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The following lists are disposal lists consisting of buses previously operated by the State Transit Authority.

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Chassis / Body: Mercedes Benz O305G/PMC Mark 3 Articulated
Fleet Numbers: 2550-2579
Total Built: 30
Entered Service: Prototype 2550 in 1981, the remainder in 1983 and 1984
Withdrawn from Service:2005 - 2010
Notes: In 1980 there were around 69 Leyland Atlanteans offically in the new Urban Transit Authority, 40 of the best were based at Brookvale and Mona Vale to provide peak hour services. A few years earlier there had been trials of a MAN SG192 in August 1976, a Volvo B58 from November 1976 and January 1977 and finally a Mercedes Benz O305G bound for the MTT in Perth was trialled. The UTA preferred the O305G.
In late 1980 a tender was called for 100 or 200 buses, either 100 single deck buses (only) or 170 single deck buses and 30 double deck buses or 170 regular length buses and 30 articulated buses. The double deck option was ruled out after close of tenders due to excessive rear axle weight. 2550 was built in 1981 and was displayed at that years Bus and Coach Association show, then negotiations between the UTA and unions commenced while 2550 was trialled after which the order for the other 29 vehicles was submitted.
These vehicles were based at the northern beaches depots of Brookvale and Mona Vale (15 buses each) and utilised on services to and from Sydney's central business district. For a fair proportion of their early life, these buses were restricted to running only during the peaks on weekdays, later this restriction was lifted and they became a fixture on the L90 Central Station to Palm Beach route as well as on the 'L" services out of Wynyard station.
Their replacement was meant to be the Volvo B12BLEA, of which 80 were ordered in 2004 and delivered in 2005 and 2006, this did lead to the withdrawal of 16 of these vehicles, the rest lingered on for 4 more years, with the sudden rise in fuel prices, some were transferred to Port Botany and the others served alongside those that were meant to replace them at both Brookvale and Mona Vale. While they fell into the 2550 to 2579 number range, aside from 2550, the other 29 were built after the Mark III O305's were completed.

Last Run 2561 on Wednesday 5th May 2010, 11:55am outbound L90 to Palm Beach Shift A008, run F020..

BodyPressed Metal Corporation "Mark III"
EngineMercedes Benz OM 407hA, rear mounted 6 cylinder direct injection
Output206kw at 2200 rpm of 11.1 litres displacement.
TransmissionMercedes-Benz W3A110 3-speed automatic with torque converter
2556 and 2579 were retrofitted with a ZF transmission
Air ConditioningNo
Wheelbasefront 5.6m rear 6.15m
Seating capacity69
SeatsPMC bench seats with red fabric trim, the prototype 2550 had blue fabric trim
see individual list for exceptions
Doorsfront and centre double-width glide-away doors, both in front section, possibly the only articulated buses worldwide built with no door in rear section)
Windowsrubber mounted Beclawat 4-part sliding windows
VentilationThree roof-hatches (two in front section, one in rear)
Destination EquipmentTwin roller blinds with 3 track route number front and near side. 3 Track route number on rear.
Supplementary destination roller blind under the nearside windscreen

2550 was delivered with 3 doors and naturally aspirating engine. It was later modified to having 2 doors in the front section and a turbo engine like the other production units.

Fleet No Current
Fleet No
Current RegoNotesWithdrawn
u/rm/o 9155 Kuring-gai Bus Co (PT & JE Parker Holdings), Oakville NSW
ex m/o 9155 Forest Coachlines Terrey Hills (leased 3/07 to mid '08)
1/06 V
SCRAPPEDex (347) 6065AO Peninsula Bus Lines, Portsea Vic. (Grenda Group) ['06-12/11] dereg' 7/113/06 V
2552 43354HA. Fairhall, Melbourne (vehicle stored in Sydney)
TV 7114 Manly Coaches - Brookvale [7/10] 1st reg. 11/12
4/09 V
PARTSHawkesfords International, Enfield [8/10] parted out 8/11 after being stored since purchase.7/09 F
TV 6785Transit Scenic - Bendy Bus Sydney, Bankstown [9/16]
ex TV 6785 Manly Coaches, Brookvale [7/10-9/16] 1st reg 1/12

Last O305G at Brookvale 11/09
4/10 P
STOREDex TV 4185 Manly Coaches [2/06] dereg 12/081/06 V
2556 47703HSydney Bus Museum Collection (unrestored)4/10 P
TV 6615Transit Scenic Tours - Bendy Bus Sydney, Bankstown [10/11]
ex (95) TV 6615 Hawkesfords International, Enfield [8/10-10/11] 1st reg. 5/11
4/10 P
m/o 6746m/o 025 Ley Aec Transport, Brookvale [1/14-]
ex S. North, Junee NSW undergoing restoration, part of The Omnibus Preservation Society collection[10/11-1/14]
ex (unused) Manly Coaches, Brookvale [8/10-10/11]
4/10 F
TV 7640Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill [10/13]
ex Edgar Wright, Mount Druitt (dealer) [10/11-10/13]
ex (294), (94) TV 5759, m/o 9209 Hawkesfords International, Enfield NSW - previously signwritten for Hawkesfords Mosman Charter Buses and Hawkesfords Pleasure Charter Buses.
4/06 V
PARTSHawkesfords International, Enfield [2/06-6/11] (repainted but remained unused)2/06 F
PARTSN. Genci, J. Stuart & J. Doran Sydney/ Newcastle [2/18]
ex Unknown owner, Oberon NSW - on site accomodation [? - 2/18]
ex PARTS Ley Aec Transport, Brookvale [4/16-?]
ex (unused) Manly Coaches [7/10-4/16]

