Mt Gravatt Bus Service - Underwood

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Mt Gravatt Bus Service - Underwood.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
Angus697 IRC MAN 18.3706ABA550028MX00861 Express 15 06/1997C57FMt Gravatt
Reg 3/6/05, ex AD 54 TY, NHT 002, Northern Highland Travel, Thornton, NSW, 30/5/05.
Ben902 SBT MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ7BC015933 Custom Coaches "CB80" 10-096 09/2011B48DWTransLink
First reg 12/3/12, ex Stock.
Biff576 KXI Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR007DP00329 Volgren Perth "SC222" VP0617 2008C57F
ex (576) 576 KXI, Stonestreet's Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD by -/16, ex Stock.
Bluey978 XTL Scania K310IBYS2K4X20001899530 Higer "A30" 2017C57FAOA
AOA for Redeemer College
First reg 21/12/17.
Bobby769 GKT Mercedes Benz OH1418WDB38200461962917 Custom Coaches 93-173 11/1993RB57FWhite
ex (5) 769 GKT, Brisbane Adventist College, Mansfield, QLD, -/07, ex (305) MO 2701, King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW by 4/02, ex MO 2701, Parson's Bus Service, Wauchope, NSW.
Charlie399 XQH MAN 19.320WMARC2ZZ0HC023013 Custom Coaches "CB80" H7009-02 10/2017B49DWTransLink
First reg 26/10/17.
Coen770 STK Scania K360EBYS2K6X20001881142 Coach Design 766 01/2013SC75FMt Gravatt
First reg 5/2/13.
Dan918 SQR MAN 18.320WMAA69ZZ3BC015931 Custom Coaches "CB80" 10-095 08/2011B48DWTransLink
First reg 12/12/12, ex Stock.
Des901 XOK MAN 19.320WMARC2ZZ5HC023024 Custom Coaches "CB80" H7009-01 10/2017B49DWTransLink
First reg 16/10/17.
Diana542 IWV Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8235A105997 Bustech "VST" 05/97 10/2005B51DWMt Gravatt
First reg 26/10/05.
Gary712 KXB Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR007DP00892 Volgren Perth "SC222" VP0678 09/2008C57F
ex (5712) 712 KXB, Stonestreet's Coaches, Gladstone, QLD, 3/16, ex Stock.
Gilly538 KXQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M32X8A124665 Bustech "VST" 07/173 05/2008B49DWTransLink
First reg 8/5/08.
Gus295 ISF MAN 18.260WMAA69ZZZ2H002292 NCBC "Downtown City Bus" 384 06/2005B48FWMt Gravatt
First reg 20/6/05.
Heidi698 IRC MAN 18.3706ABA550032MX00780 Coach Design 111 01/1998C57FMt Gravatt
Reg 3/06/05, ex AD 54 TV, NHT 001, Northern Highlands Tours, Thornton, NSW, 30/5/05.
Jacko084 LVG Volvo B7RYV3R6M3239A133600 Volgren "SC222" VM0123 2009SC65FMt Gravatt
First reg 1/9/09, ex Stock.
Jordan167 RKX Bustech XDi - Cummins ISL6T9P05AALB073J004 Bustech "XDi" 11/016 03/2011B51DWTransLink
First reg 4/3/11.
Jude493 CVK MAN 16.2906AB4790142MX00371 P&D Coachworks 37 02/1995C57FMt Gravatt
First reg 2/3/95.
Kelly650 ECS MAN 11.1906AB7520426MX00718 Coach Design 104 09/1997B35FWMt Gravatt
First reg 9/10/97.
Kirby148 TCS Scania K320IBYS2K4X20001880148 Coach Design 777 06/2013SC65FMt Gravatt
First reg 27/6/13.
Kirk963 HKR MAN 24.4206ABA560015MX00791 NCBC 158 06/1997C57FMt Gravatt
ex (C53F), ex (405), (350) MO 9365, Kirkland's Omnibus Service, Lismore, NSW, 12/03, ex (1) MO 9365, Picton Coaches, Picton, NSW, 29/3/00.
Liam832 XEM Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001901683 Volgren "Optimus" VG4394 06/2017B45DWTransLink
First reg 12/7/17.
Lincoln711 KXB Iveco Delta C2606F2BACR007DP00421 Volgren Perth "SC222" VP0632 09/2008C57FWhite
ex (5711) 711 KXB, Stonestreet's Coaches, Gladstone, QLD, 6/15, ex Stock.
Locky864 RRS Volvo B9RYV3S5P722BA146179 Coach Concepts 152 08/2011SC65FMt Gravatt
First reg 24/8/11.
