Agnes Water Buses - Agnes Water

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Agnes Water Buses - Agnes Water.

Fleet List   Operator Information

Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
036 TNW Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61PE8P000220 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 080198AB 08/2009C57F
ex McClaren Hire, Karratha, WA, -/13, ex WA Demonstrator.
451 KSY Daewoo BH117LKL5UR64PE7P000166 Chiron/UBC 060123 12/2007C57F
463 LNA BCI JXK6127BRILSFC130898C005296 BCI - 2008B57F
509 WPL BCI FBC6127BRZ16KT2CC111BX000080 BCI "Classmaster 57" - 2012C57F
ex (135) Northfleet Bus Contractors, Perth, WA, 8/16.
671 LYO BCI JXK6127ATLSFC1308X9C005258 BCI "Cruiser" - 2009B57F
672 LYO BCI JXK6127ATLSFC130819C005259 BCI "Cruiser" - 2009B57F
740 LVS BCI JXK6960BRILGG5SKCM39H006032 BCI "Classmaster" - 2009B43F
912 LUQ BCI JXK6960BRILGG5SKCM19H006031 BCI "Classmaster" - 2009B43F
Total buses in fleet = 8
Previously operated vehicles
054 IDN Austral Allstar6F9L2CC20LA001078 Austral "Allstar" 1645 09/1990B61F
ex 054 IDN, M.W.R. & N. Tanner, Yandaran, QLD, ex 054 IDN, Barbour's Bus & Coach, Agnes Water, QLD, ex (34) MO 3128, MacPherson's Coaches, Tamworth, NSW, ex (D70) SUN 25, Sunshine Coast Coaches, Maroochydore, QLD.
Sold for a motorhome, Joyner, QLD as 054 IDN.
069 LZS MCA - CAT 3208T88642 Austral 1271 11/1986C53F
ex (23) 023 FNQ, F.N.Q. Bus Lines, Mossman, QLD, ex (3) 702 PSW, Quicksilver Connections, Port Douglas, QLD.
De-reg 11/16.
147 RBC Mercedes Benz OC162135509965237659 Denning "Majestic" F154 11/1986C49F
ex 524 EAG, ex 524 EAG, M.W.R. & N. Tanner, Rosedale, QLD, ex 524 EAG, Barbour's Bus & Coach, Agnes Water, QLD, ex m/o 6386, King's Coaches, Newcastle, NSW, ex m/o 6386, Palmer's Bus Service, Wyong, NSW, ex m/o 6386, Revesby Bus & Coach, Revesby, NSW, ex m/o 6386, Doherty Coachlines, Fairy Meadow, NSW, ex m/o 6386, Highway Pleasure Tours, Fairy Meadow, NSW.
De-reg by 9/16.
173 EYK Leyland Pacesetter - 0680593091 PMC 87-1743 09/1987B55F
ex m/o 7852, Forest Coach Lines, Belrose, NSW, ex m/o 7852, St Ives Bus Service, Pymble, NSW.
Sold to W. Khong, Sydney, NSW for preservation.
292 FCZ Volvo B6FA0117 PMC 80-1179 02/1981C45F
ex 750 AIX, ex 750 AIX, Calliope Coaches, Calliope, QLD, ex 750 AIX, Stegeman, Calliope, QLD.
434 LFN Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461952777 Volgren VG481 06/1993B49F
ex 0240 AO, FGD 450, Lawler, Yarram, VIC.
636 HJI Mercedes Benz OH131634520261761283 Newnham 88-75 06/1988B40D
ex 636 HJI, South Bundy Buses, Bundaberg, QLD, ex (8) 4508 AO, DMZ 062, Moorabbin Transit, Cheltenham, VIC.
Sold for NPSV, QLD as 294 TBW by -/13.
712 RZR Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461943696 MBS "Citiliner" B396 03/1993RB51F
ex 2306 MO, L.A. & L.G. Symons, Narooma, NSW, ex MO 2571, Narooma Bus Service, Narooma, NSW, ex MO 2571, A.W. & M.C. Hunter, Coolah, NSW.
896 GRA Scania K92CRYS4KC4X2B01809286 PMC 85-1576 07/1986B49D
ex MO 4919, Sussex Inlet Bus Service, Wandandian, NSW, ex MO 4919, Roadcoach, Goulburn, NSW, ex (409) MO 0577, Busways Pty Ltd, Umina, NSW, ex (27) MO 0577, Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina, NSW.
Sold to Warrigal Charters, Mount Warrigal, NSW as TV 3856.
897 GRA Scania K92CRYS4KC4X2B01809493 PMC 85-1580 08/1986B49D
ex MO 4916, Sussex Inlet Bus Service, Wandandian, NSW, ex MO 4916, Roadcoach, Goulburn, NSW, ex (403) MO 0581, Busways Pty Ltd, Umina, NSW, ex (12) MO 0581, Peninsula Bus Lines, Umina, NSW.
Sold to Sydney Charter Services, Sydney, NSW.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 10

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