State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses - Scania K280UB/Bustech VST

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
26292629 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001886763 Bustech VST 13/111 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26302630 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001886852 Bustech VST 13/112 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26312631 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001886844 Bustech VST 13/113 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26322632 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887002 Bustech VST 13/114 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26332633 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887126 Bustech VST 13/115 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26342634 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887122 Bustech VST 13/116 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26352635 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887104 Bustech VST 13/117 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26362636 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887516 Bustech VST 13/118 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26372637 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887567 Bustech VST 13/119 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26382638 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887593 Bustech VST 13/120 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26392639 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887582 Bustech VST 13/121 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26402640 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887586 Bustech VST 13/122 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26412641 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887564 Bustech VST 13/123 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26422642 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887578 Bustech VST 13/124 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26432643 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887580 Bustech VST 13/125 5/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26442644 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887733 Bustech VST 13/126 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26452645 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887742 Bustech VST 13/127 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26462646 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887807 Bustech VST 13/128 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26472647 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887790 Bustech VST 13/129 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26482648 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887946 Bustech VST 13/130 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26492649 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887865 Bustech VST 13/131 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26502650 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887873 Bustech VST 13/132 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26512651 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887887 Bustech VST 13/133 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26522652 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887881 Bustech VST 13/134 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26532653 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887885 Bustech VST 13/135 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26542654 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887934 Bustech VST 13/136 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26552655 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887925 Bustech VST 13/137 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26562656 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001887940 Bustech VST 13/138 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26572657 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888050 Bustech VST 13/139 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26582658 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888044 Bustech VST 13/140 6/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26592659 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888515 Bustech VST 14/024 8/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26602660 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888518 Bustech VST 14/025 9/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26612661 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888524 Bustech VST 14/026 9/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
26622662 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001888538 Bustech VST 14/027 9/14B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27492749 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895523 Bustech VST 15/114 10/15B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27502750 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895553 Bustech VST 15/115 10/15B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27512751 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895548 Bustech VST 15/116 10/15B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27522752 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895416 Bustech VST 15/117 10/15B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27532753 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895426 Bustech VST 15/118 11/15B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27542754 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895436 Bustech VST 15/119 10/15B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27552755 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895445 Bustech VST 15/120 11/15B45DWTransport NSWWilloughby
27562756 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895441 Bustech VST 15/121 11/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27572757 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895684 Bustech VST 15/122 11/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27582758 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895703 Bustech VST 15/123 11/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27592759 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895691 Bustech VST 15/124 11/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27602760 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895687 Bustech VST 15/125 11/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27612761 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895714 Bustech VST 15/126 11/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27622762 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895715 Bustech VST 15/127 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27632763 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895755 Bustech VST 15/128 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27642764 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895748 Bustech VST 15/129 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27652765 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895741 Bustech VST 15/130 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27662766 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895758 Bustech VST 15/131 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27672767 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895765 Bustech VST 15/132 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27682768 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895816 Bustech VST 15/133 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27692769 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895813 Bustech VST 15/134 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27702770 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895817 Bustech VST 15/135 12/15B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27712771 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895823 Bustech VST 15/136 2/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27722772 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895827 Bustech VST 15/137 2/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27732773 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895832 Bustech VST 15/138 2/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27742774 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895825 Bustech VST 15/139 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27752775 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895838 Bustech VST 15/140 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27762776 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895845 Bustech VST 15/141 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27772777 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895847 Bustech VST 15/142 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27782778 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895851 Bustech VST 15/143 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27792779 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895850 Bustech VST 15/144 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27802780 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895959 Bustech VST 15/145 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27812781 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895980 Bustech VST 15/146 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27822782 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001895968 Bustech VST 15/147 3/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
27832783 ST Scania K280UBYS2K4X20001896154 Bustech VST 15/148 4/16B45DWTransport NSWPort Botany
Total buses in fleet = 69

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