Metro Tasmania - Burnie, Launceston, Hobart.

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Metro Tasmania - Burnie, Launceston, Hobart..

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
Previously operated vehicles
3CO 4655 Scania K113TRYS4KC4X2B01815338 NCBC 023 09/08/1989RC55F
ex (3) CO 4655, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS, ex (3) CO 4655, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS, ex (38) CO 4655, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS.
Sold to Tassielink Transit, Hobart, TAS as (38) then Warrigal Charters, Mount Warrigal, NSW as TV 4069.
6CR 7026 Scania K93CRYS4KC4X2B01816969 NCBC 37 09/1990C55F
ex (6) CR 7026, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS, ex (6) CR 7026, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS, ex (44) CR 7026, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS.
9CU 9144 Scania K93CRYS4KC4X2B01816942 Ansair "Orana" S2107 08/1991C55F
ex (9), (57) CU 9144, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS.
Sold for a motorhome.
10EJ 7784 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823549 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6195 02/1995B49FBurnie
ex (10) EJ 7784, Hobart Coaches, Hobart, TAS, ex (643) MET 643, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
11DH 7778 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01820730 Ansair "Orana" S2351 10/1994B49F
ex (11), (67) DH 7738 Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS, ex Stock.
Sold to C.R. Roland Family Trust, Margate, TAS as DH 7778 by 7/12.
12EC 7580 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822578 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6173 05/1994B49FBurnie
ex (12) EC 7580, Hobart Coaches, Hobart, TAS, ex (621) MET 621, G 00888, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
13EF 0436 MAN 16.290227 PMCA "160 Mk II" 2160 12/1992C53F
Sold to SA operator, ex Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, S. A.
14EN 5879 Volvo B10ML9513 PMCSA 6689 12/1985AB71D
ex (14) EN 5879, Hobart Coaches, Hobart, TAS, ex (709) MET 709, GV 2828, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
15EW 0659 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822784 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6178 07/1994B42DHobart
ex (15) EW 0661, Hobart Coaches, Hobart, TAS, ex (626) MET 626, G 02843, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
16EW 0660 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823547 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6193 1995B42D
ex (16) EW 0662, Hobart Coaches, Hobart, TAS, ex (641) MET 641, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
79MET 079 Hino Rainbow RB145K40084 Hino K32355 1/1990C18F
ex VAZ 562 Festival Tours, Trinity Gardens, S.A.
81MET 081 Hino Rainbow RB145K40153 Hino 5/1993C18F
ex Hobart Coaches, Moonah, Tas.
82MET 082 Hino Rainbow RB145K40053 Hino K30285 4/1989C18F
ex (81) CM8701 Tasmanian Redline Coaches, Burnie, Tas.
101MET 101 Scania N112CRB1807365 Ansair TH6028 06/1987B43D
ex GV 4438.
Sold to Jack's Bus Service, Longford, TAS.
102MET 102 Scania N112CRB1810905 Ansair TH6029 12/1987B42D
ex GV 5176
103MET 103 Scania N112CRB1812243 Ansair Tasmania TH6032 7/1988B42D
ex GV 6080
104MET 104 Scania N112CRB1813006 Ansair Tasmania TH6034 8/1988B42D
ex GV 6149.
Sold to D.D. & B.A. Wisby, Margate, TAS.
105MET 105 Scania N112CRB1813008 Ansair Tasmania TH6036 9/1988B42D
ex GV 6289
106MET 106 Scania N112CRB1813446 Ansair Tasmania TH6038 10/1988B42D
ex GV 6440.
Sold to Love's Bus Service, Cairns, Qld.
107MET 107 Scania N112CRB1813448 Ansair Tasmania TH6040 12/1988B42D
ex GV 6600.
Sold to Spencer Gulf Coaches, Port Pirie SA.
109MET 109 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01813867 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6044 2/1989B42D
ex GV 6803.
112MET 112 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01813866 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6076 02/1989B42D
ex GV 7020.
113MET 113 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815511 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6068 12/1989B42D
SOLD NPSV following mechanical failure., ex GV 8731.
114MET 114 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815512 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6069 02/1990B42DHobart
ex GV 8433.
115MET 115 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815959 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6070 02/1990B42DHobart
ex GV 8479.
117MET 117 Scania N112CRB1812242 Ansair Tasmania TH6031 7/1988B42D
ex GV 6047
119MET 119 Scania N112CRB1813007 Ansair Tasmania TH6035 8/1988B42D
ex GV 6220
120MET 120 Scania N112CRB1813445 Ansair Tasmania TH6037 9/1988B42D
ex GV 6440
121MET 121 Scania N112CRB1813447 Ansair Tasmania TH6039 10/1988B42D
ex GV 6565.
