Department of Education and Childrens Services (D.E.C.S.)

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Department of Education and Childrens Services (D.E.C.S.).

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingDepot
1241UQD 241 Hino BX341E40858 PMCSA 6853 01/1987SB71F
1249UQD 249 Hino BX341E40866 PMCSA 6861 4/1987SB71FKangaroo Island
1250UQD 250 Hino BX341E40867 PMCSA 6862 4/1987SB71FMt Barker
1252UQD 252 Hino BX341E40869 PMCSA 6864 4/1987SB71FRiverton
1253UQD 253 Hino BX341E40871 PMCSA 6865 4/1987SB71FBurra
1255UQD 255 Hino BX341E40873 PMCSA 6867 4/1987SB71F
1264UQD 264 Hino BX341E40882 PMCSA 6876 06/1987SB71FTwo Wells
1265UQD 265 Hino BX341E40883 PMCSA 6877 07/1987SB71F
1266UQD 266 Hino BX341E40884 PMCSA 6878 07/1987SB71FBute
1269UQD 269 Hino BX341E40887 PMCSA 6881 07/1987SB71F
1270UQD 270 Hino BX341E40888 PMCSA 6882 07/1987SB71FCummins
1271UQD 271 Hino BX341E40889 PMCSA 6883 08/1987SB71FGawler
1272UQD 272 Hino BX341E40890 PMCSA 6884 08/1987SB71FYankalilla
1273UQD 273 Hino BX341E40891 PMCSA 6885 08/1987SB71F
1275UQD 275 Hino BX341E40893 PMCSA 6887 08/1987SB71FCummins
1276UQD 276 Hino BX341E40894 PMCSA 6888 08/1987SB71FMt Compass
1283UQD 283 Hino BX341E40900 PMCSA 6895 10/1987SB71F
1287UQD 287 Hino BX341E40904 PMCSA 6899 11/1987SB71FCummins
1301UQO 301 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1302UQO 302 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CLamaroo
1304UQO 304 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CKaroonda
1306SJX 306 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1307SJX 307 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1308SJX 308 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1309SJX 309 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CPaskeville
1311UQO 311 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1313UQO 313 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1316UQO 316 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CCowell
1317UQO 317 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CCowell
1323UQO 323 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1325UQO 325 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 19881988
1329UQO 329 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1331UQO 331 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1332UQO 332 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CMeningie
1333UQO 333 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CBurra
1334UQO 334 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1335UQO 335 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1337UQO 337 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CKimba
1338UQO 338 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CKadina
1342UQO 342 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1346UQO 346 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1347UQO 347 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1349UQO 349 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CWirrabarra
1350UQO 350 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1351UQO 351 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CPort Neill
1353UQP 353 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX40565 PMCSA 6903 12/1989SB71FPort Pirie
1354UQP 354 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41091 PMCSA 6904 12/1989SB71FTwo Wells
1355UQP 355 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41092 PMCSA 6905 12/1989SB71FKurcaltaby
1356UQP 356 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41093 PMCSA 6906 12/1989SB71FYankalilla
1358UQP 358 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41095 PMCSA 6908 12/1989SB71FPort Pirie
1361UQP 361 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41098 PMCSA 6911 02/1990SB71FGladstone
1362UQP 362 Hino AK176K PMCSA 6912 02/1990SB71FJamestown
1363UQP 363 Hino AK176K PMCSA 6913 02/1990SB71F
1364UQP 364 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41113 PMCSA 6914 03/1990SB71FCoomandook
1365UQP 365 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41114 PMCSA 6915 03/1990SB71FKingscote
1366UQP 366 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41115 PMCSA 6916 03/1990SB71FGawler
1367UQP 367 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41116 PMCSA 6917 03/1990SB71FBirdwood
1368UQP 368 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41117 PMCSA 6918 03/1990SB71F
Not at Mt Compass where it was last reported
1370UQP 370 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1371UQP 371 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CCummins
1373UQP 373 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CJamestown
1374UQP 374 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CEast Murray
1375UQP 375 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1379UQP 379 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CPenong
1380UQP 380 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1381UQP 381 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1382UQP 382 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1383UQP 383 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19C
1384UQP 384 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B19CCowell
1386UQP 386 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41452 PMCSA 6921 02/1990SB71FMaitland
1387UQP 387 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41453 PMCSA 6922 04/1990SB71F
Fitted with air conditioning and curtains.
1388UQP 388 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41454 PMCSA 6923 4/1990SB71FBarmera
1390UQP 390 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41456 PMCSA 6925 04/1990SB71FKingscote
1391UQP 391 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41457 PMCSA 6926 04/1990SB71F
1392UQP 392 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41458 PMCSA 6927 04/1990SB71F
1393UQP 393 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41459 PMCSA 6928 05/1990SB71FMt Gambier
1394UQP 394 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41460 PMCSA 6929 05/1990SB71FGawler
1395UQP 395 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41461 PMCSA 6930 05/1990SB71FPt Augusta
Fitted with a/c.
