State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses - Volvo B12BLE Euro 3/CC CB60

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
1500m/o 1500 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8173A012842 CC CB60 STA 331 11/03B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1501m/o 1501 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8123A012909 CC CB60 STA 332 1/04B44DWCorporate v2Brookvale
1502m/o 1502 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8193A012843 CC CB60 STA 333 2/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1503m/o 1503 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8103A012911 CC CB60 STA 334 2/04B44DWCorporate v1Mona Vale
1504m/o 1504 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8193A012910 CC CB60 STA 335 2/04B44DWCorporate v1Mona Vale
1505m/o 1505 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8123A012912 CC CB60 STA 336 2/04B44DWCorporate v1Mona Vale
1506m/o 1506 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8183A002479 CC CB60 STA 337 2/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1507m/o 1507 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8104A013445 CC CB60 STA 338 3/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 9/15).
1508m/o 1508 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8124A013446 CC CB60 STA 339 3/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 9/15).
1509m/o 1509 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8144A013612 CC CB60 STA 340 3/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 9/15).
1510m/o 1510 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8164A013613 CC CB60 STA 341 4/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1511m/o 1511 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8184A013614 CC CB60 STA 342 4/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1512m/o 1512 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F81X4AO13615 CC CB60 STA 343 3/04B44DWCorporate v1Willoughby
1513m/o 1513 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8114A013616 CC CB60 STA 344 4/04B44DWCorporate v1Willoughby
1514m/o 1514 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8104A013638 CC CB60 STA 345 4/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
Loaned to Newcastle for Special Olympics
1515m/o 1515 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8124A013639 CC CB60 STA 346 4/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 9/15).
1516m/o 1516 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8144A013710 CC CB60 STA 347 5/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 9/15).
1517m/o 1517 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8164A013711 CC CB60 STA 348 5/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 10/15).
1518m/o 1518 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8184A013712 CC CB60 STA 349 5/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 8/15).
1519m/o 1519 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F81X4A013713 CC CB60 STA 350 5/04B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 9/15).
1520m/o 1520 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8114A013714 CC CB60 STA 351 5/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1521m/o 1521 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8134A013715 CC CB60 STA 352 5/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1522m/o 1522 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8184A013743 CC CB60 STA 353 5/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1523m/o 1523 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F81X4A013744 CC CB60 STA 354 5/04B44DWCorporate v2Brookvale
1524m/o 1524 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8114A013745 CC CB60 STA 355 5/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1525m/o 1525 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8194A014092 CC CB60 STA 356 6/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1526m/o 1526 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8104A014093 CC CB60 STA 357 6/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1527m/o 1527 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8124A014094 CC CB60 STA 358 6/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1528m/o 1528 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8144A014095 CC CB60 STA 359 6/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1529m/o 1529 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8164A014096 CC CB60 STA 360 7/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1556m/o 1556 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8104A015339 CC CB60 STA 387 11/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1558m/o 1558 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8174A015340 CC CB60 STA 388 11/04B44DWCorporate v2Brookvale
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 9/15).
1559m/o 1559 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8164A015426 CC CB60 STA 389 11/04B44DWCorporate v2Brookvale
ex CBD Shuttle livery (12/08 to 10/15).
1560m/o 1560 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8184A015427 CC CB60 STA 390 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1561m/o 1561 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8184A015718 CC CB60 STA 391 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1562m/o 1562 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F81X4A015719 CC CB60 STA 392 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1563m/o 1563 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8184A015721 CC CB60 STA 393 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1564m/o 1564 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F81X4A015722 CC CB60 STA 394 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1565m/o 1565 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8295A101002 CC CB60 STA 395 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1566m/o 1566 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8205A101003 CC CB60 STA 396 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1567m/o 1567 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8225A101004 CC CB60 STA 397 12/04B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1568m/o 1568 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F82X5A101039 CC CB60 STA 398 1/05B44DWCorporate v1Randwick
1569m/o 1569 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8265A101040 CC CB60 STA 399 1/05B44DWCorporate v1Randwick
Loaned to Newcastle for Special Olympics
1570m/o 1570 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8215A101043 CC CB60 STA 400 2/05B44DWCorporate v1Randwick
1571m/o 1571 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8245A101084 CC CB60 STA 401 2/05B44DWCorporate v1Randwick
1572m/o 1572 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8225A101228 CC CB60 STA 402 2/05B44DWCorporate v1Randwick
1573m/o 1573 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8245A101229 CC CB60 STA 403 2/05B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
1574m/o 1574 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8205A101230 CC CB60 STA 404 2/05B44DWCorporate v1Randwick
1575m/o 1575 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8225A101231 CC CB60 STA 405 2/05B44DWCorporate v1Randwick
1599m/o 1599 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8225A102024 CC CB60 STA 429 5/05B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1600m/o 1600 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8245A102025 CC CB60 STA 430 5/05B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1601m/o 1601 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8265A102026 CC CB60 STA 431 5/05B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1603m/o 1603 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F82X5A102028 CC CB60 STA 433 5/05B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
1604m/o 1604 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8215A102029 CC CB60 STA 434 5/05B44DWCorporate v1Brookvale
4800m/o 4800 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8206A111208 CC CB60 STA 667 10/06B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
4801m/o 4801 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8226A111209 CC CB60 STA 668 10/06B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
Loaned to Newcastle for Special Olympics
4802m/o 4802 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8296A111210 CC CB60 STA 669 10/06B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
4803m/o 4803 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8216A111251 CC CB60 STA 670 10/06B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
4804m/o 4804 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8226A111517 CC CB60 STA 671 10/06B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
4805m/o 4805 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8266A111603 CC CB60 STA 672 10/06B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
4806m/o 4806 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8286A111604 CC CB60 STA 673 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Willoughby
4807m/o 4807 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8216A111606 CC CB60 STA 674 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
4809m/o 4809 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8236A111607 CC CB60 STA 675 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
4810m/o 4810 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8256A111608 CC CB60 STA 676 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
4811m/o 4811 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8246A111633 CC CB60 STA 677 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
4812m/o 4812 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8286A111635 CC CB60 STA 678 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
4813m/o 4813 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F82X6A111636 CC CB60 STA 679 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
48144814 ST Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8216A111637 CC CB60 STA 680 12/06B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
ex m/o 4814 by 27/3/14.
4815m/o 4815 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8296A111725 CC CB60 STA 681 2/07B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
4816m/o 4816 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8206A111726 CC CB60 STA 682 2/07B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
4817m/o 4817 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8206A111788 CC CB60 STA 683 2/07B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
4819m/o 4819 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8226A110870 CC CB60 STA 684 11/06B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
4820m/o 4820 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8266A110869 CC CB60 STA 685 12/06B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
4824m/o 4824 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8286A110873 CC CB60 STA 689 12/06B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
Loaned to Newcastle for Special Olympics
4825m/o 4825 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8216A111377 CC CB60 STA 690 12/06B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
Loaned to Newcastle for Special Olympics
4826m/o 4826 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F82X6A111376 CC CB60 STA 691 1/07B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
4830m/o 4830 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8216A110892 CC CB60 STA 695 2/07B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
4831m/o 4831 Volvo B12BLE Euro 3YV3R8F8236A110893 CC CB60 STA 696 2/07B44DWCorporate v2Randwick
Total buses in fleet = 78

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