Sold to Love's Bus Service, Cairns, Qld.
122MET 122 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01813864 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6041 12/1988B42D
ex GV 6759
123MET 123 Scania N112CRB1811870 Ansair Tasmania TH6049 3/1989B42D
ex GV 6814.
Sold to Love's Bus Service, Cairns, Qld.
124MET 124 Scania N113CRB1814279 Ansair Tasmania TH6045 3/1989B42D
ex GV 6960.
Sold to Spencer Gulf Coaches, Port Pirie SA.
125MET 125 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01814280 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6046 4/1989B42D
ex GV 6896
128MET 128 Scania N113CRB1814555 Ansair Tasmania TH6050 6/1989B42D
ex GV 7452.
Sold to Spencer Gulf Coaches, Port Pirie SA.
129MET 129 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01814556 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6051 6/1989B42D
ex GV 7474
130MET 130 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01814769 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6052 6/1989B42D
ex GV 7494
131MET 131 Scania N113CRB1814770 Ansair Tasmania TH6053 7/1989B42D
ex GV 7680.
Sold to Lovell, Kettering, Tas
132MET 132 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01814771 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6055 07/1989B42D
ex GV 7678.
133MET 133 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01814774 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6057 8/1989B42D
134MET 134 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01814772 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6056 8/1989B42D
ex GV 8326. PRESERVED by Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society.
135MET 135 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815099 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6058 09/1989B42D
ex GV 7638.
Sold to D.D. & B.A. Wisby, Margate, TAS.
136MET 136 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815100 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6059 9/1989B42D
ex GV 8337.
Sold to D.D. & B.A. Wisby, Margate, TAS for parts.
137MET 137 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815101 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6060 09/1989B42D
ex GV 8346.
138MET 138 Scania N113CRBYS4KC4X2B01815103 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6062 10/1989B42D
ex GV 8359.
139MET 139 Scania N113CRBYS4KC4X2B01815102 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6061 10/1989B42D
ex GV 7844.
140MET 140 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815104 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6063 11/1989B42D
ex GV 7922.
Sold to D.D. & B.A. Wisby, Margate, TAS.
141MET 141 Scania N113CRBYS4KC4X2B01815507 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6064 11/1989B42D
ex GV 7951.
142MET 142 Scania N113CRBYS4KC4X2B01815508 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6065 11/1989B42DHobart
Driver Training Vehicle.
ex GV 7592.
143MET 143 Scania N113CRBYS4KC4X2B01815509 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6066 11/1989B42DHobart
Driver Training Vehicle.
ex GV 8605.
144MET 144 Scania N113CRBYS4KC4X2B01815510 Ansair Tasmania "VOV1" TH6067 12/1989B42D
ex GV 8080.
145MET 145 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815960 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6073 03/1990B42D
ex GV 8509
146MET 146 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815961 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6074 03/1990B42D
ex GV 8614.
147MET 147 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815963 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6075 04/1990B42D
ex GV 8703.
148MET 148 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815964 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6076 05/1990B42D
ex GV 8867.
149MET 149 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01816792 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6077 06/1990B42D
SOLD NSPV, Levendale, TAS. ex GV 9009.
150MET 150 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01816793 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6078 06/1990B42D
ex GV 9048.
151MET 151 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01816794 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6079 07/1990B42DHobart
ex GV 9129.
152MET 152 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01816796 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6080 07/1990B42DHobart
ex GV 9163.
153MET 153 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01816795 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6081 07/1990B42DHobart
ex GV 9173.
154MET 154 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01816797 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6082 07/1990B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9199.
155MET 155 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817219 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6083 08/1990B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9236.
156MET 156 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817220 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6084 08/1990B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9258.
157MET 157 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817221 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6085 08/1990B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9279.
158MET 158 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817222 Ansair Tasmania TH6086 09/1990B42DHobart
Training Bus
ex GV 9359.
159MET 159 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817459 Ansair Tasmania TH6087 10/1990B42DHobart
Training Bus
ex GV 9436.
160MET 160 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817460 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6088 10/1990B42D
ex GV 9498.
161MET 161 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817461 Ansair Tasmania TH6089 11/1990B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9561.
162MET 162 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817462 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6090 12/1990B42DHobart
ex GV 9563.
163MET 163 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817463 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6091 01/1991B42D
ex GV 9567.
164MET 164 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817464 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6092 12/1990B42D
ex GV 9566.
165MET 165 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817684 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6093 12/1990B42D
ex GV 9572.
166MET 166 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817685 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6094 01/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9571.
