State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses - Waverley

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
1277m/o 1277 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821097801 CC "Citaro" STA 175 5/01B45DWCorporate v1
1278m/o 1278 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821097802 CC "Citaro" STA 172 5/01B45DWCorporate v1
1279m/o 1279 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821097803 CC "Citaro" STA 174 5/01B45DWCorporate v1
1280m/o 1280 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821097804 CC "Citaro" STA 173 5/01B45DWCorporate v2
1306m/o 1306 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098735 CC "Citaro" STA 201 8/01B45DWCorporate v2
1316m/o 1316 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098745 CC "Citaro" STA 210 9/01B45DWCorporate v1
1317m/o 1317 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098746 CC "Citaro" STA 211 10/01B45DWCorporate v1
1318m/o 1318 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098747 CC "Citaro" STA 212 10/01B45DWCorporate v1
1319m/o 1319 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098748 CC "Citaro" STA 215 10/01B45DWCorporate v1
1320m/o 1320 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098749 CC "Citaro" STA 214 10/01B45DWCorporate v2
ex m/o 3407 -/04; ex m/o 1320 10/03.
1321m/o 1321 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098750 CC "Citaro" STA 216 10/01B45DWCorporate v2
1322m/o 1322 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098751 CC "Citaro" STA 217 10/01B45DWCorporate v2
1323m/o 1323 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098752 CC "Citaro" STA 218 10/01B45DWCorporate v2
1324m/o 1324 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098753 CC "Citaro" STA 219 10/01B45DWCorporate v1
1325m/o 1325 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098754 CC "Citaro" STA 220 10/01B45DWCorporate v1
1326m/o 1326 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098755 CC "Citaro" STA 221 10/01B45DWCorporate v2
1327m/o 1327 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098756 CC "Citaro" STA 222 11/01B45DWCorporate v1
1328m/o 1328 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098757 CC "Citaro" STA 223 11/01B45DWCorporate v1
1329m/o 1329 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098758 CC "Citaro" STA 224 11/01B45DWCorporate v1
1330m/o 1330 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098759 CC "Citaro" STA 225 11/01B45DWCorporate v2
1346m/o 1346 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098775 CC "Citaro" STA 240 1/02B45DWCorporate v2
1347m/o 1347 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098776 CC "Citaro" STA 242 2/02B45DWCorporate v1
1348m/o 1348 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098777 CC "Citaro" STA 243 2/02B45DWCorporate v2
1349m/o 1349 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098778 CC "Citaro" STA 244 2/02B45DWCorporate v1
1350m/o 1350 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098779 CC "Citaro" STA 245 3/02B45DWCorporate v1
1351m/o 1351 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098780 CC "Citaro" STA 246 2/02B45DWCorporate v2
1352m/o 1352 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098781 CC "Citaro" STA 247 2/02B45DWCorporate v2
1353m/o 1353 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098782 CC "Citaro" STA 248 2/02B45DWCorporate v1
1354m/o 1354 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098783 CC "Citaro" STA 249 3/02B45DWCorporate v1
1355m/o 1355 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098784 CC "Citaro" STA 250 3/02B45DWCorporate v1
1356m/o 1356 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098785 CC "Citaro" STA 251 3/02B45DWCorporate v2
1357m/o 1357 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098786 CC "Citaro" STA 252 3/02B45DWCorporate v2
1358m/o 1358 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098787 CC "Citaro" STA 253 3/02B45DWCorporate v2
1359m/o 1359 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098788 CC "Citaro" STA 254 3/02B45DWCorporate v1
1360m/o 1360 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098789 CC "Citaro" STA 255 3/02B45DWCorporate v2
ex m/o 5418 by 28/7/15; ex m/o 1360 31/7/12.
