Dunn's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kadina

This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Dunn's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Kadina.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Dunn's Bus Service as at sale to Yorke Peninsula Coaches 01/05/2015.
5WYO 840 MAN 22.3623870095MX00130 GBW C83 6/1992C48FT
ex TV 363 Crowther, Caringbah, N.S.W.-ex Lockyer Valley Coaches, Gatton, Qld
6WWN 874 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461842341 PMCSA 'Commuter' 4845 12/1990C49F
ex WWN 874 Sunrise Christian School, Adelaide, S.A.-ex RZZ 918-ex EFT 201 Riviera Tours (Phelan), Bairnsdale, Vic-ex EFT 201 Van Boxter, Bairnsdale, Vic-ex EFT 201 Flanigan, Bairnsdale, Vic
7XJT 020 Isuzu LT11-1P2511547 Custom Coaches 88-142 15/4/1991RB57F
ex MO 2028 Shoal Bus (Raymask Pty Ltd), Bomaderry N.S.W.-ex (14) MO 2028 North Nowra Bus Lines, N.S.W.-ex MO 9280 - Part of a cancelled order for Argent, Kempsey
20XJY 214 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108004548 Arakawa - B21C
ex XJY 214 Bluestar Coaches, Kadina, S.A.
Signwritten for both Dunn's and Bluestar Coaches
31SB 19 ER Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000404 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 110342AB 5/2011C57F
32SB 19 FM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000444 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 110421AB 3/2012C57F
33SB 20 FM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000446 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 110418AB 3/2012C57F
34SB 05 FM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000493 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120439AB 7/2012C57F
35SB 06 FM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000492 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120438AB 7/2012C57F
Total buses in fleet = 9
Previously operated vehicles
1WMI 989 Leyland Tiger8600155 PMC 87-1720 3/1987B51D
ex (3577) m/o 1027-ex m/o 041 Sydney Buses (STA), Sydney, N.S.W.-ex m/o 041 North & Western Bus Lines, Gladesville, N.S.W.-ex m/o 041, m/o 7716 Metro West Bus Lines, Meadowbank, N.S.W.
2VVB 060 Bedford YRQ2 PMCSA 4757 8/1976RB45F
ex INQ658 Heyfield Bus Service, Heyfield, Vic.
2WOI 700 Mercedes Benz OH1316345-202-61-681673 Porter 86-5102 1986B49F
ex TC 314-ex 7EK 615 Dempster, Northcliffe, W.A.-ex Bailey, Northcliffe, W.A.
SOLD to private buyer
3WRK 440 Mercedes Benz OH1316345-202-61-681653 Porter 86-5099 4/1986B49F
ex TC 627 Booth, Collie, W.A.
SOLD to private buyer
4WMI 990 Leyland Tiger8600134 PMC 87-1721 5/1987B51D
ex (3600) m/o 7866-ex m/o 5662 Sydney Buses (STA), Sydney, N.S.W.-ex m/o 5662 North & Western Bus Lines, Gladesville, N.S.W.-ex m/o 5662 Metro West Bus Lines, Meadowbank, N.S.W.
5UVG 843 Volvo B57-55 PMC
ex m/o Neville's Bus Service, Casula, N.S.W.
SOLD to Unknown Buyer-(mobile home), Yunta, S.A.
7WFK 880 Hino BX341E40047 Newnham 81-502 4/1982B43D
ex (46) BID586 Latrobe Valley Bus Lines, Traralgon, Vic. Noted at Independent Components, Dry Creek, S.A.
8UYZ 272 Denning - GM 8v71REDA848-532-81 Denning 'Denair' 848 6/1981RC46FT
ex (88) DNO 788 Invicta. Lilydale Vic-ex VV 14AP Pat & Rons Tours Seaford, Vic-ex (31) AAT - Kings, Spotswood, Vic-ex (55) SPS 586 Australian Pacific Tours, Sandringham, Vic
SOLD to Unknown Buyer-(mobile home), Katherine, N.T.
8WXA 998 MAN 16.2406AB3960019BX00117 PMCA '160' 1910 12/1989B57F
ex (32) WXA 998 Adelaide Coachlines, Edwardstown, S.A.-ex MO 1473 Crowther/Bus Link, Caringbah, N.S.W.-ex MO 1473 Nicholson`s, Caringbah, N.S.W.-ex MO 1473 Blue Ribbon Coaches, Maitland, N.S.W.
SOLD to Grants Coachlines, Woodville, S.A. as WXA 998.
91663 SV Toyota HiAce Commuter Toyota - B11C
10XDF 220 MAN 16.240479-003 PMC 86-1594 3/1986RB57F
ex MO 0520 Purtills, Deniliquin, N.S.W.-ex (12) MO 0520 Hussey's Roadliners, Deniliquin, N.S.W.
SOLD as motorhome Townsville, Qld
RHB 652 Bedford SB5 Freighter
RZF 039 Denning - GM 6v71RED137-73 Denning 'Mono' 446 9/1973RC49F
ex (21) RZF 039 Stateliner, Mile End, S.A.
SOLD to Bute Buses, Bute, S.A. as RZF 039.
SOF 959 Leyland Terrier PMCSA
ex EDSA, Adelaide, S.A.
SVC 975 Albion PMC
VNM 092 International ACCO1810BK03083 PMCSA 6555 4/1981SB71F
ex (1054) Education Department of South Australia (EDSA).
SOLD to Buses R Us, S.A. as VNM 092.
VYN 260 Bedford BLP2 PMC 1018 10/1978B52F
ex MO 3203 Morisset Bus Service, Morisset, N.S.W.
u/r MAN SL200 CNG280.0115.0115 PMCSA 'Commuter' 5132 3/1984B45D
ex (832) WJP 553 Torrens Transit, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (832) WJP 553 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1932) TA 1932 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1932) STA 932 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 18

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