167MET 167 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817686 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6095 01/1991B42D
ex GV 9573.
168MET 168 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817687 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6096 01/1991B42D
ex GV 9574.
169MET 169 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817688 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6097 04/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9577.
170MET 170 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01817689 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6098 04/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9600.
171MET 171 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818313 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6099 04/1991B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9599.
172MET 172 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818314 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6100 04/1991B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9598.
173MET 173 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818315 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6101 04/1991B42D
ex GV 9597.
174MET 174 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818316 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6102 07/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9591.
175MET 175 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818317 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6103 07/1991B42DLaunceston
ex GV 9594.
176MET 176 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818740 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6104 07/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9589.
177MET 177 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818741 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6105 07/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9590.
178MET 178 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818742 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6106 08/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9584.
179MET 179 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818743 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6107 09/1991B42DHobart
ex GV 9580.
180MET 180 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01818744 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6108 10/1991B42DAOALaunceston
AOA - TasNetworks
ex GV 9578.
181MET 181 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819162 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6109 10/1991B42DHobart
ex G 00481.
182MET 182 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819163 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6110 11/1991B42DHobart
ex G 00484.
183MET 183 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819164 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6111 12/1991B42D
SOLD NSPV following engine failure., ex G 00487.
184MET 184 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819165 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6112 01/1992B42DHobart
ex G 00489.
185MET 185 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819166 Ansair Tasmania TH6113 02/1992B42DHobart
ex G 00493.
186MET 186 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819167 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6114 05/1992B42DLaunceston
ex G 00517.
187MET 187 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819784 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6115 06/1992B42DLaunceston
ex G 00516.
188MET 188 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819785 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6116 06/1992B42DLaunceston
ex G 00519.
189MET 189 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819786 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6117 06/1992B42DHobart
ex G 00520.
190EW 0661 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819787 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6118 07/1992B42DHobart
ex (190) EW 0659, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS, ex (190) MET 190, G 00511, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
191EW 0662 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819788 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6119 07/1992B42DHobart
Sent for auction at Manheim, Brighton, TAS.
ex (191) EW 0660, Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS,
ex (191) MET 191, G 00512, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
192MET 192 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01819789 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6120 07/1992B42D
ex G 00510.
193MET 193 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01815962 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6073 5/1990B--D
Sold to North Hobart Truck Spares. 03/12., ex G 00518. Withdrawn due to end of lease to state government. Leased to State Government for mobile display unit. Originally built for MTT Tasmania, but sold by Ansair to ACTION Canberra for evaluation as (732) BUS732. Then purchased from ACTION by Metro in July 1992.
194MET 194 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820462 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6123 09/1992B42D
ex G 00507.
195MET 195 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820362 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6121 09/1992B42DHobart
ex G 00506.
196MET 196 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820363 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" 10/1992B42DLaunceston
ex G 00503.
197MET 197 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820463 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" 11/1992B42DLaunceston
ex G 00500.
198MET 198 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820464 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" 11/1992B42DLaunceston
ex G 00501.
199MET 199 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820364 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6146 11/1992B42DHobart
ex G 00719.
200MET 200 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820511 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6152 12/1992B41D
ex G 00681. Low Floor Evaluation Unit.
PRESERVED by the Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society.
229MET 229 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001847145 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 354 06/2004B45DW
Destroyed by fire during August 2006.
252MET 252 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820817 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6153 06/1993B42DHobart
ex (15) EF 3753, Merseylink, Devonport, TAS, ex (252) MET 252, G 00689, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
253MET 253 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821475 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6154 06/1993B42DAOAHobart
AOA - Giffards Floorworld
ex (25) EF 3862, Merseylink, Devonport, TAS, ex (253) MET 253, G 00703, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
254MET 254 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821476 Ansair Tasmania 08/1993B42D
ex G 00704.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
255MET 255 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821477 Ansair Tasmania 08/1993B42D
ex G 00697.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
256MET 256 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821478 Ansair Tasmania 09/1993B42D
ex G 00695.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
501MET 501 MAN 10.150 HOCL46900440J012538 Ansair 1989B30D
ex GV 7630.
Sold to Dudley Clark, Brighton, TAS for resale.
502MET 502 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520007MC00111 Ansair Tasmania 1990B30D
ex GV 9565.
Scrapped for parts.
503MET 503 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520030MX00192 Ansair Tasmania 07/1991B30D
ex GV 9592.
Sold to Dudley Clark, Brighton, TAS for resale.
504MET 504 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520030MX00193 Ansair Tasmania 08/1991B30D
ex GV 9591.
Sold to Dudley Clark, Brighton, TAS for resale and then to Mark Dunsby (TBCS Member) for preservation.
