Transdev Queensland

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Transdev Queensland.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLiveryDepot
300101 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7132A003891 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-016 08/2002B49FWCapalaba
ex 101 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
301102 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7162A004050 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-025 09/2002B49FWCapalaba
ex 102 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
302103 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G71X2A004052 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-027 09/2002B49FWCapalaba
ex 103 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
303104 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7112A004053 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-026 09/2002B49FWCapalaba
ex 104 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
304105 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7102A004366 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-111 10/2002B49FWCapalaba
ex 105 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
305106 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7122A004367 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-112 10/2002B49FWAOACapalaba
AOA for Bryan Burt Volkswagen
ex 106 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
306107 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7192A004379 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-110 10/2002B49FWCapalaba
ex 107 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
307108 GUQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6G7172A004381 Custom Coaches "CB60" 02-113 10/2002B49FWCapalaba
ex 108 GUQ, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
308121 ITX Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8295A105261 Bustech "VST" 05/65 08/2005B55FWCapalaba
309190 ITX Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8205A105259 Bustech "VST" 05/66 08/2005B55FWCapalaba
310410 ITX Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8265A105685 Bustech "VST" 05/69 08/2005B55FWCapalaba
311338 IVL Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F82X5A105687 Bustech "VST" 05/70 08/2005B55FWTransLinkCapalaba
312193 ITX Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8215A105688 Bustech "VST" 05/71 08/2005B55FWTransLinkCapalaba
313194 ITX Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8215A105657 Bustech "VST" 05/67 08/2005B55FWTransLinkCapalaba
314969 JXZ Volvo B12BLEYV3R8L4228A126476 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-079 06/2008B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
315970 JXZ Volvo B12BLEYV3R8L4248A126477 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-080 06/2008B44DWTransLinkCapalaba
316971 JXZ Volvo B12BLEYV3R8L4248A127046 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-081 06/2008B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
317320 GHK Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A5161A007504 Custom Coaches 00-415 08/2001B49FWCapalaba
ex 320 GHK, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
318321 GHK Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A5191A007500 Custom Coaches 00-417 08/2001B49FWCapalaba
ex 321 GHK, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
319322 GHK Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A5141A007503 Custom Coaches 00-418 08/2001B49FWCapalaba
ex 322 GHK, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
320323 GHK Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A5121A007502 Custom Coaches 00-414 07/2001B49FWAOACapalaba
AOA for Pattemore’s Meats
ex 323 GHK, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
321324 GHK Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A5121A007501 Custom Coaches 00-416 08/2001B49FWAOACapalaba
AOA for NuStyle Homes
ex 324 GHK, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
322896 GLD Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A5171A008192 Custom Coaches 01-102 12/2001B49FWCapalaba
ex 896 GLD, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
323897 GLD Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A5181A008217 Custom Coaches 01-103 12/2001B49FWCapalaba
ex 897 GLD, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
324898 GLD Volvo B10BLEYV3R4A51X1A008218 Custom Coaches 01-104 12/2001B49FWCapalaba
ex 898 GLD, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
325511 FLN Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB35743821093200 Custom Coaches "CB60" 99-303 02/2000B48DWCapalaba
ex 511 FLN, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
326510 FLN Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB35743821093654 Custom Coaches "CB60" 99-302 02/2000B48DWCapalaba
ex 510 FLN, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
327512 FLN Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB35743821094002 Custom Coaches "CB60" 99-304 02/2000B48DWCapalaba
ex 512 FLN, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
328181 JOR Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000374 Bustech "VST" 06/050 06/2006B51DWCapalaba
329182 JOR Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000376 Bustech "VST" 06/036 06/2006B51DWCapalaba
330435 JQA Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000373 Bustech "VST" 06/037 07/2006B55FWCapalaba
331436 JQA Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000372 Bustech "VST" 06/035 07/2006B55FWCapalaba
332467 JQA Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000381 Bustech "VST" 06/040 09/2006B55FWCapalaba
333552 RXO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000433 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0878 11/2011B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
334887 JSV Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000418 Bustech "VST" 06/061 09/2006B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
335888 JSV Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000419 Bustech "VST" 06/065 10/2006B51DWCapalaba
336032 KDM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000509 Bustech "VST" 07/014 05/2007B51DWCapalaba
337033 KDM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000511 Bustech "VST" 06/119 05/2007B51DWCapalaba
338034 KDM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000531 Bustech "VST" 06/124 05/2007B51DWCapalaba
339908 KLH Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000587 Bustech "VST" 07/087 08/2007B51DWCapalaba
340100 KMQ Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000626 Bustech "VST" 07/105 10/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
341601 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000593 Bustech "VST" 07/088 09/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
342602 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000596 Bustech "VST" 07/104 09/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
343603 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000592 Bustech "VST" 07/093 09/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
344604 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000599 Bustech "VST" 07/094 10/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
345605 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000594 Bustech "VST" 07/095 10/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
