Moreland Group

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Moreland Group.

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Chassis Body Number Fleet Numbers/Registrations
BCI JXK6127BCI1147
BCI JXK6830 "Proma 33"BCI511, 12, 18, 96, 130
BCI JXK6840BCI1148
Fuso RosaFuso388, 89, 97
Hino RG230KQCC "Orbit"1124
Iveco EuroriderCustom Coaches "SB400"1128
Iveco EuroriderIrizar "Century 3500"1151
Iveco Metro C260Express1127
MAN 18.250ABM "Starliner"167
MAN 18.280Custom Coaches "SB400"1134
MAN 18.290Coach Design1152?
MAN 18.370QCC "Orbit"166
MAN 22.290 14.5mCustom Coaches145
Mercedes Benz O405NHCustom Coaches "CB60"263, 64
Mercedes Benz O500LEVolgren "CR228L"577, 78, 79, 80, 86
Mercedes Benz O500LEVolgren "Optimus"315, 16, 17
Mercedes Benz O500RFIrizar "i6 3700"1139
Mercedes Benz O500RF-3Coach Design181
Mercedes Benz OH1625PMCA "Apollo"1109
Mercedes Benz OH1728Mills-Tui "Orbit"1126
Mercedes Benz OH1830Irizar "Century 3500"27, 98
Mercedes Benz OH1830Mills-Tui "Orbit"390, 93, 131
Mercedes Benz OH1830Volgren "SC222"1150
Mercedes Benz OH1830Volgren “Endura”221, 22
Optare SoloOptare2135, 136
Scania K270IBHiger "A30"1140
Scania K280IBHiger "A30"58, 9, 10, 31, 132
Scania K280UBVolgren "CR228L"200, 99
Scania K310IBHiger "A30"419, 137, 138, 149
Scania K320IBHiger "A30"114
Scania K380IBIrizar "Century 3900"194
Scania K380IB 13.5mIrizar "Century 3900"195
Toyota Coaster HZB50RArakawa220, 146
Toyota Hiace CommuterArakawa3129, 303, 304
Volvo B7RIrizar "Century 3500"4141, 142, 143, 144
Moreland Bus Lines, BrunswickM32
South Coast Buses, WonthaggiS29
Phillip Island Bus LinesP6

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