505MET 505 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520028HA00101 Ansair Tasmania 1991B30D
ex G 00485.
Scrapped for parts.
506MET 506 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520032HA00102 Ansair Tasmania 1991B30D
ex G 00486.
Sold to Phoenix Coaches, Devenport, TAS as (68) C 21 UK.
507MET 507 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520029MX00191 Ansair Tasmania 1991B29D
ex G 00488.
508MET 508 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520037HA00103 Ansair Tasmania 1991B30D
ex G 00491.
Sold to Uniting Care Tasmania, Hobart, TAS as travelling op shop.
509MET 509 MAN 10.180 HOCL7520038 Ansair Tasmania 1992B29D
ex G 00490.
510MET 510 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520039HA00105 Ansair Tasmania 1992B30D
ex G 00492.
Scrapped for parts.
511MET 511 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520040HA00106 Ansair Tasmania 1992B30D
ex G 00497.
Sold to Uniting Care Tasmania, Hobart, TAS as travelling op shop.
512MET 512 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520041HA00107 Ansair Tasmania 05/1992B30D
ex G 00513.
Sold to Strathfieldsaye Transit, Strathfieldsaye, VIC as 8195 AO.
513MET 513 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520043HA00109 Ansair Tasmania 1992B29D
ex G 00508.
Sold to Cresswell's Coaches, West Hobart, TAS as (11) C 95 TN.
514MET 514 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520042HA00108 Ansair Tasmania 1992B30D
ex G 00509.
Sold to Springvale Accomodation, New Town, TAS.
515MET 515 MAN 10.180 HOCL7520044 Ansair Tasmania TM6138 07/1992B29D
ex G 00502.
516MET 516 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520049HA00111 Ansair Tasmania TM6139 08/1992B29D
ex G 00505.
Sold to O'Driscoll's Coaches, Hobart, TAS as (35) B 70 YX.
517MET 517 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520051HA00112 Ansair Tasmania TM6141 11/1992B29D
ex G 00499.
Sold to The Conti Nightclub, Mornington Pensinula, VIC.
518MET 518 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520050HA00113 Ansair Tasmania TM6140 12/1992B30D
ex G 00683.
519MET 519 MAN 10.180 HOCL7520056 Ansair Tasmania TM6142 02/1993B29D
ex G 00716.
520MET 520 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520058MX00249 Ansair Tasmania 1993B29D
ex G 00711.
Sold to Hobart Truck Spares, Hobart, TAS and then for a camper in Melbourne, VIC.
521MET 521 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520047MX00222 Ansair Tasmania TM6145 04/1993B28D
ex G 00712.
Donated to Cerebral Palsy Tasmania, Hobart, TAS.
522MET 522 MAN 10.180 HOCL6AB7520057HA00115 Ansair Tasmania 1993B30D
ex G 00696.
Sold for a camper near Moonah, TAS.
601MET 601 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820812 Ansair Tasmania TH6147 02/1993B42D
SOLD for preservation.
ex G 00718.
602MET 602 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820813 Ansair Tasmania TH6148 02/1993B42DHobart
ex G 00717.
603MET 603 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820814 Ansair Tasmania TH6149 06/1993B42D
ex G 00710.
604MET 604 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820815 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6150 06/1993B42DLaunceston
ex G 00708.
605MET 605 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01820816 Ansair Tasmania "VOV2" TH6151 06/1993B42DLaunceston
ex G 00707.
606MET 606 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821479 Ansair Tasmania 09/1993B42D
ex G 00694.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
607MET 607 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821840 Ansair Tasmania 11/1993B42D
ex G 00693.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
608MET 608 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821945 Ansair Tasmania 12/1993B42D
ex G 02853.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
609MET 609 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821946 Ansair Tasmania 12/1993B42D
ex G 02854.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
610MET 610 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821947 Ansair Tasmania 12/1993B42D
ex G 02852.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
611MET 611 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821948 Ansair Tasmania 12/1993B42D
ex G 02851.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
612MET 612 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821949 Ansair Tasmania 12/1993B42D
ex G 00691.
Transferred to Merseylink, Devonport,Tas.
613MET 613 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01821950 Ansair Tasmania TH6165 01/1994B42DHobart
SOLD for motorhome conversion.
ex (1) EE 8976, Merseylink, Devonport, TAS, ex (613) MET 613, G 00690, Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), Hobart, TAS.
614MET 614 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822241 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6166 03/1994B42DHobart
ex G 00689.
615MET 615 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822242 Ansair Tasmania TH6167 03/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02850.
616MET 616 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822243 Ansair Tasmania TH6168 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 03648.
