Buses-R-Us, (Smith's Travel) - South Riana & George Town.

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Buses-R-Us, (Smith's Travel) - South Riana & George Town..

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
A27H 55 GA Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177PB971319 Custom Coaches 93-284 03/1994B26F
ex FN 6962.
ex (424) 2424 AO, FVT 084, National Bus Company, North Fitzroy, VIC.
A57C 40 XI Csepel 854.07TRC685407V0108002 Austral Pacific "Starliner" 8728866 7.1999B57F
ex (384) 0501AO, Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC. ex (1) 0501AO, ex PPF559 Eldred, Leongatha, Victoria.
6DZ 0182 Mercedes Benz O404-2WEB61823521093278 Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" 14039 09/1997C48DT
14A 64 QH Toyota HiAce CommuterJTF5S22P100008611 Toyota - 08/2005C12C
ex (2) A 64 QH, S.S.A.T Coach Services, George Town, TAS
20D 69 JX Nissan Cilvilian0302030 03/02C21C
ex auction.
21E 77 SL Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743BB4009000063 Toyota 8/98 B21C
ex (7) 5596MO, MO 6394, Bickley's Bus Service, Finley, NSW.
ex QLD dealer;
ex Federal Airport Corporation.
25A 81 HG Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - 2008B24C
ex A 81 HG, Southorns Coaches, Orford, TAS.
ex A 81 HG, Walkers Coaches, Orford, TAS.
26FO 2168 Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177RB032456 Custom Coaches 95-91 06/1995B26F
ex (451) 2451 AO, NKG 721, National Bus Company, North Fitzroy, VIC.
29FD 2080 Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177PB984745 Custom Coaches 93-314 04/1994B26F
ex FD 2080, W.R. & L.P. Hingston, Latrobe, TAS, ex (417) 2417 AO, FVT 077, National Bus Company, North Fitzroy, VIC.
33E 45 MT Mercedes Benz 'Vario II' 815DWDB6703742N109679 Alan B. Denning 82355 12/11/03B31F
ex Scots College, Perth, WA 1BOT779.
35D 27 KQ Mercedes Benz LO8149BM688176VB109445 A. B. Denning 82200 29/01/1998B35F
ex Thomas Carr College, Hamilton Vic 0659 SO.
41H 32 GH Mercedes Benz 0405WDB35700121078614 Volgren 'CR221' VG 708 6/95B41D
ex (278) 0925AO, Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC.
ex (25) 0925AO, NHM325 Bell Transit/Bell Street Bus Co., Preston, VIC.
42C 07 VC Mercedes Benz O405WDB35700161069608 Volgren VG465 12.1992B43D
ex (270) 0917AO Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC. ex (17) 0917AO, ex (17) EZT517 Bell Transit/Bell Street Bus Co., Preston, Victoria.
43E 97 HB BCI 'Proma'LGG5SKCM67HC001503 BCI 8/07B43F
ex 1928MO Hulme, Holbrook, NSW.
44H 56 GA Mercedes Benz O405WDB35700161068048 Volgren VG469 01/93B44D
ex C 08 SW.
ex (273) 0920AO Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC. ex (20) 0920AO, EZT520 Bell Transit/Bell Street Bus Co., Preston, Victoria.
48D 45 ED MAN 18-3706ABA550034MX00782 Northcoast 165 09/97C53F
ex-TC3643 South West Coach Lines [Veolia]; ex-TC3643 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C18); ex-TC3643 Swan Gold Tours (46)
61D 69 SI Hino CM227KJHDCM277KXXX40118 Austral Denning "Starliner" S000300 2/95B57F
ex (333) 2284AO, L.C Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC; ex 2284AO, ex NDB619, Kyneton Bus Service, Kyneton, VIC.
83C 40 PH Denning LandseerDL1150-834-86 Denning 1150 5.1986SC83F
Fitted with McConnell Educator seats allowing for 3 passengers per seat.
ex (80) 2580AC Wangaratta Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC; ex 2580AC, ex 0759AO Newtons Bus Service, Wangaratta, Victoria; ex (61) 0759AO C48FT B/Line, Wangaratta, Victoria; ex (61) 0759AO, ex (61) CUX979 Hoy's Roadlines, Wangaratta, Victoria; ex (76) CUX979 Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, Victoria.
B35E 64 KW BCI PK6850AR1LSFC030807C001753 BCI 2007C37F
ex 597 KQC, Redcliffe Community Bus for Disabled or Aged - Rothwell, QLD.
B57F 08 LG Scania K113CRYS4KC4X2B01814890 Centurion 390 06/1989B57F
ex (93) BBL 93, Brisbane Bus Lines, Enoggera, QLD.
ex (undelivered) Bougainville Copper Mine, Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea.