Last Mercedes Benz O305G in STA service
5/10 F
XKK 095Unknown owner, Truro S.A [3/13]
ex (38) XKK 095 Buses-R-Us, Salisbury South S.A [4/08-12/11] - sold via eBay
ex (1350) XKK 095 Torrens Transit, Mile End S.A.
4/06 V
Parker Family, Oakville [7/18]
ex 2906 MO, MO 2146 Kiama Coachlines [6/06-7/18] by 4/16 converted to AB75F
ex (unused) Nowra Coaches
4/06 V
PARTSHawkesfords [7/10] remains removed [6/11]4/10 F
u/rParker Family, Oakville [10/11] via Auction
ex (290), (90) TV5756, m/o 8933 Hawkesfords International, Enfield NSW [1/06-10/11] dereg 9/11
signwritten previously signwritten for Mosman Charter Buses and Pleasure Charter Buses.
11/05 F
FOR SALEInspire Transport
ex TV 7220, TV 4137 Manly Coaches, Brookvale [12/05-10/16] reactivated in April '13 after being stored since Dec. '11
11/05 F
BP14JKUnknown church group
ex BP14JK Revline Auto Tech - Luddenham
ex (91) TV 5757, m/o 8934 Hawkesfords International, Enfield [1/06-9/11]
signwritten - previously Pleasure Charter Buses
12/05 F
TV 6617Transit Scenic Tours - Bendy Bus Sydney, Bankstown [L'11] 1st reg'd 5/12
ex (93) TV 6488 Hawkesfords International, Enfield NSW[ 8/10-L'11] -Optus shuttle livery (reg'd 1/11)
1/10 F
TV 7428Transit Scenic - Bendy Bus Sydney, Bankstown [11/13]
ex TV 7428, TV 5801 (12/09), TV 4265 (9/09) Manly Coaches, Brookvale [4/06-11/13] re registered 11/13 after being stored since 12/09
3/06 V
SCRAPPEDex (352) 6323AO Ventura Group Dandenong Vic. / Cardinia Transit, Pakenham Vic (Grenda Group) ['07-5/14]
ex m/o 8950 Mosman Coaches, Allambie Heights, NSW
12/05 F
TV 7639North Sydney Bus Charters, Bass Hill [4/16]
ex TV 7639 Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill [8/13-4/16]
ex Kmet Pty Ltd, Picton NSW [L'11-8/13] unused
ex Hawkesfords International, Enfield [8/10-L'11] unused
5/10 F
PARTS5159 MO Nowra Coaches - South Nowra NSW [7/09-8/12]
ex m/o 9018 Forest Coachlines - Terrey Hills NSW [3/06-7/09]
3/06 V
Parker Family, Oakville [1/18]
ex 5155 MO Nowra Coaches - South Nowra NSW [7/09-1/18]
ex m/o 8925 Forest Coachlines- Terrey Hills NSW [3/06-7/09]
3/06 V
TV 53914672 MO Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill [4/12-]
ex (70) 4672 MO Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay NSW [9/10-4/12] 1st reg 5/11
ex (unused) Hawkesfords, Enfield [8/10]
4/09 V
2575 61936HN. Genci, J. Stuart & J. Doran Sydney/ Newcastle [9/16] for restoration/preservation
TV 6080 Manly Coaches [8/09-9/16]
3/09 P
3123 MONorth Sydney Bus Charters, Bass Hill [4/16]
ex 3123 MO Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill [9/12-4/16]
ex (56) 3123 MO Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay NSW [9/10]
ex (unused) Hawkesfords, Enfield[8/10]
1/10 F
TV 7926North Sydney Bus Charters, Bass Hill [4/16]
ex TV 7926 Bankstown Coaches, Bass Hill [11/15-4/16]
ex stored and TV 4267 Manly Coaches - Brookvale [5/06-11/15] dereg 5/11
4/06 V
?Disposal unknown after 8/14 (date of sale of Concord Coaches to North Sydney Bus Charters)
TV 7393 Concord Coaches (MJH Services Pty Ltd) Marrickville/Homebush - reg 8/13
ex (92) TV 5758 m/o 8935 Hawkesfords International, Enfield NSW [1/06-9/11] Optus shuttle livery as of 2/11, previously signwritten for Pleasure Charter Buses
12/05 F
A. Fairhall, Melbourne [3/14]
ex (23) D83 GZ, C53RK Wynyard Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Wynyard, Tas. [8/12-3/14] Had been based at Katherine, NT for Ghan transfer work, was back in Tasmania at time of disposal.
ex TV 5903 Manly Coaches- Brookvale [11/08-8/12]
10/08 F
Total Vehicles = 30

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