Unknown Operators

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Unknown Operators.

Fleet List

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
C 10 KL Hyundai Mini Van
D 71 ZM Mercedes Benz 313CDI Mercedes Benz 'Sprinter'
F 60 ZK Toyota Toyota 'Hi-Ace Commuter' C13C
H 28 TP Hyundai Mini Van
XT 24 AQ MAN 15.220WMAA66ZZ15C005580 Custom Coaches "CB30" 04-141A 6.2005B41DW
ex (549) 5845AO Transdev, Melbourne, VIC.
ex (549) 5845AO Ventura Group, Oakleigh, VIC.
XT 27 AQ MAN 15.220WMAA66ZZ15C006132 Custom Coaches "CB30" 05-070A 12.2005B41DW
ex (556) 5944AO Transdev, Melbourne, VIC.
ex (556) 5944AO Ventura Group, Oakleigh, VIC.
XT 28 AQ MAN 15.220WMAA66ZZX5C005576 Custom Coaches "CB30" 04-140A 6.2005B41DW
ex (548) 5844AO Transdev, Melbourne, VIC.
ex (548) 5844AO Ventura Group, Oakleigh, VIC.
XT 40 AH Toyota Toyota Coaster C21C
XT 66 AK Toyota Toyota Coaster C21C
XT 72 AU Toyota HZB Toyota Coaster C21C
XT 82 AU Mercedes Benz LO8149BM688176WB151735 Alan B. Denning "Vario" 82284 04/01/2000B29F
ex 087 TJB, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Spring Hill, QLD.
ex 087 TJB, Concorde Coaches, Redbank, QLD.
ex WOV 069, Olympic Games Torch Relay, Sydney, NSW.
ex 8754 AO, 1425 NC, Ballarat Christian College, Ballarat, VIC.
XT 83 AQ Higer Higer "Munro"
Total buses in fleet = 12

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