1361m/o 1361 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098790 CC "Citaro" STA 256 3/02B45DWCorporate v2
1362m/o 1362 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098791 CC "Citaro" STA 257 4/02B45DWCorporate v1
18921892 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000716 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 760 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
18931893 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000717 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 762 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
18941894 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000718 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 764 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
18951895 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000722 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 766 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
18961896 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000723 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 768 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
18971897 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000724 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 770 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
18981898 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000725 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 772 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
18991899 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000726 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 774 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
19001900 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000727 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 776 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
19011901 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000728 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 778 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
19021902 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000729 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 780 9/08B44DWCorporate v2
19031903 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000730 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 782 10/08B44DWCorporate v2
19041904 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000731 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 784 10/08B44DWCorporate v2
19051905 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000751 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 786 10/08B44DWCorporate v2
19061906 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000752 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 788 10/09B44DWCorporate v2
19921992 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000892 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 876 8/09B44DWCorporate v2
19931993 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000893 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 878 8/09B44DWCorporate v2
19941994 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000894 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 880 8/09B44DWCorporate v2
19951995 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000895 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 882 8/09B44DWCorporate v2
19981998 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000898 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 884 9/09B44DWCorporate v2
20002000 ST Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821090805 CC "Citaro" STA 001 4/99B44DWCorporate v1
ex m/o 2000,
Intended to be (1108) m/o 1108- However to celebrate "Sydney 2000" it entered service as (2000) m/o 2000. Then re-reg m/o 1108 after Olympics, back to m/o 2000 in 11/00
20072007 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000901 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 886 10/09B44DWCorporate v2
20082008 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000905 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 888 10/09B44DWCorporate v2
20092009 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000906 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 890 10/09B44DWCorporate v2
20142014 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000908 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 894 10/09B44DWCorporate v2
20172017 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000910 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 898 10/09B44DWCorporate v2
20202020 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000911 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 900 10/09B44DWCorporate v2
20272027 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000912 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 902 11/09B44DWCorporate v2
20312031 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000913 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 904 11/09B44DWCorporate v2
20322032 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000921 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 906 11/09B44DWCorporate v2
20332033 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000922 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 908 12/09B44DWCorporate v2
20342034 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000930 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 910 12/09B44DWCorporate v2
20412041 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000931 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 912 12/09B44DWCorporate v2
20422042 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000933 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 914 12/09B44DWCorporate v2
20972097 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R426AA138896 Volgren "CR228L" VG2960 5/10AB52TWBondi 333
20982098 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R420AA137274 Volgren "CR228L" VT0080 4/10AB52TWMetrobus
21232123 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000970 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 946 4/10B44DWCorporate v2
21252125 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000972 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 950 4/10B44DWCorporate v2
21262126 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000973 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 952 4/10B44DWCorporate v2
21272127 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000978 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 954 4/10B44DWCorporate v2
21412141 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000979 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 956 5/10B44DWCorporate v2
21422142 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000980 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 958 5/10B44DWCorporate v2
21432143 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000981 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 960 5/10B44DWCorporate v2
21442144 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000990 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 962 5/10B44DWCorporate v2
21452145 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000991 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 964 6/10B44DWCorporate v2
21712171 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000992 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 966 7/10B44DWCorporate v2
21722172 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000003 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 968 7/10B44DWCorporate v2
21732173 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000004 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 970 7/10B44DWCorporate v2
21742174 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000005 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 972 7/10B44DWCorporate v2
21932193 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R428AA139533 Volgren "CR228L" VT0106 8/10AB52TWBondi 333
22032203 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R421AA140782 Volgren "CR228L" VT0113 10/10AB52TWMetrobus
22062206 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R422AA138605 Volgren "CR228L" VT0116 10/10AB52TWBondi 333
22262226 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R424AA141974 Volgren "CR228L" VT0129 11/10AB52TWBondi 333
22272227 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R427AA142259 Volgren "CR228L" VT0130 11/10AB52TWMetrobus
22282228 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423AA142260 Volgren "CR228L" VT0131 12/10AB52TWMetrobus
22292229 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R424AA142316 Volgren "CR228L" VT0132 12/10AB52TWBondi 333
22302230 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R420AA142488 Volgren "CR228L" VT0133 12/10AB52TWBondi 333
22312231 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R422AA142489 Volgren "CR228L" VT0134 12/10AB52TWBondi 333
22322232 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R42XAA142515 Volgren "CR228L" VT0135 12/10AB52TWMetrobus
22372237 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R422AA140225 Volgren "CR228L" VT0138 1/11AB52TWBondi 333
22382238 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R426AA142737 Volgren "CR228L" VT0139 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
First bus in the Transport NSW common livery.
22392239 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R428AA142738 Volgren "CR228L" VT0140 1/11AB52TWBondi 333
22402240 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R422AA142766 Volgren "CR228L" VT0141 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22412241 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R424AA142767 Volgren "CR228L" VT0142 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22422242 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R426AA142768 Volgren "CR228L" VT0143 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22432243 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423AA142937 Volgren "CR228L" VT0144 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22442244 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R425AA142938 Volgren "CR228L" VT0145 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22452245 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R426AA142981 Volgren "CR228L" VT0146 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22572257 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R428AA142982 Volgren "CR228L" VT0147 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22582258 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R42XAA142983 Volgren "CR228L" VT0148 1/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22592259 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R42XBA143472 Volgren "CR228L" VT0149 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22602260 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R421BA143473 Volgren "CR228L" VT0150 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22612261 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423BA143474 Volgren "CR228L" VT0151 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22622262 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R425BA143475 Volgren "CR228L" VT0152 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22632263 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R427BA143476 Volgren "CR228L" VT0153 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22642264 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423BA143507 Volgren "CR228L" VT0154 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22652265 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R425BA143508 Volgren "CR228L" VT0155 2/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22722272 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000029 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 1022D 3/11B44DWTransport NSW
22752275 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423BA144754 Volgren "CR228L" VG3187 3/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22762276 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R425BA144755 Volgren "CR228L" VG3188 3/11AB52TWTransport NSW
22832283 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000031 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 1026D 3/11B44DWTransport NSW
22842284 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000032 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 1028D 3/11B44DWTransport NSW
22902290 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000033 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 1030D 2/11B44DWTransport NSW
22912291 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000034 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 1032D 3/11B44DWTransport NSW
22922292 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000035 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 1036 3/11B44DWTransport NSW
22932293 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000036 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 1036D 3/11B44DWTransport NSW
23342334 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R424BA145508 Volgren "CR228L" VT0184 5/11AB52TWMetrobus
23352335 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R426BA145509 Volgren "CR228L" VT0185 5/11AB52TWBondi 333
23362336 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423BA146956 Volgren "CR228L" VT0186 5/11AB52TWBondi 333
23372337 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R422BA146446 Volgren "CR228L" VT0187 5/11AB52TWBondi 333
23382338 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R429BA145875 Volgren "CR228L" VT0188 5/11AB52TWMetrobus
23392339 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423BA146732 Volgren "CR228L" VT0189 5/11AB52TWMetrobus
23402340 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R421BA146955 Volgren "CR228L" VT0190 5/11AB52TWBondi 333
23412341 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R42XBA147151 Volgren "CR228L" VT0191 5/11AB52TWBondi 333
23432343 ST Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5YV3R8R423BA147198 Volgren "CR228L" VT0193 5/11AB52TWBondi 333
26712671 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888278 Bustech "VSTM" 14/010 5/14B39DWTransport NSW
ex (5060) 7/14.
