Metro Tasmania - Burnie, Launceston, Hobart.

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Metro Tasmania - Burnie, Launceston, Hobart..

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
201MET 201 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001839248 Volgren "CR224L" VG1467 06/2001B55DWHobart
202MET 202 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001839293 Volgren "CR224L" VG1468 06/2001B55DWHobart
203MET 203 Scania L94UB 14.5mYS4L6X20001839299 Volgren "CR224L" VG1469 06/2001B55DWHobart
204MET 204 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841559 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 282 05/2002B45DWBurnie
205MET 205 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841549 NCBC 283 05/2002B45DWBurnie
206MET 206 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841589 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 284 05/2002B45DWLaunceston
207MET 207 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841583 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 285 06/2002B45DWLaunceston
208MET 208 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841653 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 286 06/2002B45DWLaunceston
209MET 209 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841655 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 287 06/2002B45DWLaunceston
210MET 210 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841669 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 288 07/2002B45DWLaunceston
211MET 211 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841938 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 289 07/2002B45DWLaunceston
212MET 212 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841902 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 290 07/2002B45DWLaunceston
213MET 213 Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841680 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 291 08/2002B45DWLaunceston
214MET 214 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001843656 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 318 07/2003B45DWLaunceston
215MET 215 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001843646 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 319 07/2003B45DWLaunceston
216MET 216 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001843887 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 321 07/2003B45DWLaunceston
217MET 217 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001843654 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 320 08/2003B45DWHobart
218MET 218 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001843889 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 322 08/2003B45DWHobart
219MET 219 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001843899 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 323 08/2003B45DWHobart
220MET 220 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001844082 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 325 09/2003B45DWAOALaunceston
AOA - MyState Bank
221MET 221 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001844065 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 324 09/2003B45DWLaunceston
222MET 222 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001844220 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 326 09/2003B45DWHobart
223MET 223 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001844224 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 327 08/2003B45DWHobart
224MET 224 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001845941 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 349 04/2004B45DWLaunceston
225MET 225 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001845967 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 350 04/2004B45DWAOALaunceston
AOA - Free Tiger Bus - Launceston Park & Ride, Explorer Bus Service
226MET 226 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001845939 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 351 05/2004B45DWAOALaunceston
AOA - Chemist Warehouse
227MET 227 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001847138 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 352 05/2004B45DWHobart
228MET 228 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001847111 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 353 06/2004B45DWHobart
230MET 230 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001847134 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 355 06/2004B45DWAOAHobart
AOA - TasNetworks
231MET 231 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001847127 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 356 06/2004B45DWHobart
232MET 232 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001849647 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 393 08/2005B45DWHobart
233MET 233 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001850874 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 394 09/2005B45DWLaunceston
234MET 234 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001850866 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 395 09/2005B45DWHobart
235MET 235 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001851129 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 396 10/2005B45DWHobart
236MET 236 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001851485 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 397 10/2005B45DWHobart
237MET 237 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001851709 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 398 10/2005B45DWHobart
238MET 238 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001851742 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 399 10/2005B45DWHobart
239MET 239 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001851756 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 400 12/2005B45DWHobart
240MET 240 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855293 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 442 03/2007B45DWHobart
241MET 241 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855355 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 443 04/2007B45DWAOAHobart
AOA - Chemist Warehouse
242MET 242 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855359 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 444 04/2007B45DWBurnie
243MET 243 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001855723 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 445 04/2007B45DWHobart
244MET 244 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001856617 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 468 01/12/2007B45DWBurnie
245MET 245 Scania L94UBYS2L6X20001847668 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 457 08/2007B57DWHobart
300MET 300 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001857206 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-166 07/2008B44DWHobart
301MET 301 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001859406 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-167 07/2008B44DWHobart
302MET 302 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001859409 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-168 07/2008B44DWHobart
303MET 303 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001859417 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-169 07/2008B44DWAOAHobart
AOA - Tas Bearing & Chain.
