State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses - Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG/CC Citaro

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by State Transit Authority - Sydney Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
1122m/o 1122 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821092135 CC Citaro STA 023 10/99B45DWCorporate v1Port Botany
1154m/o 1154 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821093134 CC Citaro STA 054 2/00B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1156m/o 1156 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821093136 CC Citaro STA 056 2/00B45DWCorporate v1Port Botany
1160m/o 1160 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821093133 CC Citaro STA 060 3/00B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1182m/o 1182 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821093980 CC Citaro STA 081 5/00B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1260m/o 1260 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821097782 CC Citaro STA 159 4/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1268m/o 1268 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821097792 CC Citaro STA 162 4/01B45DWCorporate v1Port Botany
1306m/o 1306 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098735 CC Citaro STA 201 8/01B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1310m/o 1310 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098739 CC Citaro STA 205 9/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1316m/o 1316 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098745 CC Citaro STA 210 9/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1317m/o 1317 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098746 CC Citaro STA 211 10/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1318m/o 1318 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098747 CC Citaro STA 212 10/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1319m/o 1319 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098748 CC Citaro STA 215 10/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1320m/o 1320 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098749 CC Citaro STA 214 10/01B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
ex m/o 3407 -/04; ex m/o 1320 10/03.
1321m/o 1321 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098750 CC Citaro STA 216 10/01B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1322m/o 1322 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098751 CC Citaro STA 217 10/01B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1324m/o 1324 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098753 CC Citaro STA 219 10/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1326m/o 1326 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098755 CC Citaro STA 221 10/01B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1328m/o 1328 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098757 CC Citaro STA 223 11/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1329m/o 1329 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098758 CC Citaro STA 224 11/01B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1330m/o 1330 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098759 CC Citaro STA 225 11/01B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1346m/o 1346 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098775 CC Citaro STA 240 1/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1348m/o 1348 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098777 CC Citaro STA 243 2/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1349m/o 1349 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098778 CC Citaro STA 244 2/02B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1350m/o 1350 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098779 CC Citaro STA 245 3/02B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1351m/o 1351 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098780 CC Citaro STA 246 2/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1352m/o 1352 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098781 CC Citaro STA 247 2/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1353m/o 1353 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098782 CC Citaro STA 248 2/02B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1354m/o 1354 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098783 CC Citaro STA 249 3/02B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1355m/o 1355 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098784 CC Citaro STA 250 3/02B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1356m/o 1356 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098785 CC Citaro STA 251 3/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1357m/o 1357 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098786 CC Citaro STA 252 3/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1358m/o 1358 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098787 CC Citaro STA 253 3/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1359m/o 1359 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098788 CC Citaro STA 254 3/02B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1360m/o 1360 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098789 CC Citaro STA 255 3/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
ex m/o 5418 by 28/7/15; ex m/o 1360 31/7/12.
1361m/o 1361 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098790 CC Citaro STA 256 3/02B45DWCorporate v2Waverley
1362m/o 1362 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098791 CC Citaro STA 257 4/02B45DWCorporate v1Waverley
1363m/o 1363 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821098792 CC Citaro STA 258 4/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1368m/o 1368 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099579 CC Citaro STA 263 5/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1372m/o 1372 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099583 CC Citaro STA 267 5/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1373m/o 1373 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099584 CC Citaro STA 268 5/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1374m/o 1374 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099585 CC Citaro STA 269 6/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1375m/o 1375 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099586 CC Citaro STA 270 6/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1376m/o 1376 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099587 CC Citaro STA 271 6/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1378m/o 1378 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099589 CC Citaro STA 273 6/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1379m/o 1379 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099590 CC Citaro STA 274 7/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1380m/o 1380 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099591 CC Citaro STA 275 7/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1383m/o 1383 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099594 CC Citaro STA 278 7/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1384m/o 1384 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099595 CC Citaro STA 279 7/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1386m/o 1386 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099597 CC Citaro STA 281 8/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1388m/o 1388 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099599 CC Citaro STA 283 8/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1390m/o 1390 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099601 CC Citaro STA 285 9/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1391m/o 1391 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099602 CC Citaro STA 286 9/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1394m/o 1394 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099605 CC Citaro STA 289 10/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1395m/o 1395 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099606 CC Citaro STA 290 10/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1396m/o 1396 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099607 CC Citaro STA 291 10/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1397m/o 1397 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099608 CC Citaro STA 292 10/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1399m/o 1399 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099610 CC Citaro STA 294 11/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1400m/o 1400 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099611 CC Citaro STA 295 12/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1401m/o 1401 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099612 CC Citaro STA 296 12/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1402m/o 1402 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099613 CC Citaro STA 297 11/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
1404m/o 1404 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099615 CC Citaro STA 299 12/02B45DWCorporate v1Ryde
1405m/o 1405 Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821099616 CC Citaro STA 300 12/02B45DWCorporate v2Ryde
20002000 ST Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNGWEB35748821090805 CC Citaro STA 001 4/99B44DWCorporate v1Waverley
ex m/o 2000,
Intended to be (1108) m/o 1108- However to celebrate "Sydney 2000" it entered service as (2000) m/o 2000. Then re-reg m/o 1108 after Olympics, back to m/o 2000 in 11/00
Total buses in fleet = 64

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