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The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Adelaide Star Bus / Adelaide Mini Buses / Be Consumed Wine Tours.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Formally known as Vin's Buses / Adelaide Mini Buses
14S572 AID Toyota Hi Ace Cummuter Arakawa -
16S361 ACF Toyota Hi Ace Cummuter6398 Arakawa -
21SB 98 AR Mitsubishi Rosa0634 MMC C24C
26SB 79 KC Mitsubishi Rosa1095 MMC C24C
27SB 84 LF Mitsubishi Rosa0053 MMC C24C
29SB 51 AP Mercedes-Benz LO8149BM688176SB081976 A.B. Denning 'Vario' 82095 24/06/1996C24F
ex VYT 483 Prime Mini Tours, Melrose Park, S.A.
33SB 07 GQ Hino RG197KJHDRG197KXXX40478 Austral Denning 'Starliner' CS00500 3/1995DP57F
ex (22) 3271 AO Sandringham & Brighton Coaches, Moorabbin, Vic-ex (2) 3271 AO-ex NDB 662 Westernport Road Lines, Koo Wee Rup, Vic.
51SB 75 HD Mercedes-Benz O404-3WDB61823821081329 Austral Denning 'Majestic' M001050 2/1996C50FT
ex TC 6496 South West Coach Lines (Transdev), Busselton, W.A.-ex (6) 374 JLG Surf City Coaches, Southport, Qld-ex (41) m/o 2273-ex TV 007 AAT Kings, Sydney, N.S.W.
52SB 51 HK Mercedes-Benz O404-3WDB61823821081336 Austral Denning 'Majestic' M001020 1/1996C50FT
ex TC 6495 South West Coach Lines (Transdev), Busselton, W.A.-ex (5) 983 JGG Surf City Coaches, Southport, Qld-ex (6) 1209 AO-NSU 500 AAT Kings, Sydney, N.S.W.
53XGK 900 Renault MRC6TRLR210P00111122 ABM 88113 6/1999C57F
ex XGK 900 Faith Lutheran College, Tanunda, S.A. ex 2051 AO-ex QBF 799 Warragul Bus Lines (Dineen Group), Warragul, Vic.
54SB 18 AX MAN 18.3706ABA550471MX01015 NCBC 216 9/1999C57F
ex SB 18 AX Willunga Charter, Willunga, S.A.-ex (91) 1591 AO-ex PRL 960 McHarry's Bus Lines, Breakwater, Vic-ex PRL 960-ex NYO 589, Bellarine Bus Lines, Bellarine, Vic.
55SB 93 MD MAN 18.350WMAA51ZZZ1H001729 Mills-Tui 'Orbit' MAN12827 10/2001C57F
ex (5018) TV 3244 Telford's Bus & Coach (Dunn Group), Arncliff, N.S.W.-ex TV 3244 Tiger Tours Management Pty Ltd, Caringbah, N.S.W.
56SB 72 BO MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ58C011509 King Long '6126AU' KLAB08-031 7/2008C57F
ex SB 72 BO Woodside Coaches, Woodside, S.A.
57SB 37 NX MAN6755 King Long '6126AU' 2012C57F
ex ?
SB 28 CX Mitsubishi Rosa MMC -
SB 41 AY Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJP0F00959 Fuso 5/2009C24C
ex (21) SB 41 AY Buses R Us, Pooraka, S.A.
TV 3287 Mitsubishi Rosa MMC - B24C
ex TV 3287 Australand Tours, Kingsgrove, N.S.W.
XNE 373 Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P500001531 Arakawa - 5/2007B12C
ex XNE 373 Kanga, Mawson Lakes, S.A.
XNE 379 Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P200001535 Arakawa - 5/2007B12C
ex XNE 379 Kanga, Mawson Lakes, S.A.
XS 70AG King LongLA6A1LAK1EB401965 King Long '6130AU' - 6/2015C57F
ex BS 01 YE Sundancer Buses, Taylors Hill, Vic-ex (182) 1EX 6TR Greyhound Australia, Eagle Farm, Qld-ex King Long Stock.
XSU 886 Toyota HiAce Commuter3912 Arakawa -
Total buses in fleet = 21
Previously operated vehicles
9SB 68 AS Austral Austral 'Tourmaster' 1988RC46FT
ex ??
10SB 34 AP Mercedes-Benz OC1621355-099-65-326433 Custom Coaches 88-267 14/03/1989B61F
ex (10) MO 1330 Orange Buslines (Buslines Group), Orange, N.S.W.
19SB 86 CY Nissan RB30R00000538 PMC '160' 1950 5/1990B57F
ex (1) 5022 MO-ex (232) MO 1481 Northern Rivers Buslines (Buslines Group), N.S.W.
25SB 95 AI Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461962926 Ansair 'Orana' OH2374 9/1993B53F
ex 1262 AO J.P. Hutchinson, Birregurra, Vic-ex 1262 AO-ex FJX 556 P.W. & G.J. McCallum, Colac, Vic.
30SB 31 AX Mercedes-Benz O404-3WDB61823821081282 Austral Denning 'Majestic' M001010 1/1996C50FT
ex 1072 AC Wangaratta Coach Lines, Wangaratta, Vic-ex 1072 AC Rowville Coaches, Rowville, Vic-ex (5) mo 2529 (NT)-ex (5) 1200 AO-ex (5) NLO 982 AAT-Kings, Spotswood, Vic
SOLD to Warrigal Charters, Mount Warrigal, N.S.W. as (50) TV 02.
35SB 83 AI Toyota Coaster HZB50R1320 Arakawa B21C
ex ??
50SB 47 KD Hino RG23010871 ABM 80159 3/2001
ex Go West, W.A.
WGI 681 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa
ex ??
XGO 173 Austral Austral Denning
ex ??
? Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177RB025098 Custom Coaches 94-204 1/1995B26F
ex (429) 2429 AO-ex FST 442 Ventura Group, Doncaster, Vic
? Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177RB025140 Custom Coaches 94-202 1/1995B26F
ex (432) 2432 AO-ex FST 441 Ventura Group, Doncaster, Vic
No of withdrawn buses listed = 11

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