The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by SeaLink.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
18WKG 820 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108005286 Arakawa - 2000C21C
ex (18) WKG 820 SkyLink, Adelaide, S.A.
21WSM 464 Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BC00238 MMC - 2002C24C
33SB 07 AN Scania K114IBYS2K6X20001856304 Mills Tui 'Majestic Valere' PBSBA0464 11/5/2007C48FT
35SB 71 AZ Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC528205000265 Arakawa - 2008B20C
36SB 61 AZ Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFC528X05000210 Arakawa - 2008B20C
41SB 60 DQ Scania K420EBYS2K6X20001868216 Coach Design 687 7/2010C53FAAT Kings
45SB 48 FS Higer - CumminsLKLR1DSB7CA573475/V050911 Higer 'MidiBoss' - 4/2012C35F
46SB 49 FS Higer - CumminsLKLR1DSB9CA573476/V060911 Higer 'MidiBoss' 4/2012C35F
48SB 34 HT Scania K440EBYS2K4X20001886650 Coach Design 800 3/2014C51D
51SB 55 JK Scania K440IBYS2K6X20001879070 Irizar 'i6 3900' 6/2014C48FT
56SB 51 JR Scania K420EBYS2K6X20001868655 Irizar Century '3900' 2010C50DT
ex SB 51 JR Kanga, Mawson Lakes, S.A.-ex TV 6474 Terry's Tours, Tweed Heads, N.S.W.
59SB 86 LY Scania K360IBYS2K4X20001898282 Coach Design 910 9/2016C51D
60SB 24 LZ Scania K360IBYS2K4X20001898157 Coach Design 908 9/2016C51D
SB 52 ED Fuso Rosa Fuso - C24C
? Scania K320IBYS2K4X20001892400 Coach Design 851 6/2015C51FT
? Scania K360IBYS2K4X20001898254 Coach Design 904 8/2016C51F
? Scania K360IBYS2K4X20001898178 Coach Design 903 8/2016C51F
? Scania K360IBYS2K4X20001898282 Coach Design 910 9/2016C51F
? Scania K440EBYS2K6X20001886512 Coach Design 798 2/2014C48FTB
Total buses in fleet = 19
Previously operated vehicles
1VVN 105 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X20001826895 PMCA 'Apollo' 2550 6/1996C46FT
Leased from former owner of Coachlines of Australia
ex (1) VVN 105 SkyLink, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD to Kanga, Mawson Lakes, S.A.
4VVC 472 Volvo B10M43428 PMCA 'Apollo' 2653 10/1995C42FT
ex (4) VVC 472 SkyLink, Adelaide, S.A.-ex VVC 472 Festival Tours, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD to Maloy's Coach Service, Ourimbah, N.S.W. as TV 4794.
7VVK 458 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X20001826805 PMCA 'Apollo' 2579 6/1996C46FT
ex (7) VVK 458 SkyLink, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD to Kanga, Mawson Lakes, S.A.
14WHU 688 Scania K94UBYS4L4X20001834386 Coach Design 161 8/1999C53F
ex WHU 668 SkyLink, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD to Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, Vic.
15WIC 658 Scania L94IBYS4L4X20001834387 Coach Design 167 10/1999C53F
SOLD to Murray Bridge Passenger Service, Murray Bridge, S.A.
16WKE 318 Scania L94IBYS4L4X20001836468 Coach Design 192 3/2000C53F
SOLD to Kanga Coachlines, Mawson Lakes, S.A. as SB 45 FJ.
17WJZ 476 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2000C21C
ex (17) WJZ 476 SkyLink, Adelaide, S.A.
Written off after accident early 2008
18WOU 437 Scania L94IBYS4L4X20001839023 Coach Design 245 7/2001C53F
SCRAPPED - destroyed by fire.
19? Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - C24C
22WTX 837 Scania L94IBYS4K4X20001841484 Coach Design 295 9/2002C53F
SOLD to Kanga Coachlines, Mawson Lakes, S.A. as SB 46 FJ.
24XDA 963 Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001848023 Coach Design 380 11/2004C53F
SOLD to Kanga Coachlines, Mawson Lakes, S.A. as SB 47 FJ.
26XGO 663 Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001851711 Coach Design 418 9/2005C53F
SOLD to Brighton Coach, Kingsgrove, N.S.W. as TV 8073.
30WSM 465 Mitsubishi RosaJMFBE649J0BC00166 MMC - 2002C24C
ex WSM 465 SkyLink, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD to Kingsford Smith Travel, Alexandria, N.S.W. as (12) TV 8681.
VPJ 807 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01822998 PMCA 'Apollo' 2439 9/1994C53F
SOLD to Diamond Coaches, Bundoora, Vic as (49) 1049 AC.
VWV 995 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01823026 PMCA 'Apollo' 2495 1/1995C49F
SOLD to Diamond Coaches, Bundoora, Vic as (48) 1048 AC.
VWV 996 Scania K93CRBYS4KC4X2B01827753 PMCA 'Apollo' 2691 12/1996C57F
SOLD to Diamond Coaches, Bundoora, Vic as (51) 1051 AC.
? MAN 16.290AB4790158MX00402 PMCA 'Apollo' 2529 C57F
SOLD to Carbridge, Rozelle, N.S.W.12/5/1997 as URC 050 then to Eastrans (Kefford), Oakleigh, Vic as (101) QLS 378 then 4945 AO then to Herbert River Express, Ingham Qld as 173 FGC then to Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, Vic as 4945 AO the XHZ 409 Willunga Charter, Willunga, S.A. as XHZ 409 then to McCormicks, Mt Gambier as XHZ 409
No of withdrawn buses listed = 17

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