State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses - Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNG/CC CB60 Evo II

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
18001800 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000547 CC CB60 Evo II STA 605 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18011801 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000559 CC CB60 Evo II STA 607 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18021802 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000560 CC CB60 Evo II STA 609 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18031803 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000561 CC CB60 Evo II STA 610 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18041804 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000562 CC CB60 Evo II STA 611 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18051805 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000566 CC CB60 Evo II STA 612 4/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18061806 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000567 CC CB60 Evo II STA 613 4/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18071807 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000568 CC CB60 Evo II STA 614 4/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18081808 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000569 CC CB60 Evo II STA 615 4/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18091809 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000570 CC CB60 Evo II STA 617 4/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18101810 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000571 CC CB60 Evo II STA 619 4/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18111811 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000572 CC CB60 Evo II STA 621 4/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18201820 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000591 CC CB60 Evo II STA 637 2/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18211821 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000598 CC CB60 Evo II STA 639 2/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18221822 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000604 CC CB60 Evo II STA 641 5/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18231823 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000605 CC CB60 Evo II STA 642 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18241824 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000606 CC CB60 Evo II STA 643 2/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18251825 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000610 CC CB60 Evo II STA 644 2/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18261826 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000611 CC CB60 Evo II STA 645 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18271827 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000612 CC CB60 Evo II STA 646 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18281828 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000613 CC CB60 Evo II STA 648 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18291829 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000614 CC CB60 Evo II STA 650 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18301830 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000615 CC CB60 Evo II STA 652 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18311831 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000616 CC CB60 Evo II STA 654 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18321832 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000623 CC CB60 Evo II STA 656 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18331833 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000624 CC CB60 Evo II STA 658 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18341834 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000636 CC CB60 Evo II STA 660 3/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18351835 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000638 CC CB60 Evo II STA 661 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18361836 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000639 CC CB60 Evo II STA 662 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18371837 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000640 CC CB60 Evo II STA 663 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18381838 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000641 CC CB60 Evo II STA 664 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18391839 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000642 CC CB60 Evo II STA 665 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18401840 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000656 CC CB60 Evo II STA 666 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18411841 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000657 CC CB60 Evo II STA 698 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18421842 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000658 CC CB60 Evo II STA 700 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18431843 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000659 CC CB60 Evo II STA 702 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18441844 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000660 CC CB60 Evo II STA 704 4/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18451845 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000661 CC CB60 Evo II STA 706 5/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18461846 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000662 CC CB60 Evo II STA 708 5/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18471847 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000663 CC CB60 Evo II STA 710 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18481848 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000664 CC CB60 Evo II STA 712 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18491849 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000677 CC CB60 Evo II STA 714 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18501850 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000678 CC CB60 Evo II STA 716 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18511851 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000679 CC CB60 Evo II STA 718 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18521852 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000680 CC CB60 Evo II STA 720 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18531853 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000682 CC CB60 Evo II STA 722 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18541854 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000683 CC CB60 Evo II STA 724 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18551855 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000684 CC CB60 Evo II STA 726 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18561856 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000675 CC CB60 Evo II STA 728 7/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18571857 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000676 CC CB60 Evo II STA 730 6/08B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
18921892 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000716 CC CB60 Evo II STA 760 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18931893 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000717 CC CB60 Evo II STA 762 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18941894 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000718 CC CB60 Evo II STA 764 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18951895 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000722 CC CB60 Evo II STA 766 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18961896 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000723 CC CB60 Evo II STA 768 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18971897 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000724 CC CB60 Evo II STA 770 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18981898 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000725 CC CB60 Evo II STA 772 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
18991899 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000726 CC CB60 Evo II STA 774 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19001900 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000727 CC CB60 Evo II STA 776 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19011901 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000728 CC CB60 Evo II STA 778 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19021902 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000729 CC CB60 Evo II STA 780 9/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19031903 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000730 CC CB60 Evo II STA 782 10/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19041904 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000731 CC CB60 Evo II STA 784 10/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19051905 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000751 CC CB60 Evo II STA 786 10/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19061906 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000752 CC CB60 Evo II STA 788 10/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19821982 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000846 CC CB60 Evo II STA 860 5/09B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
19831983 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000847 CC CB60 Evo II STA 862 5/09B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
