Rothery's Coaches

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Rothery's Coaches.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
06 RCR Toyota Coaster XZB50RJTGFP528505500618 Toyota - 12/2012B17CL
Sold to Transit Australia Pty Ltd, Rockhampton, QLD as XQ 68JR, 1/20.
08 RCR Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFG528509500515 Toyota - 06/2006B17CL
ex 108 CDV.
Sold to Transit Australia Pty Ltd, Rockhampton, QLD as XQ 69JR, 1/20.
10 RCR Denning - GM 6V53T6F9L2EC20KA001025 Denning "Landseer" 1343 04/1989C53F
ex (D53) SUN 24, Sunshine Coast Coaches, Maroochydore, QLD.
Sold to A Class Bus Hire, Rockhampton, QLD as 946 LLU.
102 CDV Bedford BLP - Isuzu620422 Custom Coaches 78-321 01/1978RC49F
ex 902 PUJ, ex 340 NJN.
Sold for a motorhome in Mackay, QLD as 805 HTM by -/03.
104 CDV Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616 CDIWDB9056132R479015 Alan B. Denning "Sprinter" 61031 09/2003C25F
Sold to Port Stephens Coaches, Anna Bay, NSW as TV 3296 and then to Daytripper, Melbourne, VIC as 2143 AC.
104 CDV Toyota Coaster HZB50R Toyota - 03/1996C22C
ex 926 AKD.
105 CDV Nissan UD RB30R151 Austral 705 06/1983B61F
ex 631 BMI, ex MO 9377, Forster Bus Service, Forster, NSW.
Sold for a motorhome, QLD as 585 KAO by -/07.
107 CDV Mercedes Benz OC161735509861970134 Custom Coaches 85-195 08/1985RB61F
ex 907 PUJ.
108 CDV Hino FD166L10039 MBS B308 09/1987C20FL
ex 979 AFB.
Sold for a motorhome, QLD as 526 IIT by -/05.
11 RCR Mercedes Benz O303-330031561045068 Denning "Majestic" F101 08/1986C48FT
ex 111 CDV, ex (5) 235 BLC, Sunstate Coaches, Eagle Farm, QLD, ex (42) CVL 098, Australian Pacific Coaches, Sandringham, VIC.
Sold to Maguire's Coaches, Chinchilla, QLD as 889 LLU.
114 CDV Toyota Coaster HZB50R Toyota - 1997C18C
Sold to A Class Buses, Rockhampton, QLD.
115 CDV Mercedes Benz O303-230120461033044 Ansair MB1604 05/1986C42FT
ex (4) TC 698, Australian Pacific Coaches, Sandringham, VIC.
12 RCR Austral Denning Allstar6F9R3EJ20ND001015 Austral Denning "Allstar" S000060 03/1993C53F
ex 112 CDV, ex 492 EDD, Cooper's Bus Service, Mirani, QLD, ex (492) 492 EDD, 357 BXP, Down Under Tours, Cairns, QLD.
Sold to Unknown Operator, QLD as 663 MRF.
621 TQL Motorcoach Classic II6T9P05ABJ30HNS008 Motorcoach "Classic II" B558 06/2003C57F
ex 03 RCR, ex 103 CDV.
Sold to Kangaroo Bus Lines, Burpengary, QLD.
622 TQL Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFG528209500522 Toyota - 03/2006C17C
ex 04 RCR.
Sold to Neil Carmichael t/a Mac’s Tours, Gympie, QLD as 675 VDH by 12/14.
910 IIS Leyland B21-DDAD60 PMC 80-1116 11/1980B45F
ex 112 CDV, ex (35) m/o 8 035, Darwin Bus Service, Darwin, NT.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 16

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