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The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Bute Buses.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
9VFV 625 Denning - GM 6v92TTADA1039-723-84 Denning 'Denair' 1039 7/1984RC45FT
ex TV 839 Western Road Lines, Parkes, N.S.W.
SOLD in 2004.
11VNC 903 International ACCO1810BK02830 PMCSA 6557 4/1981SB71F
ex (1056) SPK 056 E.D.S.A., S.A.
SOLD to Fidge, Clare, S.A. as VNC 903.
16VPY 437 Austral DC122 - GM 6v92B443 Austral 'Tourmaster' 1341 5/1987C46FT
ex (15) TV 660-ex MO 9288 Hussey, Deniliguin, N.S.W.
SOLD to Yorke Peninsula Road Lines, Wallaroo, S.A.
17VSE 072 Bedford BLP2BLP2DZ600991 / BLP2DHJ602737 Smithfield SB705 5/1978B56F
ex MO 3243 King Brothers, Kempsey, N.S.W.-ex m/o 875 Westbus/Bosnjak, Sydney, N.S.W.
SOLD to Clonan, Keith, S.A.
19VTP 608 Toyota Coaster Arakawa - 1997B21C
20VXF 402 Volvo B6FA1168 PMCSA 4333 8/1982C45F
ex TV 610 Silver City Tours, Broken Hill, N.S.W.-ex TV 610 Wanderer Tours, Broken Hill, S.A.
SOLD to Encounter Coaches, Victor HArbor, S.A.
21VXM 186 Autobus - Detroit Series 606F9P05000V2UX7032 Autobus 094 6/1997C48DT
SOLD to Coach Charter Specialists, Sydenham, N.S.W. as TV 3522
22WDX 738 Autobus - GM Series 506F9P05000W2UX7004 Autobus 149 14/10/1998C48DT
SOLD to Coach Charter Specialists, Sydenham, N.S.W. as (22) TV 3704
24WLE 048 Autobus - Cummins6T9P05AALY0CYH004 Autobus 233 9/2000C48DT
SOLD to Coach Charter Specialists, Sydenham, N.S.W. as TV 4857.
25WSC 972 Bluebird CSRE1BAALCPA4YF090641 ABM 89044 1/2000B57F
ex (8) MO 5058 Bathurst Coaches, Bathurst/Cowra Bus Service, N.S.W.
SOLD to D.D. & B.A. Wisby, Margate, Tas as A 49 SM
26WVM 977 Toyota Coaster HZB50R0032 Arakawa - 2004B20C
27WVM 978 Toyota Coaster0028 Arakawa - 2004B20C
28XAZ 551 Autobus - GM Series 606T9P05AAL40CYH001 Autobus 2004C49DT
SOLD to Aust Wide Tours, Greenacres, S.A. as XAZ 551.
RYG 425 Bedford VAM70AJ353120 Ansair VAM700 3/1973C49F
ex RYG 425 Pt Lincoln City Bus Service, Pt Lincoln, S.A.-ex RYG 425 Barossa Line, Nurioopta, S.A.-ex (7601) RYG 425 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A.-ex RYG 425 Ex Servicemans Bus Service, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD to Alexander (RJ & JA), Strathalbyn, S.A.
RZF 039 Denning - GM 6v71RED137-73 Denning 'Mono' 446 9/1973RC49F
ex RZF 039 Dunn's, Kadina, S.A.-ex (21) RZF 039 Stateliner, Mile End, S.A.
SOLD to Grants Coaches, Woodville North, S.A. as RZF 039.
SB 04 CV Scania K470EBYS2K6X20001866439 Coach Design 669 3/2010C49DT
SOLD to Executive Coach Travel, Oakleigh, Vic as (315) SB 04 CV.
SOA 462 Hino RC320PT PMC 0986 6/1978RC45F
ex (55) SOA 462 Steel City Coaches, Whyalla, S.A.
VMU 251 Denning - GM 6v92TTADA992-676-83 Denning 'Denair' 992 10/1982RC45FT
ex TV 1580 Lake Macquarie Tours, Newcastle, N.S.W.-ex State Rail Authority, Sydney, N.S.W.
SOLD to Bottrell, Balaclava, S.A. as VMU 251.
VVB 092 Bedford BLP2BLP2DZ600992 / BLP2DHJ602727 Smithfield SB704 5/1978B56F
ex King Brothers, Kempsey, N.S.W.-ex m/o 4720 Westbus/Bosnjak, Sydney, N.S.W.
SOLD to Betta Tours, Lonsdale, S.A.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 19

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