304MET 304 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001859419 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-170 07/2008B44DWHobart
305MET 305 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001859491 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-171 07/2008B44DWHobart
306MET 306 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001859494 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-172 06/2008B44DWHobart
307MET 307 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001859673 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-173 06/2008B44DWAOAHobart
AOA - Pool & Spaworld
308MET 308 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860222 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-065 08/2008B44DWLaunceston
309MET 309 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860209 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-066 08/2008B44DWLaunceston
310MET 310 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860230 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-067 08/2008B44DWLaunceston
311MET 311 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860248 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-068 08/2008B44DWLaunceston
312MET 312 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860564 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-069 08/2008B46DWLaunceston
313MET 313 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860698 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-070 08/2008B44DWLaunceston
314MET 314 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001860706 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-071 08/2008B44DWLaunceston
315MET 315 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001861663 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-072A 12/2008B44DWHobart
316MET 316 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001861665 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-073A 12/2008B44DWLaunceston
317MET 317 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001861687 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-074A 12/2008B44DWHobart
318MET 318 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001861689 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-075A 12/2008B44DWHobart
319MET 319 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001861744 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-076 01/2009B44DWLaunceston
320MET 320 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864394 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 09-023 06/2009B44DWHobart
321MET 321 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864399 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 09-024 06/2009B44DWHobart
322MET 322 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864415 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 09-025 07/2009B44DWHobart
323MET 323 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864388 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 09-026 07/2009B44DWHobart
324MET 324 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864419 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 09-027 07/2009B44DWHobart
325MET 325 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001864431 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 09-028 07/2009B44DWAOAHobart
AOA - Cripps Master Bakers
326MET 326 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871151 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-084A 02/2011B44DWHobart
327MET 327 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871192 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-085A 02/2011B44DWAOAHobart
AOA - Cripps Master Bakers
328MET 328 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871146 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-083A 02/2011B44DWHobart
329MET 329 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001871160 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-086A 03/2011B44DWHobart
330MET 330 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875003 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 11-074 11/2011B44DWLaunceston
331MET 331 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875078 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 11-075 11/2011B44DWLaunceston
332MET 332 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875102 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 11-076 11/2011B44DWHobart
333MET 333 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875820 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 11-077 11/2011B44DWHobart
334MET 334 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875808 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 11-078 12/2011B44DWHobart
335MET 335 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875826 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 11-079 12/2011B44DWHobart
336MET 336 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001875901 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 11-080 12/2011B44DWHobart
337MET 337 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001886578 Custom Coaches "CB80" D716-01 12/2013B44DWAOAHobart
AOA - TasNetworks
338MET 338 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001885686 Custom Coaches "CB80" D716-02 12/2013B44DWHobart
339MET 339 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001885697 Custom Coaches "CB80" D716-03 12/2013B44DWHobart
340MET 340 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001885708 Custom Coaches "CB80" D716-04 01/2014B44DWHobart
341MET 341 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001886061 Custom Coaches "CB80" D716-07 01-14B49DWHobart
342MET 342 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001886054 Custom Coaches "CB80" D 716 07 B44DWHobart
343MET 343 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001886059 Custom Coaches "CB80" D716-06 12/2013B44DWHobart
344MET 344 Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892328 Custom Coaches "CB80" E711-01 06-15B49DWHobart
400MET 400 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001853267 Volgren "CR228L" VG2174 6.2006B39DWBurnie
ex (C41) 6451AO, Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC.
401MET 401 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001853279 Volgren "CR228L" VG2172 6.06B39DWBurnie
ex (C42) 6152AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC
402MET 402 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001853292 Volgren "CR228L" VG2176 6.06B39DWBurnie
ex (C43) 6153AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC
403MET 403 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001853394 Volgren "CR228L" VG2175 6.06B39DWBurnie
ex (C44) 6154AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC.
404MET 404 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001853404 Volgren "CR228L" VG2177 6.06B39DWBurnie
ex (C45) 6155AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC
405MET 405 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001853444 Volgren "CR228L" VG2173 6.06B39DWBurnie
ex (C46) 6156AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC. (B29DW)
406MET 406 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852025 Volgren "CR228L" VG2170 6.06B39DWBurnie
ex (C47) 6150AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC. (B29DW)
407MET 407 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852021 Volgren "CR228L" VG2178 6.06B39DWBurnie
ex (C48) 6148AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC. (B29DW)
408MET 408 Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001852520 Volgren "CR228L" VG2171 6.06B39DWAOABurnie
AOA - No Frills Foodmarket
ex (C49) 6149AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC. (B29DW)
409MET 409 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001862170 Volgren "CR228L" VG2698 2.09B39DWHobart
ex (C50) 7344AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC. (B29DW)
410MET 410 Scania K230UBYS2K4X20001862244 Volgren "CR228L" VG2699 2.09B39DWHobart
ex (C51) 7345AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC. (B29DW)
616MET 616 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822243 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6168 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 03648.
617MET 617 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822244 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6169 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 00706.
618MET 618 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822245 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6170 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02849.
619MET 619 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822246 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6171 04/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02848.
620MET 620 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822577 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6172 05/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02847.
622MET 622 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822579 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6174 06/1994B42DHobart
ex G 00687.
623MET 623 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822580 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6175 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 00686.
624MET 624 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822581 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6166 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02846.
625MET 625 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822582 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6177 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 02844.
627MET 627 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822785 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6179 07/1994B42DHobart
ex G 04240.
629MET 629 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822787 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6181 08/1994B42DHobart
ex G 04242.