BL57F 38 LG Scania K113CRYS4KC4X2B01814885 Centurion 388 05/1989B57F
ex (91) BBL 91, Brisbane Bus Lines, Enoggera, QLD.
ex (undelivered) Bougainville Copper Mine, Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea.
C57C 30 VC Cespel 854.03TRC685403R0110003 PMC 'XL' 2552 09/1996C57F
ex Vagone Pty Ltd t/a Greenís Northern Coaches, Thirroul m/o 9783 9/12; ex m/o 895.
D59F 01 ZP Metrotech Delta 16.250.126F2BACR00XDF00299 Express 078 7/99B59F
ex (292) 4058AO, L.C Dysons Bus Service, Moama, NSW
ex MO 4640 (NSW); ex (?) MO 4640 Hussey's Roadliners, Deniliquin & Moama, NSW.
E59F 79 AT Metrotech Delta 16.250.126F2BACR00WDE00080 Express 038 2/98C59F
ex (290) 4057AO, L.C Dysons Bus Service, Moama, NSW
ex MO 4476 (NSW); ex (?) MO 4476 Hussey's Roadliners, Deniliquin & Moama, NSW.
G29H 77 CF Mercedes Benz LO812 Custom Coaches 1994
G57B 95 ST Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40536 PMCA "XL" 2562 10/1995B57F
ex B 95 ST George Town Coaches, George Town, TAS.
ex MDG 3334, H. & S. Elliot, Perth, WA
ex MDG 3334, R.R. & S.C. Wiggins, Perth, WA.
H29H 07 LH Higer MunroLKLS1CS84BA567759 Higer 3/12C28F
ex BM 29712, Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Broome,WA.
H57F 02 ZP Higer 'Road Boss'LKLR1KSJ7CB579489 Higer 4/12C57F
ex (1022), ?, Greyhound Australia, QLD.
M41F 87 TA Mercedes Benz 0405WDB35700121078617 Volgren 'CR221' VG709 6/1995B41D
ex (277) 0924AO, Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC.
ex (24) 0924AO, NHM324 Bell Transit/Bell Street Bus Co., Preston, Victoria.
M49F 57 TA Mercedes Benz 0405 Volgren 1996
? ex Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC.
N31? Nissan CMF89H 002566T9G16WA1X1CAZ025 BCI-Gemilang MSWC039 10/99B31FL
ex 1GEK192, 1ANJ135, A.J. Walker, Wanneroo, WA.
N49D 46 QX Neocar N613V19652112WMMC1014 Neocar 9/99C49F
ex D 46 QX, Ray's Coach Service, Ulverstone, TAS; ex (18) 828FSK, A Team Coaches, Arundel, QLD; ex (2) 828FSK, Goldenworld Tours, Gold Coast, QLD.
P33F 06 JE BCI 'Proma' 2010C33F
P35A 43 VV BCI 'Proma' 2009C35F
R21F 43 GS Fuso Rosa 2013C24C
S35D 34 RN Mercedes Benz 815DWDB6703742N111146 Denning Manufacturing 82401 7/7/2004
ex Henry Kendall Village Bayside, Bonnells Bay, NSW
T30? Isuzu FRR500 2004B30F
ex 1GCE140, Mine operation, WA.
U24D 66 MA Mitsubishi Rosa 2008B24C
U44C 08 VC Mercedes Benz O405WDB35700161069377 Volgren VG430 07/92B44D
ex (265) 0912AO Dysons Bus Service, Bundoora, VIC.ex (12) 0912AO, ex (12) EXP212 Bell Transit/Bell Street Bus Co., Preston, Victoria.
W14? Toyota Hi-Ace 1997C13C
ex SW12744, ?, WA
Total buses in fleet = 40
Previously operated vehicles
15D 55 ED Mercedes Sprinter 313DL Mercedes Benz 2003C10C
24A 50 CD Mitsubishi RosaJLFBE649J0BD00445 Mitsubishi - 03/2004C24C
34D 93 CK MCA - Cummins L106F9300C10NB004207 MCA B200 06/1992C34FT
ex (34) D 93 CK, S.S.A.T Coach Services, George Town, TAS. ex B 26 VJ, Links Transport, Launceston, TAS. ex 1570 SO, Unknown School, Melbourne, VIC.ex 372 GBL, Pursers Coaches, Murgon, QLD, ex 372 GBL, 274 DER, Red Emu Tours, Mt Gravatt, QLD, ex (74) MO 2263, Blue Ribbon Coaches, Raymond Terrace, NSW.