Lynno540 IWV Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F82X5A105995 Bustech "VST" 05/95 10/2005B51DWMt Gravatt
First reg 10/10/05.
Macca640 XZD Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001904611 Volgren "Optimus" VG4617 03/2018B45DWTransLink
First reg 26/3/18.
Marko410 CPE Autobus - Cummins6F9P05000R2UX7003 Autobus 6 06/1994SC65FMt Gravatt
ex 410 CPE, Christensen's Bus & Coach, Kilcoy, QLD, 16/11/06.
Mars327 MYZ Volvo B7RYV3R6R627AA140742 Coach Concepts 127 06/2010SC65FMt Gravatt
First reg 2/7/10.
Mary543 IWV Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8296A108324 Bustech "VST" 05/98 10/2005B51DWMt Gravatt
First reg 26/10/05.
Matt056 TJG MAN 18.350WMAA51ZZZ1H001728 Coach Design 323 05/2003C53FWhite
Reg 22/10/13, ex (12) RV 4833, McDermott's Coaches, Legana, TAS, 10/13.
McGooley707 DNX MAN 24.4206ABA560013MX00789 Coach Design 77 09/1996C53FTMt Gravatt
First reg 8/10/96.
Milton773 LIG Volvo B7RLEYV3R6K6259A129774 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-125 12/2008B49DWTransLink
First reg 17/12/08.
Mitsy316 WYY Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK30526 Fuso - 2016C24C
Mulga992 LYO Volvo B7RYV3R6M3209A133859 Coach Concepts 113 11/2009SC65FMt Gravatt
First reg 25/11/09.
Muzz273 XJF Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001901691 Volgren "Optimus" VG4393 06/2017B45DWTransLink
First reg 4/7/17.
Newby664 KQS Volvo B12BLEYV3R8K82X6A110642 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 06-102 09/2006B45DWTransLink
Reg 6/12/08, ex Volvo Demonstrator mainly at Forest Coach Lines, Sydney NSW as AN75FH, at 2007 Bus & Coach Show - Euro V compliant.
Nick983 LIF Volvo B7RLEYV3R6K6239A129773 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-124 12/2008B49DWTransLink
First reg 11/12/08.
Oprah541 IWV Volvo B12BLEYV3R8F8255A105998 Bustech "VST" 05/96 10/2005B51DWMt Gravatt
First reg 21/10/05.
Rocky873 VKK MAN 16.2906AB4790155MX00399 Coach Design 048 07/1995C34FTMt Gravatt
Reg 3/3/15, ex 085 HJJ, Paradise Coaches, Gracemere, QLD, ex (94) 085 HJJ, Kynoch Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD, ex 085 HJJ, mo 1421, Connections, Eight Mile Plains, QLD.
Ron953 XFF Scania K310UBYS2K4X20001901704 Bustech "VST" 17/045 05/2017B47DWTransLink
First reg 23/5/17.
Salty350 ISI MAN 18.280WMAA91ZZ95T006096 NCBC "Protege" 389 06/2005C57FMt Gravatt
ex (3) 350 ISI, Herbert River Express, Ingham, QLD, 7/12.
Scotty885 HSA MAN 24.4206ABA560016MX00792 NCBC 163 08/1997RC57FMt Gravatt
ex (RC53F), ex (406), (351) MO 9381, Kirkland's Omnibus Service, Lismore, NSW, ex (5) MO 9381, Picton Bus Lines, Picton, NSW.
Sir TerryXQ 89 AI Scania K360IBYS2K4X20001903965 Irizar "i6" 253-798 08/2018C61FMt Gravatt
First reg 3/8/18.
Tassie696 IUO MAN 18.3106ABA550468MX01009 Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" 14033 06/1999C50FTMt Gravatt
Reg 22/09/05, ex (74) EE 5877, Tigerline Coaches, Hobart, TAS, 9/05.
Tiny728 SIA Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P000013697 Toyota - 2012C14C
ex (HiAce 3) 728 SIA, Stonestreet's Coaches, Toowoomba, QLD, 10/17.
Vicki097 IWI MAN 16.2906AB4790174MX00623 Express 12 04/1997C57FMt Gravatt
ex 5057 AO, Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, VIC, -/05, ex XNN 786, Noacks Bus Service, Goulburn, NSW, ex UOZ 510, Baker, Schofields, NSW, ex MO 9383, K&R Coaches, Schofields, NSW.
Wally537 KXQ Volvo B7RLEYV3R6M3218A124666 Bustech "VST" 07/174 05/2008B49DWTransLink
First reg 8/5/08.
Total buses in fleet = 46

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