617MET 617 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822244 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6169 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 00706.
618MET 618 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822245 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6170 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02849.
619MET 619 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822246 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6171 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02848.
620MET 620 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822577 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6172 05/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02847.
622MET 622 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822579 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6174 06/1994B42DHobart
ex G 00687.
623MET 623 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822580 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6175 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 00686.
624MET 624 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822581 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6166 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02846.
625MET 625 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822582 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6177 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02844.
626MET 626 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822784 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" 07/1994B42D
ex G 02843.
Transferred to Hobart Coaches, Tas. as (15) EW0660
627MET 627 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822785 Ansair Tasmania TH6179 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 04240.
628MET 628 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822786 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6180 08/1994B48FBurnie
ex (B42D), ex G 02845.
629MET 629 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822787 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6181 08/1994B42DHobart
ex G 04242.
630MET 630 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822788 Ansair Tasmania TH6182 09/1994B42DHobart
631MET 631 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822789 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6183 09/1994B42DBurnie
632MET 632 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823241 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6184 1994B42DAOABurnie
AOA - Tas Bearing & Chain
636MET 636 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823245 Ansair Tasmania TH6188 1994B42DHobart
641MET 641 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823547 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" 1995B42D
Transferred to Hobart Coaches, Moonah, TAS as (16) EW 0659.
642MET 642 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823548 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6194 1995B42DHobart
645MET 645 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823551 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6197 1995B42DHobart
653MET 653 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824215 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6205 1995B42DHobart
701MET 701 Volvo B5815438 Volgren VG006 08/1980AB69D
ex GT 0549, ex (737), ex (767).
Sold to D.D. & B.A. Wisby, Margate, TAS.
702MET 702 Volvo B5815447 Volgren VG004 07/1980AB69D
ex GT 0535, ex (747).
Sold to D.D. & B.A. Wisby, Margate, TAS.
703MET 703 Volvo B5815436 Volgren VG005 07/1980AB69D
ex GT 0550, ex (757).
Sold to Bushby, Campania, TAS.
704MET 704 Volvo B10ML8603 PMCSA 6680 11/1984AB70D
ex GV 0567.
Sold to Belbin's Bus Service, Copping, TAS.
705MET 705 Volvo B10ML8604 PMCSA 6681 12/1984AB70D
ex GV 2001.
706MET 706 Volvo B10ML8748 PMCSA 6684 02/1985AB70D
ex GV 2002. To TBCS for preservation once withdrawn.
707MET 707 Volvo B10ML8749 PMCSA 6683 02/1985AB70D
ex GV 2006.
708MET 708 Volvo B10ML8750 PMCSA 6682 01/1985AB70D
ex GV 2007.
Sold to Hobart Truck Spares, Hobart, TAS and scrapped.
710MET 710 Volvo B10ML9514 PMCSA 6688 11/1985AB70D
ex GV 2829.
Stripped for spare parts and remains to scrap metal dealer, Brighton, TAS.
711MET 711 Volvo B10ML9515 PMCSA 6685 09/1985AB70D
ex GV 2721.
Sold to Dudley Clark, Brighton, TAS.
712MET 712 Volvo B10ML9516 PMCSA 6687 11/1985AB70D
WITHDRAWN, ex GV 2748.
713MET 713 Volvo B10ML9518 PMCSA 6686 09/1985AB70D
ex GV 2720.
Stripped for spare parts and remains to scrap metal dealer, Brighton, TAS.
714MET 714 Volvo B10ML9517 PMCSA 6752 10/1986AB70T
ex GV 3994.
Stripped for spare parts and remains to scrap metal dealer, Brighton, TAS.
715MET 715 Volvo B10ML12926 PMCSA 6753 10/1986AB70T
ex GV 3995.
Scrapped with engine placed into 718.
716MET 716 Volvo B10MLYV31MGC15GD013028 PMCSA 6755 11/1986AB70THobart
ex GV 4058.
717MET 717 Volvo B10ML12927 PMCSA 6754 11/1986AB70T
ex GV 4057.
718MET 718 Volvo B10MLYV31MGC13CD012928 PMCSA 6756 12/1986AB70THobart
ex GV 4094.
719MET 719 Volvo B10ML13027 PMCSA 6757 12/1986AB70T
ex GV 4093.
720MET 720 Volvo B10ML13029 PMCSA 6758 01/1987AB69T
ex GV 4480.
721MET 721 Volvo B10ML13176 PMCSA 6759 01/1987AB70T
ex GV 4172.
722MET 722 Volvo B10ML13177 PMCSA 6760 03/1987AB69T
ex GV 4197.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 191

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