Unknown Vehicles

The following list is of known vehicles without current known owners or without proper identification.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
Denning Silver PhoenixDenning Manufacturing1BS03SP
Hino FD240P&D3BS01HC, BS05QO, BS06LC
Hino PonchoHino1BS06OF
Hino RN8J?1BS06MD
Iveco DeltaVolgren "Endura"1BS02SP
Iveco DeltaVolgren “Endura”1BS04YQ
Mercedes Benz O405NHCustom Coaches "550"1BS06OE
Mercedes Benz O405NHVolgren "CR225L"1BS05UR
Mercedes Benz O500RF?6BS04YU, BS04ZE, BS05MF, BS05UU, BS06LD, BS06OJ
Mercedes Benz O500RFBCI11HO1WS
Mercedes Benz O500RFCoach Concepts2BS02UV, BS05ZN
Mercedes Benz O500RFIrizar “i6 3700”1BS05MV
Mercedes Benz OH1626?4BS02TU, BS02ZQ, BS04TT, BS05OP
Mercedes Benz OH1728Volgren "SC222"1BS04GM
Mercedes Benz OH1830Irizar "i6 3700"2BS05RR, BS05RS
Mercedes Benz OH1830Volgren "Endura"1BS00EL
Mercedes Benz OH1830Volgren "SC222"1BS04DV
Scania K310IBCoach Design4BS02ZN, BS04FZ, BS04TV, BS05XA
Scania K310IBHiger "A30"1BS04AP
Scania K310IBHiger "A30"1BS04AM
Scania K310IBHiger “A30”1BS00VT
Scania K310IBIrizar "i6 3700"2BS04BF, BS04BG
Scania K310IBVolgren Malaysia “Endura”4BS04XU, BS04YR, BS04YX, BS06SI
Scania K310IBVolgren “Endura”1BS01HE
Scania K310IB??10BS03IN, BS03IP, BS05WY, BS05WZ, BS05XT, BS06KJ, BS06KM,
Scania K310IB?Higer "A30"1BS05QH
Scania K310IB?Irizar “i6 3700”1BS05ID
Scania K360IBHiger “Touring A80T”2BS05XK, BS06SK
Toyota Coaster XZB50RArakawa1BS03IF
Volvo B7RMarcopolo "Audace 1050"1BS03KB
Volvo B7RVolgren "Endura"1BS02SE
Volvo B8R?2BS06JP, BS06SH
Volvo B8RMarcopolo “Audace 1050”1BS06JZ

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