19841984 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000848 CC CB60 Evo II STA 864 5/09B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
19851985 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000849 CC CB60 Evo II STA 866 5/09B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
19861986 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000850 CC CB60 Evo II STA 868 5/09B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
19871987 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000851 CC CB60 Evo II STA 870 5/09B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
19881988 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000865 CC CB60 Evo II STA 872 7/09B44DWMetrobusRyde
19891989 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000866 CC CB60 Evo II STA 874 7/09B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
19921992 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000892 CC CB60 Evo II STA 876 8/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19931993 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000893 CC CB60 Evo II STA 878 8/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19941994 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000894 CC CB60 Evo II STA 880 8/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19951995 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000895 CC CB60 Evo II STA 882 8/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
19981998 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000898 CC CB60 Evo II STA 884 9/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
20072007 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000901 CC CB60 Evo II STA 886 10/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
20082008 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000905 CC CB60 Evo II STA 888 10/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
20092009 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000906 CC CB60 Evo II STA 890 10/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20132013 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000907 CC CB60 Evo II STA 892 10/09B44DWMetrobusRyde
20142014 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000908 CC CB60 Evo II STA 894 10/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20152015 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000909 CC CB60 Evo II STA 896 10/09B44DWMetrobusRyde
20172017 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000910 CC CB60 Evo II STA 898 10/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20202020 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000911 CC CB60 Evo II STA 900 10/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20272027 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000912 CC CB60 Evo II STA 902 11/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20312031 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000913 CC CB60 Evo II STA 904 11/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20322032 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000921 CC CB60 Evo II STA 906 11/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20332033 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000922 CC CB60 Evo II STA 908 12/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20342034 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000930 CC CB60 Evo II STA 910 12/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20412041 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000931 CC CB60 Evo II STA 912 12/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
20422042 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000933 CC CB60 Evo II STA 914 12/09B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21012101 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000944 CC CB60 Evo II STA 936 3/10B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
21022102 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000957 CC CB60 Evo II STA 938 3/10B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
21042104 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000959 CC CB60 Evo II STA 942 3/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21052105 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000962 CC CB60 Evo II STA 944 4/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21232123 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000970 CC CB60 Evo II STA 946 4/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21242124 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000971 CC CB60 Evo II STA 946 5/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21252125 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000972 CC CB60 Evo II STA 950 4/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21262126 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000973 CC CB60 Evo II STA 952 4/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21272127 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000978 CC CB60 Evo II STA 954 4/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21412141 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000979 CC CB60 Evo II STA 956 5/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21422142 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000980 CC CB60 Evo II STA 958 5/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21432143 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000981 CC CB60 Evo II STA 960 5/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21442144 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000990 CC CB60 Evo II STA 962 5/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21452145 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000991 CC CB60 Evo II STA 964 6/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21522152 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000002 CC CB60 Evo II STA 974 7/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21532153 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000006 CC CB60 Evo II STA 975 7/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21712171 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000992 CC CB60 Evo II STA 966 7/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21722172 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000003 CC CB60 Evo II STA 968 7/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21732173 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000004 CC CB60 Evo II STA 970 7/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21742174 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000005 CC CB60 Evo II STA 972 7/10B44DWCorporate v2Waverley
21752175 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000007 CC CB60 Evo II STA 978 7/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21762176 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000008 CC CB60 Evo II STA 980 8/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21772177 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000009 CC CB60 Evo II STA 982 8/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21782178 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000010 CC CB60 Evo II STA 984 8/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21852185 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000011 CC CB60 Evo II STA 986 8/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21862186 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000013 CC CB60 Evo II STA 988 8/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21872187 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000014 CC CB60 Evo II STA 990 9/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21882188 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000015 CC CB60 Evo II STA 992 8/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21902190 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000017 CC CB60 Evo II STA 996 10/10B44DWCorporate v2Ryde
21982198 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000018 CC CB60 Evo II STA 998 10/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
21992199 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000019 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1000 10/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
22002200 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000012 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1002 10/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
22142214 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000020 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1004 10/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
22152215 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000021 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1006D 11/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
22162216 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000022 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1008 11/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
22172217 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000023 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1010 11/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
22342234 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000024 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1012D 12/10B44DWMetrobusRyde
22462246 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000025 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1014D 1/11B44DWMetrobusRyde
22472247 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000026 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1016D 2/11B44DWMetrobusRyde
2248m/o 6383 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000027 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1018D 2/11B44DWMetrobusRyde
ex 2248 ST by 10/14.