1396UQP 396 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41462 PMCSA 6931 05/1990SB71FMeningie
1397UQP 397 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41463 PMCSA 6932 05/1990SB71FParndana
1398UQP 398 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41464 PMCSA 6933 05/1990SB71FStrathalbyn
1399UQP 399 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41527 PMCSA 6934 05/1990SB71FKingscote
1400UQY 400 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41528 PMCSA 6935 05/1990SB71FVictor Harbour
1401UQY 401 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41529 PMCSA 6936 05/1990SB71FKadina
1402UQY 402 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41530 PMCSA 6937 05/1990SB71FCummins
1403UQY 403 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41465 PMCSA 6938 06/1990SB71FCeduna
1404UQY 404 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41466 PMCSA 6939 06/1990SB71FKingscote
1405UQY 405 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41467 PMCSA 6940 06/1990SB71F
1406UQY 406 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41468 PMCSA 6941 06/1990SB71FGawler
1407UQY 407 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41469 PMCSA 6942 06/1990SB71FPort Pirie
1409UQY 409 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41472 PMCSA 6944 06/1990SB71FCummins
1410UQY 410 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41471 PMCSA 6945 8/1990SB71FGlossop
Spare bus for region.
1426UQY 426 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41857 PMCSA 6953 3/1991SB71FMillicent
1436UQY 436 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41897 PMCSA 6963 05/1991SB71FBordertown
1437UQY 437 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41898 PMCSA 6964 05/1991SB71FMt Barker
1439UQY 439 Hino AK176KJHDAK176KXXX41900 PMCSA 6966 05/1991SB71FCrystal Brook
1446VQR 446 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21CPalmer
1447VOR 447 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21C
1448VOR 448 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21C
1449VOR 449 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21CGladstone
1450VOR 450 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21C
1451VOR 451 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21C
1453VQR 453 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21CKimba
1454VQR 454 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21CBordertown
1455VOR 455 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21CPort Broughton
1456VQR 456 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21CClare
1457VQR 457 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 1996B21CMt Compass
1459VQR 459 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21CPeterborough
1461VQR 461 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1462VQR 462 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21CStrathalbyn
1463VQR 463 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1464VQR 463 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1467VQR 467 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1468VQR 468 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1469VQR 469 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1470VQR 470 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - B21CKadina
1471VQR 471 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1473VQR 473 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1474VQR 474 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1475VQR 475 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21CParndana
1476VQR 476 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - B21CCrystal Brook
1477VQR 477 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1478VQR 478 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1479VQR 479 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21CWilmington
1481VQR 481 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1482VQR 482 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1483VQR 483 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21C
1484VQR 484 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21CLoch
1486VQR 486 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1988B21CTwo Wells
1490XQA 490 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007Waikerie
1494XQA 494 Fuso Rosa MMC - 2007C24CKangaroo Inn
1497UQB 497 Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - B24CMt Compass
1498XQA 498 Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - C24COroroo
1499VQB 499 Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - B24CKimba
1501XQB 501 Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - 2007C24CBirdwood
1503XQB 503 Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - B24C
1506XQB 506 Fuso Rosa Fuso - DP24C
1509XQB 509 Iveco Turbo Daily Iveco - C11CLPort Augusta
1511XQB 511 Iveco Turbo Daily Iveco - Port Pirie
1514XQB 514 Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - B24CWudinna
1515XQB 515 Mitsubishi Rosa Mitsubishi - 2007C24CCambrai
1518UQB 518 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007B20CKimba
1521XQB 521 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007B20C
1522XQB 522 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007C21CKangaroo Inn
1523VQB 523 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2005B20C
1524VQR 524 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2005B20COroroo
1528UQB 528 Iveco Turbo Daily Iveco - Strathalbyn
1531UQB 531 Iveco Turbo Daily Iveco - C12CMeningie
1533XQB 533 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007C20CLoxton
1534XQB 534 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007B20C
1538XQB 538 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007B20CWirrula
1540XQB 540 Hino RB8JHFZA32H801000000 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 050031 12/2006C34F
1541XQB 541 Hino RB8JHFZA32H001000007 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 050032 2/2007C34FBarmera
1542XQB 542 Hino RB8JHFZA32H501000004 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 050033 2/2007C34F
1543XQB 543 Hino RB8JHFZA32H401000009 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 050034 2/2007C34F
1545XQB 545 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007C20CLoxton
1556XQB 556 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - C21CPort Broughton
1559XQB 559 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - C21CBalaklava
1560XQB 560 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2007C20CLucindale
1569XQB 569 Iveco Delta C260 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 2010Nurioopta
1570XQB 570 Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR009DS00229 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 09-192A 2/2010C53FGlossop
1572S572 AQG Iveco Delta C260 Custom Coaches 'SB40' C57FClare
1574S574 AQG Iveco Delta C260 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 2010
1575XQB 284 Toyota Coaster HZB50R Arakawa - 2010C20CCambrai
1576S576 AQG Volvo B7RYV3R6R622AA142023 Custom Coaches 'SB400' 10-081A 10/2010C57FGlossop
ex Stock 4/2011
1577S577 AQG Volvo B7RYV3R6R622BA143369 Volgren 'SC222' VM0227 4/2011C57FGlossop
ex CMV stock.