346606 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000625 Bustech "VST" 07/108 10/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
347607 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000627 Bustech "VST" 07/096 10/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
348608 KNM Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63422021000595 Bustech "VST" 07/152 10/2007B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
349609 KTU Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000028 Bustech "VST" 07/203 04/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
350610 KTU Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000031 Bustech "VST" 07/194 04/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
351611 KTU Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000032 Bustech "VST" 07/195 04/2008B51DWCapalaba
352612 KTU Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000043 Bustech "VST" 07/188 04/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
353613 KTU Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000027 Bustech "VST" 07/187 04/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
354600 EVE Volvo B6LEYV3R3B119WC006633 Custom Coaches 98-186 01/1999B45FWCapalaba
ex 600 EVE, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
355158 KZF Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000044 Bustech "VST" 07/189 05/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
356265 LCW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000071 Bustech "VST" 08/087 10/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
357266 LCW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000111 Bustech "VST" 08/089 11/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
358267 LCW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000041 Bustech "VST" 08/088 11/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
359268 LCW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000051 Bustech "VST" 08/062 11/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
360269 LCW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000053 Bustech "VST" 08/063 11/2008B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
361860 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000143 Bustech "VST" 08/167 03/2009B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
362861 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000144 Bustech "VST" 08/168 03/2009B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
363862 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000140 Bustech "VST" 08/169 03/2009B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
364866 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000105 Bustech "VST" 08/156 03/2009B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
365867 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000147 Bustech "VST" 08/157 03/2009B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
366868 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000100 Bustech "VST" 08/155 03/2009B51DWTransLinkCapalaba
367910 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000174 Bustech "VST" 09/064 05/2009B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
368911 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000175 Bustech "VST" 09/065 2009B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
369912 LMY Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000176 Bustech "VST" 09/086 2009B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
370920 RAW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000306 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-023 06/2010B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
371921 RAW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000307 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-024 06/2010B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
372924 RAW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000308 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-025 06/2010B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
373925 RAW Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000309 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 10-026 06/2010B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
374549 RXO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000424 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0875 11/2011B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
375551 RXO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000431 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0877 11/2011B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
376550 RXO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000425 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0876 11/2011B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
500573 KTU Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821767B542218 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0563 04/2008C57FSilverCapalaba
502583 KTU Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821768B567461 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0566 04/2008C57FSilverCapalaba
504590 EQR Volvo B10MYV31M2B13WA049370 Autobus 146 08/1998C57FAOACapalaba
AOA for Jersey Boys
ex 590 EQR, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
505591 EQR Volvo B10MYV31M2B15WA049371 Autobus 147 08/1998C57FCapalaba
ex 591 EQR, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
506592 ESV Volvo B10MYV31M2B19WA049728 Autobus 153 10/1998C57FCapalaba
ex 592 ESV, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
507593 ESV Volvo B10MYV31M2B17XA049843 Autobus 154 10/1998C57FCapalaba
ex 593 ESV, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
509595 ESV Volvo B10MYV31M2B19XA049844 Autobus 156 11/1998C57FCapalaba
ex 595 ESV, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
510596 ESV Volvo B10MYV31M2B11XA049921 Autobus 157 11/1998C57FCapalaba
ex 596 ESV, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
511597 ESV Volvo B10MYV31M2B1XXA049920 Autobus 158 11/1998C57FCapalaba
ex 597 ESV, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
512598 EYK Volvo B10MYV31M2B17WA049730 Autobus 173 03/1999C57FCapalaba
ex 598 EYV, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
513599 EYK Volvo B10MYV31M2B10WA049729 Autobus 174 03/1999C57FCapalaba
ex 599 EYK, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
514231 IRC Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821754B392536 Express 362 04/2005C57FCapalaba
515232 IRC Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821754B400706 Express 363 04/2005C57FCapalaba
516233 IRC Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821754B397767 Express 364 05/2005C57FCapalaba
517234 IRC Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821754B398658 Express 370 06/2005C57FCapalaba
518235 IRC Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821754B400328 Express 369 05/2005C57FCapalaba
519236 IRC Mercedes Benz OH17289BM3821754B397763 Express 368 05/2005C57FCapalaba
520575 KTU Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821768B565588 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0565 04/2008C57FSilverCapalaba
521378 LIU Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821766B512035 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBDCA0540 10/2007B61FSilverCapalaba
ex 733 KSM, Carbrook Coaches, Loganholme, QLD.
