Kanga Coachlines

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Kanga Coachlines.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
KANGA 01 Volvo B11RYV3T2S923HA181321 Coach Concepts 306 3/2017C46DT
Signature Series
KANGA 02 Volvo B11RYV3T2S926HA183791 Coach Concepts 315 6/2017C46DT
Signature Series
S114 BUG Toyota HiAce Commuter5159 Arakawa - 1/2018B14C
S376 BWS Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P900036850 Arakawa - 7/2018
S655 BSB Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P200032705 Arakawa - 5/2017C14C
ex S420 BRA
S664 BSB Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P900033284 Arakawa - 11/2017
S731 BPK Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P400031233 Arakawa - 4/2017B14C
SB 16 MF Bonluck - CumminsLA9C08RW5EBJXK211 Bonluck Cooper - 13/06/2014C33F
ex 5236 MO Langleys Coaches, Dubbo, N.S.W.
SB 17 MF Bonluck - CumminsLA9C08RW3EBJXK112 Bonluck Cooper - 1/01/2014C33F
ex 7301 MO Langleys Coaches, Dubbo, N.S.W.
SB 20 NQ Volvo B11RYV32S921GA177184 Coach Concepts 290 10/2016C50DT
ex SB 34 MC-ex Adelaide Crows livery.
SB 21 NQ Volvo B9RYV3S5P722HA184164 Coach Concepts 330 1/2018
SB 23 KG Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DG0RK30003 MMC - 3/2015C22F
SB 25 NV King Long - Cummins ISLLA6A1LAK7HB109144 King Long '6120' - 6/2018C70F
SB 29 MT Volvo B7R0063 Marcopolo 'Audace 1050' C57F
SB 32 LP Scania K440EB 13.5mYS2K6X20001895671 Coach Concepts 277 5/2016C50DT
SB 36 MH Volvo B9RYV3S5P728HA180779 Coach Concepts 296 2/2017C48DT
SB 50 LG Volvo B9RYV3S5P728GA175015 Marcopolo 'Audace 1050' 3/2016C57F
SB 51 LG Volvo B9RYV3S5P725GA175215 Coach Concepts 269 3/2016C52F
SB 59 LV Volvo B9RYV3S5P725GA178423 Coach Concepts 288 9/2016C50DT
Signwritten for Australian Road Journeys.
SB 60 LC Volvo B7RYV3R6R729EA165145 Marcopolo 'Audace 1050' 3/2016C57F
SB 62 NS King Long - Cummins ISL9143 King Lond '6130' - 2018C75F
SB 65 MP Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RK30680 MMC - 4/2017C24C
SB 67 JJ Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RH10334 Fuso - 7/2014C24C
SB 68 KG Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RJ30079 MMC - 3/2015C24F
SB 69 KQ Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RJ10068 MMC - 9/2015C24C
ex Top Deck Livery.
SB 70 LJ Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RK30232 MMC - 3/2016C24C
SB 71 LM Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RJ30060 MMC C21F
SB 72 LM Volvo B9RYV3S5P729GA174987 Marcopolo 'Audace 1050' 4/2016C53F
SB 75 MT Volvo B9RYV3S5P723HA181645 Coach Concepts 305 2017C56FT
ex Volvo Stock.
SB 77 LP Volvo B9RYV3S5P720GA174988 Marcopolo 'Audace 1050' C48F
SB 80 LY Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RK30230 MMC - 9/2016C24C
SB 88 MY Mitsubishi Rosa0651 MMC - 2017C21C
SB 95 ML Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RK30506 MMC - 2/2017C24C
SB 98 ML Volvo B9RYV3S5P723GA178730 Coach Concepts 297 2/2017C50DT
XS 86AZ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK31287 MMC - 12/2018C24C
XS 96AA King Long - Cummins ISLLA6R1MSK2JB109064 King Lond '6130' - 6/2018C75F
Total buses in fleet = 36

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