Kanga Coachlines

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Kanga Coachlines.

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SB 20 JS, XS 03DD, XS 05DO, XS 08DI, XS 11DS, XS 33DR, XS 34DN, XS 35DS, XS 57BY, XS 79BP,
FarnhamSB 62 NS, SB 69 MM, SB 75 EQ, SB 91 GA, XS 01BI, XS 02BI6
K RailXS 04DO, XS 06DN, XS 07DI, XS 09DI, XS 12DS, XS 26DG6
KangaS376 BWS, S632 BZN, SB 16 MF, SB 17 MF, SB 20 NQ, SB 21 NQ, SB 23 KG, SB 25 NV, SB 29 MT,
SB 36 MH, SB 51 LG, SB 59 LV, SB 60 LC, SB 65 MP, SB 67 JJ, SB 71 LM, SB 72 LM, SB 75 MT,
SB 88 MY, SB 95 ML, SB 98 ML, XS 00CL, XS 14BF, XS 15BF, XS 31CA, XS 41CE, XS 47BI,
XS 84BS, XS 86AZ, XS 96AA
SilverS218 AVB, XS 27DG2
WhiteSB 10 LF1
Depot Total56
Livery totals
K Rail6
Operator Total56

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