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This is a historic listing of vehicles owned and operated by Markk Investments Pty Ltd.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingDepot
126 SFM Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000481 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 110420AB 05/2012B51FNanango
Sold to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough, QLD as 126 SFM, 1/20.
283 RAX BCI JXK6127BRI - CumminsLSFC13080AC005497 BCI "Classmaster" - 04/2010B57FMaryborough
Sold to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough, QLD as 283 RAX, 1/20.
536 RIU Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61PEAU000294 Chiron/UBC "CS120" 090277AB 12/2010C57FMaryborough
ex 536 RIU, R.W. Sheppard, Maryborough, QLD by 2/14.
Sold to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough, QLD as 536 RIU, 1/20.
Total buses in fleet = 3
Previously operated vehicles
417 CRT MAN SL20029201140114 CAC 118 05/1978B42DMaryborough
ex 417 CRT, Tory's Tours, Maryborough, QLD, -/04, ex (39) 417 CRT, Southern Cross Transit, Karana Downs, QLD, ex (11) 417 CRT, Pioneer Bus Service, Ipswich, QLD, ex (527) BUS 527, ZIB 527, ACTION, Canberra, ACT.
418 LRE Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177NB956567 Custom Coaches 93-109 09/1993B29FMaryborough
ex 2142 MO, MO 2699, Newcombe Coach Lines, Gloucester, NSW.
Sold for NPSV, QLD.
448 BXI Mercedes Benz OH131634520261696788 Austral 1273 11/1986B49FMaryborough
ex 448 BXI, 377 PYD, Calliope Coaches, Calliope, QLD.
Replaced by 283 RAX, -/10.
639 GDA Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R8300445 Custom Coaches 84-54 06/1984RB51DMaryborough
ex 639 GDA, Tory's Tours, Maryborough, QLD, -/04, ex (3581) m/o 1025, State Transit Authority, Sydney, NSW, ex m/o 756, m/o 7191, North & Western Bus Lines, Gladesville, NSW.
Sold for a motorhome, Maryborough, QLD as 380 MXX, -/10.
893 DJZ Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R7000509 Austral 729 05/1984C53FMaryborough
ex 893 DJZ, Beef City Coaches, Rockhampton, QLD, ex 893 DJZ, West Cairns Bus Service, Cairns, QLD, ex (31) NCV 931, DPH 936, Berwick Bus Lines, VIC, ex m/o 5383, Hopkinson's Metro Bus, Smithfield, NSW. Chassis ex (1806) RUF806H, Southdown Motor Services, Brighton, Sussex, Great Britain.
908 EDE Bedford BLP2BLP2DKJ698507 Custom Coaches 80-183 09/1980RB49FNanango
ex 908 EDE, Nanango Bus & Coach, Nanango, QLD, ex 908 EDE, West Warwick Bus Service, Warwick, QLD, ex 908 EDE, North Arm Bus Service, North Arm, QLD, ex m/o 241, m/o 5055, Greenacre Bus Co, Greenacre, NSW.
975 GCZ Mercedes Benz LO8129BM688177MB930748 Custom Coaches 92-163 10/1992B29FNanango
ex 975 GCZ, L.R. & F.J. Millard, Wolvi, QLD, ex m/o 8578, Westbus, Sydney, NSW.
Replaced by 126 SFM, -/12.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 7

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