State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses - Volvo B8RLE/Bustech VST

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
30043004 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V728KA195423 Bustech VST 19/054 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30053005 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V721KA195425 Bustech VST 19/055 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30063006 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V723KA195426 Bustech VST 19/056 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30073007 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V727KA195753 Bustech VST 19/057 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30083008 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V729KA195754 Bustech VST 19/058 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30093009 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V720KA195755 Bustech VST 19/059 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30103010 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V722KA195756 Bustech VST 19/060 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30113011 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V724KA195757 Bustech VST 19/061 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30123012 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V726KA195758 Bustech VST 19/062 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30133013 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V728KA195759 Bustech VST 19/063 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30143014 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V727KA196756 Bustech VST 19/070 8/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30153015 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V729KA196757 Bustech VST 19/071 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30163016 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V720KA196758 Bustech VST 19/072 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30173017 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V722KA196759 Bustech VST 19/073 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30183018 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V724KA196780 Bustech VST 19/074 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30193019 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V722KA196809 Bustech VST 19/075 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30203020 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V729KA196810 Bustech VST 19/076 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30213021 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V724KA197010 Bustech VST 19/077 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30223022 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7V723KA196916 Bustech VST 19/087 9/19B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
30663066 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U529KA197940 Bustech VST 19/100 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30673067 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U520KA197941 Bustech VST 19/101 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30683068 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U522KA197942 Bustech VST 19/102 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30693069 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U522KA198203 Bustech VST 19/103 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30703070 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U524KA198204 Bustech VST 19/104 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30713071 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U525KA198227 Bustech VST 19/105 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30723072 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U527KA198228 Bustech VST 19/106 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30733073 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U525KA198230 Bustech VST 19/107 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30743074 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U527KA198231 Bustech VST 19/108 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30753075 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U523KA198243 Bustech VST 19/109 11/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30763076 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U525KA198356 Bustech VST 19/110 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30773077 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U528KA198383 Bustech VST 19/111 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30913091 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U521KA198385 Bustech VST 19/112 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30923092 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U522KA198489 Bustech VST 19/113 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30933093 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U529KA198490 Bustech VST 19/114 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30943094 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U521LA198792 Bustech VST 19/115 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30953095 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U523LA198793 Bustech VST 19/116 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30963096 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U525LA198794 Bustech VST 19/117 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30973097 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U52XLA198872 Bustech VST 19/118 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30983098 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U523LA198874 Bustech VST 19/119 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
30993099 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U525LA198875 Bustech VST 19/120 12/19B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
31003100 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U528LA198899 Bustech VST 19/121 1/20B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
31013101 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U520LA198900 Bustech VST 19/122 1/20B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
31023102 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U524LA198902 Bustech VST 19/123 1/20B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
31033103 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U521LA198985 Bustech VST 19/124 1/20B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
31043104 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U525LA199007 Bustech VST 19/125 1/20B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
31053105 ST Volvo B8RLEYV3T7U527LA199008 Bustech VST 19/126 1/20B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
Total buses in fleet = 46

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