State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses - Scania L113CRL/Ansair Orana

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
3692m/o 3692 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01825912 Ansair Orana S2551 2/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3693m/o 3693 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01825913 Ansair Orana S2552 2/96B43DWTransport NSWRandwick
3694m/o 3694 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01825914 Ansair Orana S2553 2/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3696m/o 3696 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01825916 Ansair Orana S2554 3/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3697m/o 3697 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01825917 Ansair Orana S2555 3/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
First refurbishment to return in Transport NSW livery.
3699m/o 3699 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826074 Ansair Orana S2556 3/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3700m/o 3700 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826075 Ansair Orana S2561 3/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3701m/o 3701 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826076 Ansair Orana S2562 3/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3702m/o 3702 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826077 Ansair Orana S2563 4/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3705m/o 3705 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826299 Ansair Orana S2560 4/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3706m/o 3706 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826300 Ansair Orana S2565 4/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3708m/o 3708 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826302 Ansair Orana S2566 8/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3709m/o 3709 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826303 Ansair Orana S2567 8/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3710m/o 3710 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826828 Ansair Orana S2568 4/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3714m/o 3714 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01825925 Ansair Orana S2572 4/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3715m/o 3715 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01825926 Ansair Orana S2585 4/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3716m/o 3716 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826081 Ansair Orana S2570 4/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3717m/o 3717 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826830 Ansair Orana S2586 4/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3719m/o 3719 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826832 Ansair Orana S2588 7/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3720m/o 3720 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826833 Ansair Orana S2589 7/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3721m/o 3721 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826838 Ansair Orana S2590 7/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3722m/o 3722 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826839 Ansair Orana S2591 7/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3723m/o 3723 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826840 Ansair Orana S2592 8/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3724m/o 3724 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826841 Ansair Orana S2593 8/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3725m/o 3725 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01826842 Ansair Orana S2594 8/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3727m/o 3727 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827097 Ansair Orana S2596 8/96B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3728m/o 3728 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827098 Ansair Orana S2597 9/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3729m/o 3729 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827099 Ansair Orana S2598 9/96B45DCorporate v2Randwick
3730m/o 3730 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827100 Ansair Orana S2574 11/96B45DCorporate v2Willoughby
3733m/o 3733 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827306 Ansair Orana S2600 9/96B45DTransport NSWWilloughby
3734m/o 3734 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827307 Ansair Orana S2601 10/96B45DCorporate v2Willoughby
3735m/o 3735 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827308 Ansair Orana S2602 10/96B45DCorporate v2Willoughby
3736m/o 3736 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827309 Ansair Orana S2603 10/96B45DCorporate v2Willoughby
3738m/o 3738 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827311 Ansair Orana S2605 11/96B45DTransport NSWWilloughby
3740m/o 3740 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827552 Ansair Orana S2607 11/96B45DTransport NSWWilloughby
3741m/o 3741 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827553 Ansair Orana S2608 11/96B45DCorporate v2Willoughby
3742m/o 3742 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827554 Ansair Orana S2609 12/96B45DCorporate v2Willoughby
3743m/o 3743 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827555 Ansair Orana S2610 12/96B45DTransport NSWWilloughby
3744m/o 3744 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827770 Ansair Orana S2611 12/96B45DTransport NSWWilloughby
3753m/o 3753 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827997 Ansair Orana S2620 3/97B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3754m/o 3754 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827998 Ansair Orana S2621 3/97B45DTransport NSWRandwick
3775m/o 3775 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01828890 Ansair Orana S2648 8/97B43DWTransport NSWWilloughby
3830m/o 3830 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830606 Ansair Orana 672692 4/98B43DWCorporate v2Willoughby
3831m/o 3831 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830607 Ansair Orana 672693 4/98B43DWTransport NSWWilloughby
3832m/o 3832 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830608 Ansair Orana 672694 4/98B43DWCorporate v2Willoughby
3833m/o 3833 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830755 Ansair Orana 672695 4/98B43DWTransport NSWWilloughby
3834m/o 3834 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830756 Ansair Orana 672696 4/98B43DWCorporate v1Willoughby
3835m/o 3835 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830757 Ansair Orana 672697 4/98B43DWCorporate v1Willoughby
3836m/o 3836 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830758 Ansair Orana 672698 8/98B43DWCorporate v2Willoughby
3837m/o 3837 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830759 Ansair Orana 672699 8/98B43DWCorporate v2Willoughby
3838m/o 3838 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01830760 Ansair Orana 672700 8/98B43DWCorporate v1Willoughby
3839m/o 3839 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01831010 Ansair Orana 672581 8/98B43DWCorporate v1Willoughby
3840m/o 3840 Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01831011 Ansair Orana 682582 8/98B43DWCorporate v2Willoughby
Total buses in fleet = 53

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