1578S578 AQG Volvo B7RYV3R6R622BA143405 Volgren 'SC222' VM0228 4/2011C57FBerri
ex Stock
1579S579 AQG Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000390 Chiron-UBC 'CS120' 110347AB 6/2011C57FPort Pirie
Displayed at the 2011 BusVic Conference
1580S580 AQG Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000391 Chiron-UBC 'CS120' 110358AB 6/2011C57FClare
1581S581 AQG Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000397 Chiron-UBC 'CS120' 110360AB 6/2011C57F
1582S582 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900190 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110372AF 6/2011C43FBurra
1583S583 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900192 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110373AF 6/2011B43FClare
1584S584 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900193 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110374AF 6/2011B43F
1585S585 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900194 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110375AF 6/2011C41FBirdwood
1586S586 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900195 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110376AF 6/2011B43F
1587S587 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900196 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110377AF 6/2011C41FBirdwood
1588S588 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900197 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110379AF 6/2011C41FLameroo
1589S589 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900198 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110380AF 6/2011B43FBalaklava
1590S590 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KBPC900199 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110381AF 6/2011C43F
Displayed at the 2011 BusVic Conference
1591S591 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900201 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110382AF 6/2011B43F
1592S592 AQG Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900204 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 110383AF 6/2011C41FWinkie
1593S593 AQG Hino Birdwood
1596S596 AQG Fuso Rosa Fuso - 2011C24CKaroonda
1602S602 AQK Daewoo BH090L Chiron-UBC 'CS100' - Ceduna
1610S610 AQK Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000014 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120461AG 6/2012C43FLucindale
1612S612 AQK Daewoo BH090L Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 2012C43F
1615S615 AQK Daewoo BH090L Chiron-UBC 'CS100' C43FParndana
1630S630 AQK Daewoo BH117L Chiron-UBC 'CS120' C57FMt Gambier
1632S632 AQK Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000591 Chiron-UBC 'CS120' 120515AB 6/2013C57FMurray Bridge
1635S635 AQK Fuso Rosa Fuso - B24CPadthaway
1654S654 AQK Fuso Rosa MMC - 2014C18CLSwan Reach
1657S657 AQK Daewoo BH090KL5UL42UEEU000712 Custom Coaches E602-03 7/2014C45FKangaroo Inn
1664S664 AQK Daewoo BH117L Custom Coaches 'SB50' 603-03 7/2014C57FAllendale
1666S666 AQK Hino RN8J Custom Coaches 'SB50' D615-06 6/2014C57FGlossop
1667S667 AQK Hino RN8J Custom Coaches 'SB50' D615-07 6/2014C57FGlossop
1672S672 AQK Fuso Rosa MMC - 2014C24CRendlesham
15xx? Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSMXXX10013 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 110405AC 8/2011
ex. Stock.
15xx? Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSMXXX10011 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 11-024A 2011
15xx? Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR00ADT00405 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 10-145 2010
15xx? Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR00ADT00391 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 10-144 2010
15xx? Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR00ADT00388 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 10-143 2010
15xx? Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR009DS00245 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 09-193A 2010
15xx? Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR009DS00229 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 09-192A 2010
15xx? Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR009DS00223 Custom Coaches 'SB40' 09-191A 2010
15xx? Hino RB8JHFZU32H60K001020 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 80212AA 6/2009C34F
15xx? Hino RB8JHFZU32H60K001017 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 80211AA 6/2009C34F
15xx? Hino RB8JHFZU32HX00001209 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 80210AA 6/2009C34F
15xx? Hino RB8JHFZU32H10K001006 Chiron/UBC 'RB8' 80209AA 6/2009C34F
15xx? Hino RN8J Custom Coaches 'SB50' 2011
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000598 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120523AB 6/2013
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000597 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120522AB 6/2013
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000596 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120521AB 6/2013
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000595 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120520AB 6/2013
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000592 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120516AB 5/2013
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000587 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120514AB 5/2013
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000586 Chiron/UBC 'CS120' 120513AB 5/2013
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000036 Chiron/UBC 'CS100' 120506AG 5/2013
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000035 Chiron/UBC 'CS100' 120505AG 5/2013
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000034 Chiron/UBC 'CS100' 120504AG 5/2013
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000022 Chiron/UBC 'CS100' 120469AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000023 Chiron/UBC 'CS100' 120470AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000018 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120465AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000017 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120464AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000016 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120463AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000015 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120462AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000013 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120460AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000012 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120459AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000011 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120458AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000010 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120457AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000009 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120456AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000008 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120455AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000007 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120454AG 6/2012C43F
? Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NECU000497 Chiron-UBC 'CS120' 120442AB 6/2012C57F
? Daewoo BH090LKL5UL42UECU000006 Chiron-UBC 'CS100' 120436AG 6/2012C43F
Total buses in fleet = 234

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