522594 ESV Volvo B10MYV31M2B10XA049845 Autobus 155 10/1998C57FSilverCapalaba
ex 594 ESV, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD.
523863 LMY Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821768B597220 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMBA0708 2009DPS65FSilverCapalaba
524864 LMY Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821768B595801 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMBA0702 2009DPS65FSilverCapalaba
525865 LMY Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821768B597287 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMBA0709 2009DPS65FSilverCapalaba
526184 LTY Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821769B632772 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBMBA0815 05/2009DPS65FSilverCapalaba
527548 RXO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382177BB788393 Coach Concepts 157 11/2011C57FSilverCapalaba
607183 LYO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821769B662689 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBVTB0824 12/2009DPS65FSilverCapalaba
622180 LYO Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000289 Bustech "VST" 09/199 11/2009B49DWCapalaba
638757 DSU Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX10034 Austral Denning "Starliner" S019020 01/1997B57FCapalaba
ex 757 DSU, National Bus Company, Capalaba, QLD, ex 757 DSU, Redlands Transport, Capalaba, QLD.
701185 LYO Mercedes Benz OH18309BM3821769B658276 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBVTB0822 11/2009DPS65FSilverCapalaba
703829 LUI Iveco EuroriderZGA7B2N000E001775 Custom Coaches "SB400" 05-024A 08/2006C57FSilverCapalaba
ex UPR 845, Iveco Stock - loaned to H. & P. Miller, The Rock, NSW.
707982 LVN Iveco EuroriderZGA7B2P000E001892 Custom Coaches "SB400" 05-032A 2005C57FCapalaba
ex Stock - Delivered late 2009.
713226 LYD Iveco EuroriderZGA7B2N100E001401 Mills-Tui "Orbit" PBVTB0825 10/2009DPS67FSilverCapalaba
717926 RAW Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382176AB690094 Custom Coaches "SB400" 10-028 06/2010B61FSilverCapalaba
718923 RAW Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382176AB687053 Custom Coaches "SB400" 10-027 06/2010B61FCapalaba
719922 RAW Mercedes Benz OH18309BM382176AB685827 Custom Coaches "SB400" 10-022 06/2010B61FCapalaba
720370 RMD Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440121000024 Irizar "Century 3900" 231475 10/2010C57FSilverCapalaba
721371 RMD Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63440121000025 Irizar "Century 3900" 231476 10/2010C57FSilverCapalaba
175 SOK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000494 Bustech "VST" 12/032 09/2012B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
176 SOK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000481 Bustech "VST" 12/006 09/2012B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
227 SIK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000476 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0942 09/2012B45DWTransLinkCapalaba
228 SIK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000477 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0943 09/2012B45DWTransLinkCapalaba
229 SIK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000478 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0944 09/2012B45DWTransLinkCapalaba
230 SIK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000479 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0945 09/2012B45DWTransLinkCapalaba
237 SOK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000490 Bustech "VST" 12/008 09/2012B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
238 SOK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000491 Bustech "VST" 12/031 09/2012B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
239 SIK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000480 Volgren "CR228L" VQ0946 09/2012B45DWTransLinkCapalaba
248 SOK Mercedes Benz O500LEWEB63442021000489 Bustech "VST" 12/007 09/2012B49DWTransLinkCapalaba
Total buses in fleet = 124

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