37FH 6238 Hino RJ17240065 Hino (import) 01/1989C37F
ex FH 6238, Aitken, Natone, TAS.
H57A 51 QH Austral - GM1031 Austral "HD1" 1624 07/1991C48FT
ex (48) A 51 QH, S.S.A.T Coach Services, George Town, TAS. ex (48) 1048 AO, FZP 048, EPC 928, Driver Group Pty Ltd, Mount Waverley, VIC 2/09.
P57EQ 0392 Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40224 PMCA "160" 2231 08/1992B57F
ex EQ 0392, O'Driscoll's Coaches Pty Ltd, Granton, TAS by 4/13, ex (25) EQ 0392, Ace Bus Service Pty Ltd, Montrose, TAS 1/4/06, ex (1) MO 1776, Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd, Bathurst, NSW by 11/02, ex MO 5716, Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra, NSW by 8/96, ex Stock.
A 37 MG BCI JXK6127ATLSFC130848C005285 BCI - 10/2008C48FT
Sold to Adam's Coachlines, Redcliffe, WA as (SG53), (C38) TC 6597, then to Tasmanian Redline Coaches, Inveresk, TAS as (26) C 18 FY.
B 54 LW Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40229 Newnham 92-179 09/1992C49F
ex 1272 AO, J.A. & M.K. McCallum, Hamilton, VIC, ex 1272 AO, EXP 230, I.L. & M.V. Herrman, Hamilton, VIC.
BS 6981 Bedford SB3606801A Freighter 4390 08/1968B39F
ex BS 6981, T.W. & S.J. Smith, TAS, ex (204) GT 8398, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
CO 7112 Bedford YRT3YRT3DZ456907
Ansair YRT746 1974C49F
ex AG 7293, ex AG 7293, Leary, Devonport, TAS, ex AG 7293, Tatlow, Burnie, TAS.
DH 4276 Volvo B10M2083 PMCSA 6723 11/1981C45F
ex DH 4276, Aitken, Natone, TAS, ex Royal Australian Air Force, Canberra, ACT.
DK 8924 Bedford YMT3664603 Custom Coaches 79-299 05/1980RB59D
ex m/o 5117, Harris Park Transport, Harris Park, NSW.
DU 3857 Hino Rainbow RB145K Hino C19F
Sold to Lahey, Lindisfarne, TAS.
DZ 0175 Mercedes Benz O404WDB61823832081708 Autobus 072 10/1996C50FT
ex DN 6627.
Sold to Bosfor Travel, Guilford. NSW as TV 4914.
EE 0698 MAN 11.2306AB7520129MX00301 Coach Design 030 05/1994C34FT
ex (24) TC 3024, Pinnacle Tours, Myaree, WA.
Sold to Ford's Bus Service, Shepparton, VIC.
EU 2114 Mercedes Benz 815DWDB6703742N080186 Alan B. Denning "Vario 2" 82256 05/05/1999C26FV
ex MO 4548, Simes Bus Service, Lismore, NSW.
EW 7384 Isuzu ECR5702509003 Austral 1298 2/87C49F
Rego cancelled 15/3/13.
ex FRO 410, Grand Ridge, Mirboo North. VIC, ex FRO 410, CZH 879, Pincini, Mirboo North, VIC, ex CZH 879, Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, VIC.
FC 8419 Austral InterbusC878 Austral 1323 05/1987B57F
ex GBC 66, Buslink, Gladstone, QLD, ex GBC 66, Gladstone Bus & Coach, Gladstone, QLD.
FJ 1254 Mercedes Benz OH1316WDB34520261638891 PMC 1568 04/1986B57F
ex MO 0081, Griffith Bus Lines, Griffith, NSW, ex MO 0081, Ritchie's Bus Service, Griffith, NSW.
FL 9184 Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001836893 Autobus 227 07/2000C50FT
ex (2) TV 2954, Scenic Tours, Arncliffe, NSW.
Sold to Top End Escapes, Darwin, NT as mo 2828.
FS 0971 Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177RB036976 Custom Coaches 95-123 06/1995B29F
ex (21) MO 3311, Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd (CDC), Thornton, NSW -/08, ex (21) Blue Ribbon Bus Co. Pty Ltd (National Express), Thornton, NSW 9/05, ex (21) MO 3311, Blue Ribbon Holdings Pty Ltd, Thornton, NSW 2/00.
Sold to Phoenix Coaches Pty Ltd, Devonport, TAS as FS 0971 by 7/13.
FS 4311 BCI PK6930AT003012 BCI - 10/10/2007C34FT
Sold to Experience Tasmania, Hobart, TAS.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 22

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