCSA 4090 04/1977B49FWhite
ex Brooke's Party Tours, Mooroolbark, Vic; ex (36) Nuline Charter, Moorabbin, Vic.
1555AC MAN SL2005880150 Ansair "Mk1" MAN1551 11/10/1982B40DDDT
ex 2200AC; ex (250) 1150AO, National Bus Company-(Ventura Bus Lines), Melbourne Vic.; ex (250) 1150AO, FKM346 National Bus Company-(National Express Group), Melbourne Vic; ex (250) MYE250 PTC/MET, Melbourne, Vic.
1570AC Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177RB028632 Custom Coaches 94-349 03/1995B26FDDT
ex 437(2437AO) National Bus company .
1607AC Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177RB025103 Custom Coaches 94-320 03/1995B26FDDT
ex 2434AO, NHR037 (434) National Bus company, Melbourne, Vic
5559AO Mercedes Benz O30530700121006053 Coachworks "Orana" - 1999B49FDDT
ex 5639 MO, Sydney Party Bus, N.S.W; ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Macksville (662) 5639 MO 2/10; ex MO 5994; ex King Bros (7) - Rebody of ex Forest Coach Lines, Terrey Hills m/o 8042 (PMC 178 5/78); ex STA Mk I (1943) m/o 1943
8432AO MAN SG2207810025 Denning FA32 06/1985AB84F
ex 2181AC Butt Bus Lines, ex (4) BM053 Bacchus Marsh Coaches, ex Panorama Coaches, Diamond Creek, Vic.-ex (998) 998 PIP Brisbane City Council (BCC), Brisbane, Qld.
9031AO Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PN3000033 Volgren VG503 06/1993B40D
ex (1) 2801AO, FFM721 Ivanhoe Bus Company, Heidelberg West, Vic
?????? Volvo B10M2084 Newnham 84-112 09/1984B57F
ex 9392AO, 1586AC, ex (46) 6246AO, ex (22), ex 1622AC, Victorian Touring Coaches, Moorabbin, Vic; ex 3875AO, NZE438 Five Star Coaches, Greensborough, Victoria; ex FUR736, CFW990 Skybus, Tullamarine, Victoria; ex CFW990 Chris's Coaches, Victoria.
BS00GJ ACTION Renault PR180.2 (artic)VF6PU04A200000007 Ansair R1861 11/1988AB60
ex 9032AO; ex (725) Action, A.C.T
BS00IR Mercedes Benz OH14219BM382058VB120227 Austral Denning 'Starliner' 7728233 04/1998C49FDDT
ex VCZ 945 Scots College, NSW
BS01BX MAN SL2005880128 Ansair "Mk1" MAN1330 23/12/1980B40DDDT
ex Buddies Bus Tours(unused), ex Brook Tours, Vic, ex (229) 1131AO, National Bus Company-(Ventura Bus Lines), Melbourne, Vic; ex (229) 1131AO, FKX316 National Bus Company-(National Express Group), Melbourne, Vic; ex (229) MYE229 PTC/MET, Melbourne, Vic.
BS01IP Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PN3000031 Volgren VG502 06/1993B40D
ex 9032AO, ex (21) 2821AO, FFM717, Ivanhoe Bus Company, Heidelberg West, Vic
Total buses in fleet = 24

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