26722672 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891970 Bustech "VSTM" 14/036 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26732673 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891985 Bustech "VSTM" 14/037 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26742674 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891988 Bustech "VSTM" 14/038 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26752675 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891972 Bustech "VSTM" 14/039 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26762676 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891974 Bustech "VSTM" 14/040 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26772677 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891976 Bustech "VSTM" 14/041 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26782678 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891979 Bustech "VSTM" 14/042 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26792679 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891981 Bustech "VSTM" 14/043 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26802680 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891982 Bustech "VSTM" 14/044 2/15B39DWTransport NSW
26812681 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892009 Bustech "VSTM" 14/045 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26822682 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891984 Bustech "VSTM" 14/046 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26832683 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891989 Bustech "VSTM" 14/047 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26842684 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891990 Bustech "VSTM" 14/048 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26852685 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891993 Bustech "VSTM" 14/049 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26862686 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891994 Bustech "VSTM" 14/050 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26872687 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891995 Bustech "VSTM" 14/051 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26882688 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891996 Bustech "VSTM" 14/052 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26892689 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001891999 Bustech "VSTM" 14/053 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26902690 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892000 Bustech "VSTM" 14/054 3/15B39DWTransport NSW
26912691 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892001 Bustech "VSTM" 14/055 3/15*B39DWTransport NSW
26922692 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892004 Bustech "VSTM" 14/056 3/15*B39DWTransport NSW
26932693 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892005 Bustech "VSTM" 14/057 4/15B39DWTransport NSW
26942694 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892006 Bustech "VSTM" 14/058 4/15B39DWTransport NSW
26952695 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892008 Bustech "VSTM" 14/059 4/15B39DWTransport NSW
27032703 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892235 Bustech "VSTM" 14/099 4/15B39DWTransport NSW
27042704 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001892247 Bustech "VSTM" 14/100 4/15B39DWTransport NSW
3495m/o 3495 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823401 Ansair "Orana" 2485 9/94B49DCorporate v2
3496m/o 3496 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823402 Ansair "Orana" 2486 10/94B49DCorporate v2
3497m/o 3497 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823403 Ansair "Orana" 2487 10/94B49DCorporate v2
3499m/o 3499 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823405 Ansair "Orana" 2489 10/94B49DCorporate v2
3500m/o 3500 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823406 Ansair "Orana" 2490 11/94B49DCorporate v2
3501m/o 3501 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823407 Ansair "Orana" 2491 11/94B49DCorporate v2
3504m/o 3504 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823629 Ansair "Orana" 2494 12/94B49DCorporate v2
3505m/o 3505 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823630 Ansair "Orana" 2495 12/94B49DCorporate v2
3507m/o 3507 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823632 Ansair "Orana" 2497 12/94B49DCorporate v2
3510m/o 3510 Scania L113CRBYS4LC4X2B01823635 Ansair "Orana" 2500 1/95B49DCorporate v2
Reseated with Custom Coaches bench style seats
4918m/o 4918 Volvo B12BLE Euro 5YV3R8L4287A119983 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 602 7/07B44DWCorporate v2
4919m/o 4919 Volvo B12BLE Euro 5YV3R8L4217A119985 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 604 7/07B44DWCorporate v2
4920m/o 4920 Volvo B12BLE Euro 5YV3R8L4217A120005 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 606 -/07B44DWCorporate v2
4921m/o 4921 Volvo B12BLE Euro 5YV3R8L4217A120893 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 608 7/07B44DWCorporate v2
4922m/o 4922 Volvo B12BLE Euro 5YV3R8L4237A120894 CC "CB60 Evo II" STA 616 7/07B44DWCorporate v2
ex m/o 5374 7/15; ex m/o 4922 10/11.
Total buses in fleet = 174

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