Alpine Spirit High Country Coaches, Myrtleford

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Alpine Spirit High Country Coaches, Myrtleford.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
1582AC Mercedes Benz O500RF-3WEB63420121000024 Coach Design 390 2.2005C52FT
ex 1582AC Wangaratta Coach Lines, Wangaratta, Victoria; ex 1582AC Newtons Bus Service, Wangaratta, Victoria; ex TV3848 (NSW) Busabout, Wagga Wagga, NSW; ex (101) TV3848 (NSW) Fearnes Investments, Wagga Wagga, NSW.
7740AO Volvo B12B 13.7mYV3R8L321AA138870 Coach Concepts 122 4.2010C50DT
ex (42) 8142AO, ex (42) YJT369, ex (42) SB75DL (SA) Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
7741AO Mercedes Benz O500RF-3WEB63420121000064 Coach Concepts 017 9.2005C48FT
ex TV3909 (NSW) Langley's Coaches, Dubbo, NSW; ex (57) TV3909 (NSW) Ogden's Coaches, Dubbo, NSW; ex TV3909 (NSW), ex TV3624 (NSW) Frasers Coaches, Dubbo, NSW.
7742AO Volvo B12BYV3R8G1113A013128 Autobus 391 4.2004C56FTB
ex (34) 5434AO Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
7743AO Volvo B12B 13.5mYV3R8L3288A124328 Coach Concepts 72 2.2008C50DT
ex (41) 7690AO, ex (41) SB75CD (SA), ex (41) 2075AO Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria; ex 2075AO Cullens Bus Lines, Wangaratta, Victoria.
7744AO Toyota Hiace CommuterJTFSS22P900017007 Arakawa - 4.2006B13C
ex 7744AO Oke's, Myrtleford, Victoria; ex 206LSM (QLD) LTD Bus Rentals, Gold Coast, QLD.
7745AO Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK30586 Fuso - 3.2017C24C
ex 1IR8TP.
7746AO Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01830335 Volgren "C222TX" VG1138 3.1999C52DT
ex C48DT; ex 7746AO, ex 1248AC Oke's, Myrtleford, Victoria; ex (54) mo 2658 (NT) AAT-Kings, Botany, NSW.
9197AO Volvo B9RYV3S5P720BA150893 Coach Concepts 155 11.2011C48DT
ex (28) 9197AO, ex AAT-Kings livery, ex (28) SB91FB (SA), ex (28A) SB91FB (SA) Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
9255AO Volvo B9RYV3S5P722BA150894 Coach Concepts 156 11.2011C48DT
ex (44) 9255AO, ex AAT livery; ex (44) SB90FB (SA), ex (44A) SB90FB (SA) Nuline Charter/Bayside Coaches, Moorabbin, Victoria.
9829AO Hino FD230JHDFD8JPKXXX12069 Mills-Tui "Maxi" PBHMS0633 3.2010C43F
ex 0209SO Santo & Clara Bonacci, Myrtleford, Victoria.
BS02CP Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF00719 Fuso - 5.2009C24C
ex 7745AO, ex 1BX7NO; ex 1BX7NO Avis, Ballarat, Victoria.
BS02NI Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821092341 Volgren Perth "CR225L" VP0008 3.1999B41DW
ex (1146) TP1146 (WA) Transdev (TransPerth), Perth, WA; ex (1146) TP1146 (WA) TransPerth, Perth, WA.
BS02NJ Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821091750 Volgren Perth "CR225L" VP0010 7.1999B41DW
ex (1148) TP1148 (WA) Transdev (TransPerth), Perth, WA; ex (1148) TP1148 (WA) TransPerth, Perth, WA.
BS02NL Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821092340 Volgren Perth "CR225L" VP0018 10.1999B41DW
ex (1153) TP1153 (WA) Transdev (TransPerth), Perth, WA; ex (1153) TP1153 (WA) TransPerth, Perth, WA.
BS04NA Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821091742 Volgren "CR225L" VG1168 9.1999B41DW
ex (1150) TP1150 (WA) Transdev (TransPerth), Perth, WA; ex (1150) TP1150 (WA) TransPerth, Perth, WA.
BS04NZ Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821092084 Volgren Perth "CR225L" VP0017 10.1999B41DW
ex (1152) TP1152 (WA) Transdev (TransPerth), Perth, WA; ex (1152) TP1152 (WA) TransPerth, Perth, WA.
BS04OA Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821091848 Volgren Perth "CR225L" VP0009 8.1999B41DW
ex (1147) TP1147 (WA) Transdev (TransPerth), Perth, WA; ex (1147) TP1147 (WA) TransPerth, Perth, WA.
BS04OD Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821091735 Volgren “CR225L” VG1150 1.1999B41DW
ex (1149) TP1149 (WA) Transdev (TransPerth), Perth, WA; ex (1149) TP1149 (WA) TransPerth, Perth, WA.
Total buses in fleet = 19

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