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The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Wide Bay Transit.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingDepot
52996 EEU Dennis Dart SLFSFD222AR1VGW11016 NCBC 174 01/1998B37FWMaryborough
53751 ETE Scania L113CRLYS4LC4X2B01827538 Custom Coaches "550" 96-385 02/1998B45FWHervey Bay
55804 GAT Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB61241821097850 Bustech 01/08 04/2001B49FWHervey Bay
58710 HTS Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7102A004206 Bustech 02/31 09/2002B49FWMaryborough
ex (441H), Bathurst Coaches, Bathurst, NSW.
59690 HTS Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7132A004345 Bustech 02/33 10/2002B49FWMaryborough
ex (442H), Bathurst Coaches, Bathurst, NSW.
62583 HZZ Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001845145 NCBC "Protege" 362 08/2004C53FHervey Bay
63449 IRC Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616 CDIWDB9056132R639082 Denning Manufacturing "Sprinter" 61108 05/2005B25FLHervey Bay
64678 JGD Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616 CDIWDB9056132R498211 Alan B. Denning "Sprinter" 61042 12/2003C25FMaryborough
ex (33) KBL 33, Kangaroo Bus Lines, Morayfield, QLD.
66422 JQA Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616 CDIWDB9056132R854210 Denning Manufacturing "Sprinter" 61118 08/2006B25FLHervey Bay
67423 JQA Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616 CDIWDB9056132R837252 Denning Manufacturing "Sprinter" 61117 07/2006B25FLHervey Bay
70775 IMD Scania L94UBYS4L4X20001841718 Custom Coaches "CB60" 01-254 07/2002B49FWHervey Bay
ex 775 IMD, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex (82) ER 4184, Tassielink Transit, Hobart, TAS, ex Demonstrator.
71621 JNI Scania K94IBYS2K4X20001852489 NCBC "Protege" 404 05/2006DP57FHervey Bay
ex 621 JNI, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD.
72437 KFG Isuzu LT1-11PJALYB12N3G2507742 P&D Coachworks 102 08/1998B57FHervey Bay
ex 437 KFG, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex MO 4425, J.I. & D.G. Hall, Lismore, NSW.
73649 JDM MAN 10.1556AB7520492MX00746 Express 024 01/1998B35FHervey Bay
ex 649 JDM, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex (9) MO 4227, Wisely's Bus Service, Wingham, NSW.
74543 WHD Hino RK176KJHDRK176KXXX40625 PMCA "Commuter" 2440 02/1995B49FHervey Bay
ex 616 HDW, ex 616 HDW, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex MO 3464, A.W. Tattersall, Murwillumbah, NSW, ex MO 3464, King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW.
75041 HPT Scania K93CRYS4KC4X2B01821616 Custom Coaches 93-91 08/1993RB57FHervey Bay
ex 041 HPT, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex (9) MO 1988, Hope's Coaches, Gunnedah, NSW.
76618 KWE Isuzu LT1-11PJALYB12N8G2508435 MBS B376 01/1992B61FHervey Bay
ex 948 GIK, ex 948 GIK, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex (330) MO 1771, King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW, ex (45) MO 1771, Sonter's Bus Service, Laurieton, NSW.
90117 KIO Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461013496 Custom Coaches 94-218 11/1994B57FHervey Bay
ex (14) MO 8712, Ulladulla Bus Lines, Ulladulla, NSW.
91151 WMN Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF036 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15079 10/2008B57FHervey Bay
ex 508 LGV.
92150 WMN Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ904UF003 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15093 02/2009B57FHervey Bay
ex 178 LMA.
93938 WPW Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF038 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 492 02/2009B39FWHervey Bay
ex 958 LPI.
94662 MVX Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF002 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15116 03/2010B61FHervey Bay
95244 MZL BCI JXK6127BRILSFC13088AC005456 BCI "Classmaster" - 02/2010B61FHervey Bay
96474 RHF Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF042 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15147 11/2010B61FHervey Bay
97921 RIF Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF043 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15156 12/2010B61FHervey Bay
98227 SBM Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070002 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15168 02/2012B61FHervey Bay
99540 SCU Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070009 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25024 04/2012B49FWMaryborough
100970 SEJ Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070010 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15173 06/2012B61FHervey Bay
101430 JVX Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61PE6P000133 Chiron/UBC 050025 10/2006B57FMaryborough
ex 430 JVX, K.H. & B.D. Curd, Maryborough, QLD.
102392 SVO Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENDA070003 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25031 02/2013B49FWMaryborough
103427 SWI Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENDA070007 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15191 04/2013B61FHervey Bay
104914 TAE Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENDA070012 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15195 05/2013B61FHervey Bay
105400 TQJ Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENEA070001 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15215 02/2014B61FHervey Bay
106920 TSA Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENEA070002 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15216 03/2014B61FHervey Bay
107202 TSU Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENEA070006 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15217 04/2014B61FHervey Bay
108552 VEP Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENEA070019 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15233 11/2014B61FHervey Bay
109806 VJD Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENEA070021 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15235 12/2014B61FHervey Bay
First reg 16/2/15.
110010 VNR Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENEA070022 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15238 12/2014SB68FHervey Bay
First reg 21/4/15.
111500 VQE Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENFA070004 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25034 05/2015B49FWMaryborough
112473 VTD Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENFA070007 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15241 07/2015B61FHervey Bay
113288 WJQ Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070011 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15268 05/2016B61FHervey Bay
114778 WLX Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070017 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15270 06/2016B61FHervey Bay
115140 WQV Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070018 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25041 08/2016B49FWMaryborough
116477 WZZ Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001844380 Volgren "CR224L" VQ0083 07/2003B43DWHervey Bay
Reg 13/2/17, ex (739) 739 GWU, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD, 11/16.
117557 XEE Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001844438 Volgren "CR224L" VQ0089 08/2003B43DWHervey Bay
Reg 2/5/17, ex (743) 743 HEG, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD, 11/16.
118844 XJG Scania L94UBYS2L4X20001844046 Volgren "CR224L" VQ0081 07/2003B43DWHervey Bay
Reg 19/7/17, ex (735) 047 TPU, 735 GWU, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, QLD, 11/16.
119241 XGB Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENHA070008 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25043 05/2017B49FWMaryborough
First reg 26/5/17.
404795 CXC Mercedes Benz O404WDB61823821078481 MCA FCC347 05/1995C47FTMaryborough
ex 795 CXC, Maryborough-Hervey Bay Coaches, Maryborough, QLD.
405167 SMP Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070018 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Gold" 15182 08/2012C50FTLHervey Bay
508599 HLM Scania K124IBYS4K6X20001834290 Autobus 172 03/1999C50FTHervey Bay
ex 599 HLM, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex (55) TV 2563, Hannaford's Coaches, Tamworth, NSW.
509024 JGO Scania K94EBYS4K4X20001835574 Coach Design 174 11/1999C57FHervey Bay
ex 024 JGO, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex (18) 0648 AO, PRR 777, Wangaratta Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC.
510622 EOP MAN 18.370WMAA510508W027722 NCBC 134 03/1996C53FHervey Bay
ex 622 EOP, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex 622 EOP, Bribie Island Coaches, Bongaree, QLD, ex (1) MO 9365, Picton Coaches, Picton, NSW.
511989 ETE Scania K93CRYS4KT6X2B01825026 NCBC 121 09/1995C53FHervey Bay
ex 989 ETE, Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay, QLD, ex (3) MO 9413, Picton Coaches, Picton, NSW.
Total buses in fleet = 53

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