630MET 630 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01822788 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6182 09/1994B42DHobart
633MET 633 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823242 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6185 1994B42DHobart
634MET 634 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823243 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6186 1994B42DHobart
635MET 635 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823244 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6187 1994B42DHobart
636MET 636 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823245 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6188 1994B42DHobart
637MET 637 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823246 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6189 1994B42DHobart
638MET 638 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823544 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6190 1994B42DHobart
639MET 639 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823545 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6191 1994B42DHobart
640MET 640 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823546 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6192 1995B42DHobart
642MET 642 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823548 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6194 1995B42DHobart
644MET 644 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823550 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6196 1995B42DHobart
646MET 646 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823552 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6198 1995B42DHobart
647MET 647 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823553 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6199 04/1995B42DHobart
648MET 648 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823554 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6200 1995B42DHobart
649MET 649 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01823555 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6201 1995B42DHobart
650MET 650 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824212 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6202 1995B42DHobart
651MET 651 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824213 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6203 1995B42DHobart
652MET 652 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824214 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6204 1995B42DHobart
653MET 653 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824215 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6205 1995B42DHobart
654MET 654 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824216 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6206 1995B42DHobart
655MET 655 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824217 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6207 1995B42DHobart
656MET 656 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824218 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6208 1995B42DHobart
657MET 657 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824219 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6029 1995B42DHobart
658MET 658 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824220 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6210 1995B42DHobart
659MET 659 Scania N113CRBYS4NC4X2B01824221 Ansair Tasmania "Orana" TH6211 1995B42DHobart
723MET 723 Scania K310UAYS2K6X20001872650 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-166A 04/2011AB59TWHobart
724MET 724 Scania K310UAYS2K6X20001872663 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-167A 04/2011AB59TWHobart
725MET 725 Scania K310UAYS2K6X20001872660 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-168A 04/2011AB59TWHobart
726MET 726 Scania K310UAYS2K6X20001872617 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-172A 05/2011AB59TWHobart
727MET 727 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001883519 Custom Coaches "CB80" META727 08/2013AB63TWHobart
728MET 728 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001883480 Custom Coaches "CB80" META728 07/2013AB63TWHobart
729MET 729 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001883617 Custom Coaches "CB80" META729 07/2013AB63TWHobart
730MET 730 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001883870 Custom Coaches "CB80" META730 07/2013AB63TWHobart
731MET 731 MAN 28.310WMAA24ZZ897000102 King Long "6180AU" KLAB09-003 7.5.2009AB62DWHobart
ex (74) 7487AO, Skybus, Melbourne Airport, VIC. (AB54DW)
732MET 732 MAN 28.310WMAA24ZZ897000103 King Long "6180AU" KLAB09-011 10.2009AB62DWHobart
ex (76) 7495AO, Skybus, Melbourne Airport, VIC. (AB54DW)
733MET 733 MAN 28.310WMAA24ZZ897000127 King Long "6180AU" KLAB09-010 10.2009AB62DWHobart
ex (77) 7496AO, Skybus, Melbourne Airport, VIC. (AB54DW)
734MET 734 MAN 28.310WMAA24ZZ897000128 King Long "6180AU" KLAB09-013 03.10AB62DWHobart
ex (78) 7814AO, Skybus, Melbourne Airport, VIC. (AB54DW)
735MET 735 MAN 28.310WMAA24ZZ897000126 King Long "6180AU" KLAB09-012 03.10AB62DWHobart
ex (80) 7810AO, Skybus, Melbourne Airport, VIC. (AB54DW)
736MET 736 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001900708 Custom Coaches "CB80A" G8002-01 3/17AB63TWHobart
737MET 737 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001900715 Custom Coaches "CB80A" G8002-02 6-17AB63TWHobart
738MET 738 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001900732 Custom Coaches "CB80A" G8002-03 23/6/17AB63TWHobart
739MET 739 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001900739 Custom Coaches "CB80A" G8002-04 6/7/17AB63TWHobart
740MET 740 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001901108 Custom Coaches "CB80A" G8002-05 7/17AB63TWHobart
741MET 741 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001901111 Custom Coaches "CB80A" G8002-06 7/17AB63TWHobart
742MET 742 Scania K360UAYS2K6X20001901118 Custom Coaches "CB80A" G8002-07 8/17AB63TWHobart
800MET 800 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34HB039029 Bustech 17/801 11/17B51DWHobart
Built at the Bustech facility on the Gold Coast by staff from Elphinstone Engineering who are building the 100 bus order in Tasmania.
801MET 801 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039001 Bustech 17/802 4/18B51DWHobart
First Bustech bus built in Tasmania. All future buses from this number onwards are built in Tasmania.
