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Wylde Street Line
No Make Chassis No Body Seating Built
1 AEC 663T - B.T.H 663T071 Park Royal B34D 1934
2 AEC 663T -E.E 663T072 H.McKenzie B34D 1934
3 AEC 761T - E.E. 761T005 Park Royal H/33/30F 1934
4 AEC 761T - E.E. 761T002 Syd Wood H/33/30F 1936
5 AEC 761T - E.E. 761T004 Syd Wood H/33/30F 1937

Body No's - 1/3 Park Royal 3376,3391

Kogarah System
No Make Chassis No Body Seating Built
6 - 16 Leyland TTB4 - MV 1/228/31/6/4/5/2/0/29/27/33/7 Ritchie Bros H33/27D 1937
17 - 26 AEC 664T - MV 376/3 -5/7/2/80/79/8/81 Ritchie Bros H33/27D 1937

All these vehicles had 3 Axles & 2 Staircases
Withdrawals -
1948 - 3
1956 - 1/2/4/5
1959 - 6 - 26

Preserved -
AEC single deck Trolleybus NO 1 at MAAS - Sydney
AEC double deck Trolleybus NO 19 at The Sydney Tramway Museum Loftus/Sydney

Disposals -

1. to MAAS - Sydney

2. sold to Orange NSW - body for shed at local sports field - chassis to Sydney Bus Musuem (01)

3. broken up at Randwick Workshops for parts following an accident 1948 - 49

4. sold (56) to a Wylde St Kings Cross address - later became a playroom at a Caringbah childrens playground - Scrapped (68)

5. sold (56) to a Wylde St Kings Cross address - discovered 1962 at Terrey Hills NSW - broken up shortly after that.

6 to 26 - sold 12/59 to P.Logue King Georges Rd Beverley Hills then resold (60) to R.Field.
Then all taken to former Manly Depot site for proposed conversions to motor lorries - at least one converted and another well advanced. This part of the project was not economically viable and many top decks were subsequently mounted on underframes and sold as on site caravans.

It is thought that No's 19, 24 and possibly 6 were the only buses to escape dismemberment, when all remaining bottom decks and parts were sold by Field in (62) to Bernie Parts of Lidcombe.

No 19 was subsequently resold in (62) - (heavily stripped by Bernie Parts) to Catherine Fields (near Narellan NSW) for use as a shooters cabin.

No 19 was then discovered by SPER members at this location in September 1977 in a very derelict state, and was then finally retrieved by SPER in December 1977 for total restoration.

The ultimate fate of No 20 is not known but was probably broken up by Bernie Parts.

No 24 was sold from Randwick Workshops to P.Logue who then resold it to a Mr.Hutchinson of Loftus for a onsite caravan at Lake Conjola NSW. No 24 remained like that until the late 60's when it was finally Scrapped (70) - due to pressure from the local council.

No other Sydney three axle trolleybuses are known to have survived with their top decks intact except for 19 & 24.

The top decks of 14 & 21 went to SPER in the late 70's to help with the restoration of No 19.

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