22562256 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000028 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1020D 3/11B44DWMetrobusRyde
22722272 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000029 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1022D 3/11B44DWTransport NSWWaverley
22832283 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000031 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1026D 3/11B44DWTransport NSWWaverley
22842284 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000032 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1028D 3/11B44DWTransport NSWWaverley
22902290 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000033 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1030D 2/11B44DWTransport NSWWaverley
22912291 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000034 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1032D 3/11B44DWTransport NSWPort Botany
22922292 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000035 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1036 3/11B44DWTransport NSWPort Botany
22932293 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000036 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1036D 3/11B44DWTransport NSWPort Botany
22942294 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000037 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1038D 3/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23102310 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000038 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1040D 4/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23112311 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000039 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1042D 4/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23122312 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000040 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1044D 4/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23132313 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000041 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1046D 4/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23142314 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000042 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1048D 4/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23152315 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000043 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1050D 4/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23232323 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000044 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1052D 5/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23242324 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000045 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1054D 5/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
23252325 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63470021000046 CC CB60 Evo II STA 1056D 4/11B44DWTransport NSWRyde
4868m/o 4868 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000404 CC CB60 Evo II STA 521 9/07B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4869m/o 4869 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000451 CC CB60 Evo II STA 538 9/07B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4870m/o 4870 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000473 CC CB60 Evo II STA 540 9/07B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4871m/o 4871 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000474 CC CB60 Evo II STA 542 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4872m/o 4872 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000475 CC CB60 Evo II STA 544 9/07B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4873m/o 4873 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000476 CC CB60 Evo II STA 546 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4875m/o 4875 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000478 CC CB60 Evo II STA 555 11/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4876m/o 4876 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000486 CC CB60 Evo II STA 557 11/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4877m/o 4877 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000485 CC CB60 Evo II STA 559 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4879m/o 4879 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000558 CC CB60 Evo II STA 563 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4880m/o 4880 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000487 CC CB60 Evo II STA 565 12/08 B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4881m/o 4881 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000489 CC CB60 Evo II STA 566 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4882m/o 4882 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000488 CC CB60 Evo II STA 567 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4883m/o 4883 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000492 CC CB60 Evo II STA 568 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4884m/o 4884 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000490 CC CB60 Evo II STA 570 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4885m/o 4885 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000491 CC CB60 Evo II STA 572 1/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4886m/o 4886 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000512 CC CB60 Evo II STA 574 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4887m/o 4887 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000513 CC CB60 Evo II STA 576 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4888m/o 4888 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000514 CC CB60 Evo II STA 578 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4889m/o 4889 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000515 CC CB60 Evo II STA 580 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4890m/o 4890 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000516 CC CB60 Evo II STA 581 12/08B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4891m/o 4891 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000517 CC CB60 Evo II STA 582 1/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4892m/o 4892 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000520 CC CB60 Evo II STA 583 1/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4893m/o 4893 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000521 CC CB60 Evo II STA 585 1/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4894m/o 4894 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000522 CC CB60 Evo II STA 587 1/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4895m/o 4895 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000525 CC CB60 Evo II STA 589 2/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4896m/o 4896 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000526 CC CB60 Evo II STA 591 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4897m/o 4897 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000527 CC CB60 Evo II STA 593 2/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4898m/o 4898 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000537 CC CB60 Evo II STA 595 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4899m/o 4899 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000539 CC CB60 Evo II STA 597 2/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4900m/o 4900 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000540 CC CB60 Evo II STA 599 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
4901m/o 4901 Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000545 CC CB60 Evo II STA 604 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
49024902 ST Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNGWEB63422021000546 CC CB60 Evo II STA 603 3/09B44DWCorporate v2Port Botany
Total buses in fleet = 184

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