802MET 802 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039002 Bustech 17/803 5/18B51DWHobart
803MET 803 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039003 Bustech 17/804 5/18B51DWHobart
804MET 804 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039004 Bustech 17/805 6/18B51DWHobart
805MET 805 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039005 Bustech 18/801 6/18B51DWHobart
806MET 806 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039006 Bustech 18/802 7/18B51DWHobart
807MET 807 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039007 Bustech 18/803 7/18B51DWHobart
808MET 808 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039008 Bustech 18/804 8/18B51DWHobart
809MET 809 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039009 Bustech 18/805 8/18B51DWHobart
810MET 810 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039010 Bustech 18/806 8/18B51DWHobart
811MET 811 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039011 Bustech 18/807 9/18B51DWHobart
812MET 812 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039012 Bustech 18/808 9/18B51DWLaunceston
813MET 813 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039013 Bustech 18/809 9/18B51DWHobart
814MET 814 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039014 Bustech 18/810 10/18B51DWLaunceston
815MET 815 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039015 Bustech 18/811 12/10B51DWHobart
816MET 816 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039016 Bustech 18/812 10/18B51DWLaunceston
817MET 817 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039017 Bustech 18/813 11/18B51DWHobart
818MET 818 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039018 Bustech 18/814 11/18B51DWLaunceston
819MET 819 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039019 Bustech 18/815 11/18B51DWHobart
820MET 820 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039020 Bustech 18/816 12/18B51DWLaunceston
821MET 821 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34JW039021 Bustech 18/817 12/18B51DWHobart
822MET 822 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039001 Bustech 18/818 1/19B51DWLaunceston
823MET 823 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039002 Bustech 18/819 1/19B51DWHobart
824MET 824 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039003 Bustech 18/820 2/19B51DWLaunceston
825MET 825 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039004 Bustech 18/821 2/19B51DWHobart
826MET 826 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039005 Bustech 18/822 B51DWLaunceston
827MET 827 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039006 Bustech 18/823 B51DWHobart
828MET 828 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039007 Bustech 18/824 B51DWLaunceston
829MET 829 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039008 Bustech 18/825 3/19B51DWHobart
830MET 830 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039009 Bustech 18/826 B51DWLaunceston
831MET 831 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039010 Bustech 18/827 4/19B51DWHobart
832MET 832 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039011 Bustech 18/828 4/19B51DWLaunceston
833MET 833 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039012 Bustech 18/829 5/19B51DWHobart
834MET 834 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039013 Bustech 18/830 B51DWLaunceston
835MET 835 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039014 Bustech 18/831 5/19B51DWHobart
836MET 836 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039015 Bustech 18/832 B51DWLaunceston
837MET 837 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039016 Bustech 19/833 B51DWHobart
838MET 838 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039017 Bustech 19/834 B51DWLaunceston
839MET 839 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039018 Bustech 19/835 B51DWHobart
840MET 840 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039019 Bustech 19/801 B51DWLaunceston
841MET 841 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039020 Bustech 19/802 7/19B51DWHobart
842MET 842 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039021 Bustech 19/803 B51DWLaunceston
843MET 843 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039022 Bustech 19/804 7/19B51DWHobart
844MET 844 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039023 Bustech 19/805 B51DWLaunceston
845MET 845 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039024 Bustech 19/806 B51DWHobart
846MET 846 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039025 Bustech 19/807 9/19B51DWLaunceston
847MET 847 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039026 Bustech 19/808 9/19B51DWHobart
848MET 848 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039027 Bustech 19-809 B51DWLaunceston
849MET 849 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039028 Bustech 19/810 B51DWHobart
850MET 850 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039029 Bustech 19-811 B51DWLaunceston
851MET 851 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039030 Bustech 19-812 11/19B51DWHobart
852MET 852 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039031 Bustech 19-813 11/19B51DWBurnie
853MET 853 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039032 Bustech 19-814 11/19B51DWHobart
854MET 854 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039033 Bustech 19-815 12/19B51DWBurnie
855MET 855 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039034 Bustech 19-816 12/19B51DWHobart
856MET 856 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34KW039035 Bustech 19-817 12/19B51DWBurnie
857MET 857 Bustech XDI - Cummins Bustech B51DWHobart
858MET 858 Bustech XDI - Cummins Bustech B51DWHobart
859MET 859 Bustech XDI - Cummins Bustech B51DWHobart
864MET 864 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039001 Bustech 19/825 3/20B51DWHobart
865MET 865 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039002 Bustech 19/826 3/20B51DWHobart
866MET 866 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039003 Bustech 19/827 4/20B51DWHobart
867MET 867 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039004 Bustech 19/828 4/20B51DWHobart
868MET 868 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039005 Bustech 19/829 5/20B51DWHobart
869MET 869 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039006 Bustech 19/830 5/20B51DWHobart
870MET 870 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039006 Bustech 19/831 5/20B51DWHobart
871MET 871 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039008 Bustech 19/832 6/20B51DWHobart
872MET 872 Bustech XDI - Cummins6K9XBEH34LW039009 Bustech 19/833 6/20B51DWHobart
Total buses in fleet = 225

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